Disclaimer: I do not own G. I. Joe nor any of the characters except my own Oc's of Lt. Col. Jane Abernathy "Demon Rose" (or Emily Rose), Sgt. Jake Henderson "Pile-Driver", Corporal First Class Jana Ling "Amethyst", and Col. Roger Stevenson "Cap". Here's Amethyst's story, it spins off Demon's story around Chapter three of The Demon Rose.

Synapse: Amethyst had been captured by Cobra nearly one year ago and now she was finding herself imprisoned by another. This man didn't let her see what he looked like and kept her in the dark for as long as possible. Now she wants out.

G. I. Joe

The Amethyst Stone

Chapter 1

Amethyst lay on her back in the cell. She wasn't sure what was happening or where she was. All she knew was that Cobra had her one minute the next someone else had her. She was frightened but she refused to show it.

"Get up," a stern voice commanded.

Amethyst got up slowly and looked around trying to see who her captor was.

"You belonged to Cobra, now you belong to me." The voice said as it came closer.

Amethyst squinted, trying to make out the figure through the pitch black. She didn't have the strong senses that Demon had, the gut instinct that Cap had, or the strength Pile-Driver had but she did have a sharp wit and understanding of people. "Why do you think you own me?" She asked.

"Because you're here. I broke you out of Cobra's prison so you could live, but you owe me a few favors because of that."

Amethyst picked up the man had a Japanese accent. "All right, I'll buy that. But can I at least see who my captor is?" she wanted to know what she was getting herself into with this new man.

The lights turned on, at first Amethyst found she was blind but slowly her eyes adjusted. In front of her was an oriental man, most likely Japanese due to the accent, covered from head to toe in white. The only thing that wasn't covered was his eyes and fingers.

"Put this on," He said as he threw something grey at her. "You're going to deliver a message to akuma sho_bii." He handed her a slip of paper. "I expect this to be done."

"All right," Amethyst didn't bother to ask what the name meant. She had a feeling she didn't want to know.

"How much did your friend Snake Eyes teach you and your team about the Ninja Arts?"

Amethyst paused. "Enough," she knew that was the right answer. But she also knew he didn't know she knew kung-fu.


The man started to turn and walk away.

"Master, what is your name?"

"Storm Shadow."

Amethyst crawled through the ventilation shaft. She hated doing that but it seemed that Storm Shadow wouldn't let her walk through the front door like she had wanted. She had run the name through her head over and over to realize what it meant. "Demon Rose, Jane's alive!" she thought happily to herself before dropping down where Storm Shadow told her to. She opened the door, at first she thought she was going to have to pick a lock but realized it was easy. Jane had always left her room unlocked at their apartment. She walked into it and saw everything was in their neat little places. She even saw a photo of their whole team. A single tear escaped her eyes and she instantly began her raid quickly. She ransacked the whole room then stuck the note on the back of a hanging dream catcher. She was angry, why had Jane lived but told no one she was live?

Once she was through with the job she went back to the air vent, jumped in and crawled back to the exit. There Storm Shadow was waiting for her. "You didn't tell me the message was for my old teammate."

"if I had told you, would you have done your mission?" Storm Shadow inquired.

"Not really, no."

"Did you finish?"

"Of course," Amethyst walked with him back to his motorcycle and got on behind him. How she wanted to use her qi to kill him. She had done it before. It was part of the technique her father had taught her; the seven hidden knives. There were no weapons involved at all. All you did was hit your opponent in seven locations, channeled your qi to the locations and killed them. It was easy for her. She had nearly killed Jane one time because Jane had lost control of her anger.

As they drove Amethyst noticed that someone was following them. At first she didn't think anything of it.

"Turn to look at who's following us." Storm Shadow ordered.

Amethyst didn't bother to disobey. She turned around and saw the face. Jinx was the one following them. "Jinx, and three others."

"The Arashikage," Storm Shadow whispered causing Amethyst to wrap her arms around his waist. He glanced over his shoulder at her then paid attention to his driving. "Got a problem with them?"

"They hunted my family down for their secrets."


"The Seven Hidden Blades, my family holds the move very close. It took years of practice and years to earn the knowledge." Amethyst then noticed the symbol tattooed on her captors wrist. He was Arashikage. Her breath caught in her throat and she started to assess what she could do to get away. She looked at the ground. They weren't going terribly fast, she could leap off the bike and possibly make it to safety.

She let go and threw herself off the motorcycle. She rolled out of the way of traffic and saw the people who had been following them drive past. Jinx stopped for a moment then continued past. Amethyst was slightly surprised, Jinx was trying to beg her years ago to learn the Seven Hidden Blades but Amethyst refused to teach it to her. She kept telling Jinx that to learn the technique meant learning how to deal with pain and suffering. It had discouraged Jinx for some time but she still would ask on occasion.

Amethyst got to her feet and started running back towards the place Storm Shadow had taken her to for her to break into. But as she looked ahead she realized it was miles away and there was no real chance of her actually making it there. She should have grabbed something to get a hold of Jane. No Jane had betrayed her. She hadn't told her that she was alive.

Storm Shadow had felt Amethyst leap off the bike. At first he thought she was crazy then he looked back to see her getting to her feet and running off. He turned around abruptly and drove after her. he then drove a little ways past her and then stopped. "Get on, stupid girl." He ordered.

Amethyst stared at him. He was persistent. She turned when she heard more motorcycles coming towards them. It was Jinx and her group. Looked like she didn't have much of a choice. The Arashikage weren't after her. Maybe he needed her, needed her to protect him from something.

"We don't have time for you to think you idiot girl!" Storm Shadow yelled as one of the ninja's under Jinx's command stopped and moved towards Amethyst.

Amethyst didn't seem to notice the man behind her, but when he held a knife at her throat and was ordering for Storm Shadow to turn himself in he saw her eyes flicker closed. She took on deep breath before spinning around and slamming her finger tips into his chest. The man fell backwards from the hit and landed on his back. Amethyst got on behind Storm Shadow and nodded her head. She felt slightly weakened from using a portion of her qi to stop the ninja from attacking her and Storm Shadow, it also left her drained that she had not finished the other six moves. If she had that man would have died then and there, something she didn't want to happen.

"Seven Hidden Blades," Jinx whispered as she stopped. "That was the first move…"

One of the other ninja's had driven up beside Jinx and threw something. Jinx had no time to notice what it was but she knew instinctively that it was a poisoned shuriken. She watched as Amethyst's head lurched upwards and the blade wedged into her shoulder. Jinx hit the ninja and felt anger rush through her. "You idiot!" she shouted. "You might have just killed the last of the Ling family, meaning no one else knows the Seven Hidden Blades technique."

"Sorry Hard Master,"

i I used an online translator: akuma sho_bi roughly means Demon Rose

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