Author's Notice

As you might have noticed the name of the stories have changed. That is because I am going to do something a little different than normal, at least for me that is. The first season (this is what I am going to be referring to for these stories) is called Citizen Soldiers. The second season is going to be called Redemption. Both season's titles are based off of songs that I have heard; Citizen Soldier by Three Doors Down and Redemption by Gackt.

I do not know what Namiko Ai is going to do for her story. I don't know if she's going to split her story up in seasons like mine or not. That is up to her, and Namiko if you're reading this…don't be angry.

Readers, keep your minds and hearts open. Things are really going to get annoying from here on out. I don't have any more plot bunnies! Also, keep those little finger's moving for the reviews, they might tease a plot bunny to life! :P

It has also been brought to my attention that a few of my A/N had a message put into it that might have discouraged reviews and readers. When I said "Don't like, don't read" I meant if you're going to flame my story and say that "it sucks, it's stupid, you should stop before you kill yourself you're that stupid," and etc. you should not be reading. I would like criticism, however I will state again that I have for "The Demon Rose" about twenty two chapters, total, written. That roughly means five more to post, and then I can actually start doing something in order to fix my habits.

Also, for my readers, I am going to start posting for "The Demon Rose" again. I'm tired of it just sitting there. Trust me I go insane when I'm stuck in one spot for too long. I will still be working on "The Logical Listener" as it is between Chapters 17 and 18 of "The Demon Rose". As soon as the tales collide I will possibly put "The Logical Listener" on hiatus or Back Burner File Status. The same goes for "The Amethyst Stone".

To those few who thought I was insulting them by saying "Don't like, don't read" I am deeply sorry. Please accept my most humble of apologies.

To the girl whose pin name means Dignity, Karama9, thank you from the bottom of my cold heart.


Samantha Jane West-Croft