Harry was writing a note for Dumbledore, it read:

This is the new Disney movie, make sure to invite all of your friends to watch! Enjoy!

Attaching the note with the movie, he sent it off with Hedwig, with specific instructions, "Ok Hedwig, you are to deliver this to Dumbledore and wait till he watches it, but don't watch it yourself, then return with it. Ok? Great!"

Writing another note for Severus, Remus and Sirius,

If Dumbledore invites you over to watch a new Disney movie, don't go. Trust me. Actually come over here to the Manor.

Love your Son

Sending that off with his lover's eagle, he sat back and had a malicious grin on his face, soon they would be rid of the Order of Fried Turkey. Hearing the door open, he closed his eyes but couldn't get rid of the evil grin he was still wearing. Feeling arms wrap around his neck and warm body sitting down on him, opened his eyes and looked in amused and slightly lusty eyes.

"You know that grin really turns me, love."

"Oh yeah?" Leaning forward he brushed his lips against his lovers, slightly licking and nipping the bottom lip.

"Yeah" was the breathy reply, leaning back, Voldemort asked, "Did you send out that video?"

Thinking of how Dumbledore would die, Harry's evil grin returned, "I did, disguising it as the new Disney."

Chuckling Voldemort shook his head, who knew that Dumbledore's love for Disney movies would be his downfall. "So what is this movie again and how did you find out about it?"

"Remember last week when I was to meet my long lost cousin?"

"Yes" he said snuggling into Harry's chest.

"Well, her name is Samantha and she is an assassin witch, she was able to charm a video to plant a tracking spell into all who watches the video and then they have a week to live. And the wickedly sweet thing is she that she has developed at spell at creates a force field around her so curses and hexes bounce right off as well as muggles weapons. She said she would be willing to teach you and me, but only us."

"That would be excellent, I assume your fathers will be staying with us for the next week?"

"Yeah, so they are completely off the radar."

Leaning up and whispering into Harry's ear, "How long do we have till they arrive?"

Shivering he gripped Voldemort's hip and replied, "Long enough for a round or two."

"Then what are you waiting for?" Voldemort teased while grinding his hips into Harry.

"We're not" and Harry apparated them to their bedroom.

AN – So why hasn't anybody thought of using the movie "Ring" as a way to kill Dumbledore? I can't be the only one right? Please let me know what you thought!