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Sixteen and Pregnant


Chapter One

Bebe's party was rocking as usual, with no parental supervision whatsoever anything went. There were different amounts of alcohol and drugs. Even the most innocent person at the party would come out baked and drunk as hell. There was nothing that you couldn't do. There was nothing that you couldn't be, to stop you from being free. Tonight was the night; the night to just let go.

Loud rambunctious laughter filled the air giving an all-time high! Stan felt like he was the king of the world. He could do anything, both figuratively and literally. He felt like he could just forget everything for one night. No being the star running back with a scholarship looming over his head. No being the caring boyfriend. No being the best friend to anyone.

He was just Stanley Marsh, and he fucking loved it!

As Stanley Marsh he was allowed to drink to his heart content. He was allowed to mix alcohol with a small white pill. Stanley Marsh was allowed to feel his mind turn into squishy mush and for his body to feel so hot and restricted in his clothing.

Nothing he had drunk, whether it was stale beer or water could knock the feeling of the temperature rising away. Ahh, he was burning up. He needed for the burning to go away, and where he was, what he was doing wasn't going to make it go away. So he walked away from Wendy's side, she hadn't noticed and he couldn't bring himself to care at the moment.

As he started to push through the crowd of people he spotted Kyle's green hat. His friend was probably in the middle of Tweek and Craig who were always sucking face. Cartman most likely was sucking Butters' balls. Stan giggled at that part. It was so fucking obvious they were together.

Stan continued to walk around in a hazy daze; his shirt had somehow become damp. He didn't even know how or when that had happened. He just, God, why couldn't he just get out of these clothes! Stan finally pushed through the last crowd of people, happy to see a familiar orange parka!

"Kenny!" Stan fell in a fit of giggles when he said the name aloud. If anything Kenny could help him. He had probably dealt with this before. "Kenny, Kenny, KENNY!" He said loudly, falling into a bout of laughter.

The blond was grinding against some girl on the dance floor. No, more like they were basically having intercourse but it didn't matter. Most people around Kenny and the girl were doing the same thing. Stan neared Kenny and the unknown girl. He supposed he should feel bad for whatshername, but he didn't. Fuck that girl! Kenny was his best friend! Kenny was the one that was going to help him in his time of need whether he realized it or not.

A thought later he pushed the girl away from Kenny, ignoring the surprised and angry shout as Stan replaced her. Kenny paid no heed it was just another person to him. Somebody to make him feel fucking alive if only for a second. Stan had followed Kenny's movements rhythmically, to his utter dismay his clothes felt tighter and the heat became almost unbearable.

It felt to good to stop though. There was nothing wrong with his current situation. 'I should indulge, I deserve it.' Stan thought with a smile. His worries pushed to the back of his mind.

Kenny's lips descended on his own, and to his surprise he had kissed back. He didn't even know when or how, but soon he and Kenny were in someone's bedroom. Stan was on the bed with Kenny on top of him.

His clothes were quickly discarded and so was Kenny's.

Stan never expected his first time to be like this.

There was pain yes there was pain. There was no gentleness in Kenny's movements; they were fast and quick paced. No words were past between them, and all Stan heard were the sound of his and Kenny's groans mixed together along with the constant creaking of the bed. His heat, the heat was slowly ebbing away as he neared his release.

Minutes later Kenny rolled off of him; the heat previously consuming Stan's body was gone. Kenny put his clothes back on leaving Stan without a glance back.

Stan followed suit putting his clothes on too. He stayed in the room another thirty minutes so he could become a bit more sober. When he went downstairs the party was still in full swing, he left without a thought, stumbling every few steps as he trekked back home.

He was lucky the door was unlocked when he got home; he couldn't remember where he had put his house key. His Dad, Randy, had barely looked up from the TV as he walked through the door while his mother scolded him as he walked the upstairs.

Taking off his pants and shirt, he curled up in bed falling asleep quickly. He was completely unaware of the life starting to form inside of him.