The idea for this fic came from after reading a fic a while back that had a similar idea. This fic is my own take on the idea.


Kirigakure, currently known to others as the Village of the Bloody Mist, was a mysterious village to all outsiders. It was like this because of the current Mizukage, Yagura. This story though is not about Yagura. This story is about a certain redheaded woman.

"Mei-san, we need t head to the village gates so we can escort the oncoming guests to the Mizukage's office," said a blue-grey-haired man with an eye patch over his right eye. He was also wearing two talisman seals as earrings.

"Must we, Ao? It is probably no one important," replied a beautiful redheaded woman with green eyes.

"…You do remember that it's the Hokage that is coming, right?"

"It is? Then let us go before Yagura gets impatient."

Ao let out a sigh as he followed Mei out of the building and towards the gates. When they reached the gates, they saw two Konohagakure ANBU, one wearing a dog mask and the other a tiger mask, and the Hokage, who in Mei's opinion was a very handsome man.

"Are you Namikaze Minato?" questioned Ao, making sure that this was indeed the Hokage.

"I am. I am hear to speak business with the Mizukage," replied Minato.

Ao nodded his head, sensing that the man before him was not lying. "Very well then. Follow us and we shall escort you to the Mizukage's office."

As the group walked towards the Mizukage Tower, Mei's thoughts turned to the blond man who looked to be about her age. She would definitely have to talk to him before he left.


Later in the day, Minato was done with his meeting with the Mizukage. Because it was late in the day, Minato and his ANBU were allowed to stay in Kirigakure for the night. They were reluctant to take the offer, due to the village's history, but took it anyway. It was that evening that Mei made her move.

She walked down the hall to the room Minato was staying in and knocked on the door. The door opened and a confused looking Minato greeted her.


"Hello, Minato-kun. You can call me 'Mei-chan' you know. May I come in?" asked Mei, giving a warm smile.

Minato raised an eyebrow in question, but stepped aside to let her in nonetheless. He was taught that it was rude to leave a lady waiting after all. He became even more confused when she sat on the bed, crossing her legs in the process.

"Ano, is there something you need?" asked Minato.

"In a way. I just wanted to get to know you."

"…That's why you're here in the middle of the night?"

"It was the only time I could get the chance to talk to you, Minato-kun, as we are both very busy and you will most likely be leaving tomorrow," answered Mei.

"Well you have a point there. What do you want to know?" asked Minato, staying on guard just in case there is an alterative motive.

The two talked well into the night, learning about each other, granted that the two did keep some things secret from each other, like their pasts. It was around two o'clock in the morning when Minato noticed how late it was.

"Mei-chan, seeing as it is late, would you like me to escort you back to your room?"

"How chivalrous of you, Minato-kun. Though I was thinking I could stay here with you?" said Mei, giving him a sultry smile now.

Minato blushed a deep red. So she did have an alterative motive, just not the kind he thought it'd be.

"I'm flattered, Mei-chan, but I'd have to declined. It wouldn't be right seeing as how I am married."

"…Nani? You're married?" questioned Mei, her mouth forming a frown. She had a feeling it'd be too good to be true.

"Hai. If Kushina ever thought I would cheat on her, it'd be hell on earth for everyone."

Mei froze at the name Minato spoke of. 'Kushina? Could it be possible? I only know one Kushina and she died years ago! I wonder…'

"Is something wrong, Mei-chan?"

"Gomen. I must have spaced out for a moment. Tell me, you said your wife's name was Kushina?"

"Hai…" replied Minato, sounding weary. What was with this woman?

"Her surname wouldn't happen to be Uzumaki, would it?" asked Mei.

Minato's eyes widened. They then narrowed as he jumped back and pulled out one of his special kunai. "Why do you want to know what my wife's maiden name is?"

"…It is very important to me."

Though there was not much light in the room, Minato could see sadness in Mei's eyes. He remembered an old saying that mentions that the eyes are the windows to one's soul and you can tell if someone is lying by looking into their eyes. From what he saw, Minato could tell that Mei was not lying. Putting away his kunai, though staying on guard, he answered her question.

"Hai, her name is Uzumaki Kushina."

Mei felt happiness at that. She was happy that Kushina was alive.

"Arigatou, Minato-kun. You've helped me greatly with your answer," said Mei. She then headed towards the door, walking past a very confused Minato.

"Hold on! Why exactly did you want to know about Kushina?" demanded Minato.

Mei turned to him with a smile. "Let's just say it has to do with family."

The redhead left the room, leaving a stunned Minato. She hurried to her room so she could release the pent up happiness that was building up.

'I can't believe it! I found my sister!'


It was a few months later when Mei was traveling towards Konohagakure. She and Ao had finished a mission recently and when Mei found out that they were near Hi no Kuni, she demanded that they head to Konohagakure. When Ao questioned why, all he got was a smile and a death threat. That, unfortunately for Mei, didn't stop Ao's questions.

"I'll ask again, why are we going to Konohagakure? We have no business there!"

"I told you to shut up, Ao. I have my reasons as to go to Konohagakure!"

As they grew closer to the village, they were surprised to see the surrounding area look as if a great battle had taken place. Just as Mei was about to say something to Ao, they were surrounded by Konoha shinobi.

"Halt! What business do you have here, Kiri shinobi?" demanded the leader.

"We are here to speak with Namikaze Minato," said Mei. She grew confused when the Konoha shinobi glared at her.

"Do you take us for fools? Our Hokage is dead and you wish to speak with him?" raged the lead Konoha shinobi.

Mei and Ao's eye widened at that. From stories they've heard about Minato, he was someone who was hard to kill.

"D-Dead?" stuttered Mei.

"What happened?" questioned Ao.

"You don't know?" questioned another Konoha shinobi.

"We have been on a mission for the last week and haven't been near any villages, so we most likely would not have heard about anything until we would have returned home," explained Ao, producing the mission scroll as proof.

Seeing that it was legit, the Konoha shinobi had Mei and Ao follow them to the Hokage Tower where they would get their answers. When they reached reach the door of the Hokage's office, a gruff voice told them to enter after the lead Konoha shinobi knocked. Upon entering the Hokage's office, they were greeted by the sight of an old man sitting behind the desk. A bassinet in the corner caught Mei's attention.

"Hokage-sama, these Kirigakure shinobi wish to speak with you."

Hiruzen raised his head from his paperwork and raised an eyebrow. Sending the Konoha shinobi away, the old monkey got serious.

"Is there a reason you are here?"

"Hokage-sama, what happened here? What happened to Minato-kun?" asked Mei.

Ao explained to Hiruzen what he told the Konoha shinobi of how they hadn't heard anything that had happened.

"I see. If you must know, our village had been under siege three days ago."

"What could possibly have done all of this damage though?" questioned Ao. "It couldn't possibly been enemy shinobi"

"You are correct, Ao-san. It wasn't enemy ninja. We were unfortunately attacked by the Kyubi no Yoko."

Mei and Ao were shocked. They had no idea that the Kyubi had been released into the mortal realm.

"Wh-Why would Kyubi attack your village?" asked Mei.

"No one knows, Mei-san. Now answer a question for me. Why did you come here to see Minato for?" demanded Hiruzen, narrowing his eye at the woman.

Before Mei could say anything, the sound of whimpering came from the bassinet that soon became full blown crying. Letting out a sigh, Hiruzen stood up and walked over to the bassinet and took out the bundle that was in it. The sight of the blond baby shocked Mei.

"I am sorry about this," said Hiruzen as he tried to calm the baby.

"That baby. It is Minato-kun's, isn't it?" questioned Mei.

Hiruzen narrowed his eyes at Mei again. "What does it matter to you?"

"If it is, then that must mean it is also Kushina's, is it not?"

"Who are you exactly to ask such questions?" demanded the old monkey.

Mei glared back at the Hokage. "I am Terumi Mei! Formally Uzumaki Mei and sister to Uzumaki Kushina! If that baby truly is Kushina's then that would make me the baby's aunt!"

Both Hiruzen and Ao were shocked by Mei's declaration. Hiruzen, being the experienced shinobi he is, could easily spot deception with ease and he could not see any coming from the woman before him.

"If what you say is true, why are you here now? Why did you not come before?" questioned Hiruzen.

Mei's face took on a look of great sadness. "When Uzushiogakure was destroyed, I was separated from Kushina and thought she was one of the casualties. I didn't find out that she was alive until I met Minato-kun a few months ago, yet couldn't see her due to the missions our Mizukage kept giving us. This was the first chance I could take to allow me to come here. Hokage-sama, may I see Kushina if possible?"

It was Hiruzen's turn to show sadness. "I am sorry, Mei-san, but Kushina unfortunately died in childbirth during the Kyubi attack. The stress was too much for her."

Mei could feel tears in her eyes. All these years her sister was alive and just when she found her, she was taken away again, this time for good.

"If both Minato-kun and Kushina are gone, then that means that baby is all alone, isn't he?" questioned Mei, trying to hold back her sobs.

"Sadly, yes. Both of little Naruto-kun's parents are gone from this world."

'Naruto? Such a cute name for a cute little baby! He even has cute little whiskers!' thought Mei. "Hokage-sama, if Naruto-kun has no parents, allow me to take him with me. I am his aunt after all."

"I am sorry, Mei-san, but I can not allow that," said Hiruzen.

"Why not? Naruto-kun is my nephew! I have the right to raise him!" yelled Mei. Hiruzen was glad he put up silence seals beforehand.

"It's simple, Mei-san," started Ao. "For one thing, Naruto is the son of Namikaze Minato. Considering how Minato-sama was held in such high regard, that would basically make Naruto Konoha's prince and taking him from the village could cause much trouble."

"…I hadn't thought of that," mumbled Mei.

"The second reason, if I had to guess, Naruto is a jinchuriki, isn't he, Hokage-sama?" questioned Ao, looking at Hiruzen.

"What makes you think that, Ao-san?" questioned Hiruzen.

"The whisker marks on Naruto's cheeks are one sign. There's also the fact that a Biju can't be killed and if it is gone, along with Minato-sama, one can only guess that Minato had sealed the beast in Naruto as it must have been the only way," explained Ao.

"I still would like to take him with me," said Mei.

"Mei-san, if you take Naruto with us to Kirigakure and Yagura finds out he's a jinchuriki, what do you think will happen?" asked Ao.

Mei's eyes widened at that. She knew exactly what would happen. Her little Naruto-kun would be turned into a weapon for Kiri and she would not allow that to happen.

"If it makes you feel any better, Mei-san, I will make sure that Naruto-kun is raised properly," said Hiruzen.

"Arigatou, Hokage-sama. May I at least hold Naruto-kun before I leave?" asked Mei.

"Of course."

Hiruzen couldn't refuse and agreed to the request, though he was on guard just in case Mei tried to escape with Naruto. Naruto was still letting out a few whimpers from his earlier crying, but quieted down once he was in Mei's arms. The baby Uzumaki gave the redhead a curious look with his large blue eyes.

"Hello, Naruto-kun. I'm your Mei-obachan!" greeted Mei with a smile.

Her smile widened when Naruto let out a few giggles as he started playing with her hair. Sadly. Their family bonding moment had to end and Mei had to reluctantly hand over Naruto, after she gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"We should be leaving now, Mei-san," said Ao, his face void of emotion. Though on the inside, he felt pity and sadness for the redhead.

"Hai," replied Mei.

"Do not worry, Mei-san. As I said earlier, I will make sure Naruto is raised properly and if you wish, I will send you reports on how he is doing over time," said Hiruzen.

It wasn't much, but it lifted Mei's spirits a bit. "Arigatou, Hokage-sama."

With that, the two Kiri shinobi left the office and headed home. Once they left, Hiruzen spoke up.

"What are your thoughts on this, Jiraiya?"

The window behind the old monkey opened up and in stepped a very tall man with long spiky white hair.

"Honestly, Sensei, I'm surprised that there was another Uzumaki out there. I had always thought Kushina was the last one. Do you think we can trust her, Sensei?"

Hiruzen took out his pipe and lit it up. After taking a puff and exhaling the smoke, he replied to his former student's question. "I am sure we can, Jiraiya. The emotions she showed were genuine and I know that if she could, she would take very good care of Naruto-kun."

"It's too bad she couldn't become a Konoha shinobi so she could be closer to Naruto."

"Considering her reaction from what Ao-san mentioned of their current Mizukage, that might be a bad idea. All we can do is honor her request and keep Naruto safe," said Hiruzen.

Jiraiya nodded his head in agreement. He then gave his infamous perverted grin. "It's too bad we didn't know Kushina had a sister in the first place. Makes me wonder if Minato would have chosen the busty redhead over small-chested Kushina!"

Hiruzen could only give his former student an annoyed look.



Thus ends the prologue. The next chapter will be the start of the actual story and take place after a time skip.

The fic that made me want to expand on the idea of Mei being Naruto's aunt is entitled 'The Recovered Spiral', which I found written very well and the idea believable. I highly recommend reading it.