Hey everyone! I finally decided to post another one-shot! I had plenty of fun writing it, so I hope you enjoy it. Also thank you to everyone who reviewed or favorited my last one-shot! You guys rock!

Warning: There might be spoilers in here if you don't know who Rephaim is. Probably as OOC as you can get.

Pairing: Stevie Rae/ human!Rephaim

Disclaimer: I don't own the House of Night!


"You are so beautiful," Rephaim said one night as he and Stevie Rae sat on her bed talking quietly. After his sudden declaration, he started gazing directly in her eyes.

Stevie Rae blushed tomato red and looked down. "No, I'm not." He continued to stare at her, admiringly. He gently cupped her cheek in his hand, and kissed her deeply. The kiss took Stevie Rae's breath away with its abruptness.

"Why do you always say things like that?" he questioned.

"Say what?"

"You always seem to lessen your worth. Every time I compliment you, you just brush it off as false."

"I just-" Stevie Rae closed her eyes before continuing. "I just don't like the way I look."

"Why not?"

"I'm nothing special."

"I beg to differ," he grabbed her hand, and dragged her to the other side of the room. He stopped at the mirror that hung on the wall. "Look."

She looked at her reflection. She saw her short, blonde hair, and her small, round face. She shook her head. "I don't see the point in this." She turned to walk away, but Rephaim grabbed her wrist.

"You don't see it? Those beautiful brown eyes. That gorgeous smile." He traced her lips with his index finger, causing her to smile in spite of everything. "Your soft, beautiful hair." He ran his hands thru her hair. "Your small, dainty hands." He kissed each of her fingertips.

Stevie Rae continually blushed throughout his speech. A shiver ran through her body as he leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"How can you not see how truly wonderful you are? Look again."

She turned to look at herself again. She still saw herself as plain, but after hearing Rephaim's words she felt better about herself. She knew she wasn't thrilled about her looks, but with Rephaim's help she could learn to appreciate herself more.

She turned to kiss him lightly on the lips. "Thank you."

This is probably the sappiest thing I have ever written, and yet, I still like it. I hope you all like it too! I would love a review if you did.