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Chapter 1: The Twins and Ikebukuro

12 P.M. (? POV)

"Are we there yet? I'm bored..", my sister asked lazily.

"Almost...I heard it's a good city to live in. I'm so excited!", I said to my twin sister.

"Are you okay back there?", the taxi driver asked.

"Good to go!", I said, clapping my hands together. "Already rented a house and everything." The moving truck was driving just behind us with our things. We arrived at Ikebukuro, which to me, looked cool.

"Tokyo looks so much more lively than the countryside!", I said as I jumped out the taxi. She paid the driver and waved goodbye. My twin sister was slowly walking out of the car. I took a look at our new home. It was bigger than our country home.

Once our temporary furniture was moved into the house, my twin sister went to bed and I jumped on the couch and watched TV. My name is Honami Maria and my twin sister's name is Honami Mai. I came from the countryside to the capital; I'm guessing for a vacation. My sister didn't tell me why we really came here. "I'm gonna take a walk!", I called out to my sister.

Mai waved from her bedroom window when I left the house. I waved back and then went for a jog.

4 P.M. (3rd Person POV)

Mikado and Masaomi were walking down the street. Masaomi was attempting to 'hit on girls' again, and Mikado was just tagging along, as usual. "How about that girl! The one with the red hair."

A girl was sitting on the bench, resting her feet. She was tall and young-looking. She had short, red hair. A little was tied into a ponytail that wasn't very long. The rest was straight.

Before Mikado could answer, Masaomi was already running to her. She noticed Masaomi from afar and waved. "Hello!", she said.

"Hey! Would you like to go get something to eat from the one and only, Kida Masaomi!", he said, pointing to himself.

"Oh boy...", Mikado muttered and sighed.

"I would, but I'm not very fond of this place...I just moved here a while ago. Mind showing me around town?", she asked. "Oh yeah! My name's Honami Maria ."

Masaomi pulled Mikado toward him and said, "His name is Ryugamine Mikado and we'd love to show you around town."

"Okay!", she said happily. "Shall we go?" Maria said, gesturing them to show her around.

7 P.M.

The two teens showed Maria most of Ikebukuro, which took up most of the afternoon. It was getting late and Maria had to get home. They took one last stop at a Russian Sushi shop. She saw someone handing out flyers just outside of the shop. The guy gave her a sushi flyer. "You new here?"

"Yeah. My name's Maria. What's yours?", she asked.

"Simon!", he said with a smile. "Want sushi?"

"I can't right now. But I'd gladly come back here sometime!", the redhead said happily. She was glad she was making new friends. She waved to Simon and the three of them went off.

"Hey Masaomi, isn't that one of the people Maria should watch out for?", Mikado whispered, but Maria heard a little bit and stopped walking.

"What do you mean?", Maria said, tilting her head. "There are people I should watch out for?"

"Yeah. There are people you shouldn't be involved with.", Masaomi said very seriously. It looked as though something sucked the happiness out of him. "Simon's pretty mild. But the people you should really watch out for are Orihara Izaya and Heiwajima Shizuo ."

"I heard of them before...", Maria said, thinking who they were. "My sister knows them. I think she's friends with one of them. She used to go to Raira Academy with them, but I went to another school. I've never seen them in person..."

As soon as Maria said that her sister was friends with one of them, the teens looked at each other in shock. They didn't ask anymore questions and were walking until Maria got to her house. She waved goodbye to the two of them and headed inside.

7:30 P.M.

Mai was already out of bed, texting to someone on her cellphone. "Hey Maria. How was your walk?", Mai said, never looking from her phone.

"Good! I already made new friends.", Maria said happily.

"That's good.", Mai said. "I'm trying to get Celty to drop me off somewhere."

"Who's Celty? A friend?", Maria asked, confused. Even though they were twins, Maria always felt like they lived in different dimensions ever since Mai went to Ikebukuro and she stayed behind to go to another school.

"You could say that.", Mai shrugged and said. She turned off her cellphone and put in under the scarf on her neck. "She'll probably here soon."

"I'm going to have dinner. I bought some ramen on the way home. You should have dinner, too.", her twin suggested. Mai took her suggestion and her twin sister gave Mai a bowl full of ramen.

Both of them were eating ramen when they heard knocking. Mai took her ramen with her to the door. Maria saw a person in a black jumpsuit with a motorcycle. She had a helmet with cat ears and the helmet had an 'S' on it. That must be Celty, Maria thought. The redhead noticed that Celty didn't talk and was using a PDA*, which was odd.

"I have to go now. Bye, Maria.", Mai said, and left with Celty on the motorcycle. Maria waved goodbye to them and continued eating ramen at the kitchen table.

8 P.M. (Mai's POV)

I was on the bike with Celty. People took pictures and captured videos as we rode by. We finally reached our destination. "I'd never thought I would come back to Ikebukuro. The place hasn't changed much."

Celty opened the door and walked down the stairs. I followed her down there and see Shinra sitting there, drinking coffee. "Hey Celty. How was work?"

"It was an easy task. A friend of yours is here to see you.", Celty typed on her PDA and showed it to Shinra.

I appeared from behind Celty, which surprised Shinra. "Hey Shinra. It's been a long time."

"Yes it has, Mai.", Shinra said, happy.

"I remember all those good memories.", I said, thinking back to everything. I changed my mind because it wasn't really all that great, most of the time. "Actually, they weren't all that great. But still..."

"So...what brings you here?", Shinra asked, but I was barely paying attention. I was only paying attention to his underground home and the headless rider. I've only met her a few times, so I don't know much about her.

"I've been having some sort of disease lately. It's the reason why I left Ikebukuro after graduating Raira academy.", Mai said, scratching the back of her head. "It's been getting worse and I've gone to other doctors. They said they can't find out what it is and how to cure it. I remembered you saying something about being a doctor long ago and that's how I came here."

Shinra fixed his glasses and thought for a moment. "I don't specialize in those things, but I'll try." , he finally said. I was relieved to get help. "What are the symptoms?", he asked.

"As of late, I've been really inactive during the daytime, but at night, I'm fine. It's like I'm nocturnal! There's the rare occurrence where I have a panic attacks, or I hyperventilate for no reason. And...this.", I have an eye patch on my right eye. When I removed it, Shinra was fascinated.

"Astonishing! This disease converted your normal eye into a demon eye!", Shinra said, very excited.

I crossed my arms and said, "I have yet to find a purpose for it. All it does is get in the way." I put back on the eyepatch and made my way to the exit. "Thanks, Shinra.", I said.

I was still doubtful. I've never heard of the disease before, and neither have the doctors. Would it get better in time? Or would it kill me if I let it be? Is it contagious? And how would I treat it? All these question were running through my head. I shook it off and walked back to my house to get my car.

8:30 P.M. (3rd Person POV)

Work was starting soon, Mai wanted to get home and drive her car to work before he shows up. She walked in crowds of people. It's like she had her own pathway, despite how many people there are. Then again, she knew that a lot of people came to Ikebukuro, so the crowds weren't so surprising.

Mai saw the black bike zoom past by. Everyone looked up all of a sudden and took pictures as the headless rider went down the street. When she was gone, Mai started walking back to her house again. She looked up at one point and saw Shizuo walking.

"Hey Shizuo!", Mai called out. It got his attention and Shizuo walked over to her. "Do you remember me from Raira Academy?"

"Yeah. You're Honami Mai.", he said as he lighted up a cigarette. "Came back to 'bukuro for something?"

She nodded. "I've found what I came here for, but I can't leave just yet...", she realized that she had to get to work. "It was nice seeing you again."

Mai was now running past people to get back home. When she got there, Mai checked her pockets. She realized that she didn't have her keys. "Shit..." Mai mumbled to herself. She checked everywhere, when she finally found under the front door mat. Did I put it there? , she asked herself.

She proceeded to open the car door and sit down. Mai started up the car and went to work. She only had ten minutes and feared she would be late. Mai still thought if she'd left her keys there when they moved in. "Mai-chaaan~", said you-know-who from the backseat of Mai's car. "You came back!"

"How'd you get in here?", Mai asked, then she remembered the keys. "Forget it. There's no point in asking."

Mai drove her car out of parking and step on the accerlate hard, causing it to abruptly speed up. Mai just wanted to get to work. It would be bad if she was late; her boss would tell her off for being late. She honestly didn't care how fast she was going. Mai heard a 'woah' from the backseat. "So...I heard you're staying here for a while.", Izaya said.

Mai continued driving without a word.

"And I also heard that you brought your twin sister."

Mai's eye started to twitch in annoyance.

"And that you paid Shinra a visit." Izaya said. "I wonder..."

"Have you been stalking me since I came here?", Mai said. "And how do you know that I have a sister and that she's my twin?", she had a hint of anger in her voice.

He started to laugh...a lot. Mai was getting annoyed and she gripped the wheel. She turned a corner in anger and Izaya stopped laughing. "I'm an informant broker; I know everything. And I don't stalk people, I observe them."

"Observe?", Mai inquired.

"Yep!", Izaya said, happily. "Humans are the most interesting creatures, so I observe them. It's quite fun, actually."

Mai shook her head and kept on driving. After a few seconds, she asked, "Do you need me to drop you off somewhere?"

"Yes, can you drop me off at my apartment?", Izaya asked. "You're not far from it."

Mai raised an eyebrow and said, "You live in Shinjuku?". The informant nodded and he gave the directions.

Mai just paid attention and dropped him off at his apartment. Izaya handed her a card and Mai glanced at it. "Thanks.", she said warmly. Then, she thought for a moment. "Is this a trick?"

The info broker started to laugh again and said, "You don't trust your old friend?"

"I'm just being cautious.", Mai said and put the card underneath her scarf. She waited in her car until Izaya left to go in the building, but he didn't move. Mai raised an eyebrow, wondering why he hasn't gone in. "Why are you still here?"

He smiled and said, "You haven't changed a bit!", he spun around and turned away from the car. "I was just waiting for your reaction when you find out how late you are for work."

Mai solemn expression turned sour. She stepped on the accelerate, and the car sped away. Izaya watched her and smiled. "This shall be fun.", he said and went inside to his apartment.

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