Naruto: God of Alchemy

Chapter 1: Something lost, a new gain

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It was just another regular day in the Village Hidden in the leaf, people were going about doing their business, ninjas were going on missions, and students were heading to the academy. In a section of Konoha were most of the rundown buildings were located at a young blond hair, blue eye boy wearing a kill me orange jumpsuit name Uzumaki Naruto, was all giddy. Why? Because today was the day that he would be allowed to take the graduation exam for the second time, the first time he was set to take it he was forced to stay in the bathroom all day due to him drinking spoiled milk. But now in his mind there was no chance in hell that he would miss the exam for he made the decision to eat out today at his favorite restaurant. Naruto left the room with a smile and was about to make his way to eat but as soon as he got out of his apartment building he saw a sight that made him freeze in his step.

Standing there waiting for him cruel smirks adorning their faces were a group of villagers along with them were shinobi. "Well, look at what we have here boys a little fox trying to be a ninja, we can't have that, now can we?" one of the villagers said, "Why don't we show this little demon what we do with his kind boys."

The group all grin like a child in a candy store, Naruto was petrified, he didn't know what to do, all he knew was that he was in trouble and there was no one around to help him. Then just as he was about to try and get away he felt something or someone hit him in the back of his neck knocking him out. The group then proceeded to pick the boy up and carry him away to a place where no one would ever find him. However what none of them saw up in the roof of a building stood a masked person.

*Somewhere else in another world (Years Earlier)*

Standing in front of a massive gate was a blond haired boy who looked around the age of fifteen or sixteen, next to him was a giant suit of armor. All around them stood different people whom were also staring at the gate, these were the alchemists who were revolting against the Fuhrer due to his horrible plans he had for the future of his country. But at the head of them all was Edward Elric the Fullmetal Alchemist the youngest member of the military next to him was his brother Alphonse.

"Well brother are you sure about this?" asked the brother stuck in the suit.

Edward didn't say a word at first all he did was just stared at the gate knowing that once he did this then all the problems would be over. "Yeah, let's do this," Edward said to his brother as he began to walk toward the gate. Before he entered though he gaze one last time at his childhood friend who stood among the group in the back along with her grandmother giving her a smile he entered the gate.

Edward soon found himself in a pure white room, his brother was waiting for him to approach, as he did he saw the one thing he was here for. Sitting down on the ground was a white creature out line by a black aura, a massive grin on its face; they were once again in the presence of the truth.

"So you have returned Edward Elric," the Truth spoke, "what reason do you have for creating a semi-permanent gate to my world."

"I want to ask you to take away the ability to use alchemy from everyone in my world," Edward said, "I will give up my life and my brother is ready to give up his, just take the alchemy away and everything in relation with it."

"Oh my, you asking for something big arent't you boy," Truth spoke, "however the life of your brother and yours will not be needed, instead you will give up that which is the most important thing in your heart aside from you brother."

"The most important thing within my heart, is that what you're asking for?" Edward asked the Truth.

"That is right young alchemist, do this and everything related to alchemy will be gone, from being able to use it to getting rid of the Homunculus," Truth responded.

"Fine what is it that I must give up," Edward said.

The Truth grinned like a mad person before raising his hand and a ball of light appeared in the air, "what you must give up is, the girl whom you have fallen in love with."

A picture of Winry appeared in the ball.

"Brother, don't do it," spoke Alphonse.

Edward stared at the ball, more specifically at the smiling face of Winry who was working on what seemed to be auto mail. This was the toughest decision he had to make, if he accepted then he would never be able to feel what he feels for her at the moment again, but if he didn't then the whole country would perish.

"What will happen to Winry if I accept?" the short boy asked.

"Well, I will first remove all the memories of you from her and her grandmother's lives, no matter what she will never remember you again, the same will be done to you and everyone who met them," the Truth Spoke, Edward just kept quiet thinking that maybe they could meet again in their new lives, "however there is another little thing that you must know, the girl will not remain in this dimension, I plan on sending her to a whole new world along with her grandmother, there they will begin a new live."

Alphonse and Edward were stunned this was the biggest price that they would have to take, they would bring peace to the land but the sacrifice was great.

"One question, will Winry be happy there?" was the next question that was asked by the blond.

"Oh yes she will be happy, I have seen her future and she will find true happiness as you humans call it," Truth told them.

"Fine then do it," Edward said.

"Brother," Al said, "why?"

"Sacrifices must be made, even if they are unfair," Ed said tears going down his face.

"Good, then it is granted," Truth said as he disappeared along with the gate, Ed turned to look at his brother and was shocked to see him standing there in his human body once again. He could also feel himself forgetting about alchemy and Winry. "Good Bye Winry." Ed said.

*Konoha Regular Time*

Screams could be heard all through the woods as well as laughter, also the smell of fire burning could be smelled, not only that but the smell of burning flesh filled the area. The group of people that had taken Naruto, stood around him laughing at him, for Naruto was hung from a tree next to the fire they made. However Naruto had tears running down his face as he tried to numb out the pain he was feeling, his eyes were red from crying as he then looked at his left arm only to see the bloody stump. Not only was his left arm was missing but his left leg was also gone only up to the thigh, though that didn't help at all as the pain was unbearable.

"What do you guys say we go and celebrate our victory at the bar and tell everyone that we finally killed the Kyuubi," said one of the ninja's within the group.

"Yeah!" everyone shouted.

Giving one last look at the blond they all left leaving him tied around the tree letting just bleed out. Naruto on the other hand could already feel his life fading as the world started to get dark all around him, the last thing he could see was a mop of blond hair coming in his direction.

*Somewhere Else w/Naruto*

He didn't know how long he was lying there, the darkness had not stopped moving toward him, but he was still in a fetal position on the cold hard ground. Tears still came down his face as he could still feel the pain of having his limbs removed. Then out of nowhere a grumbling sound came, more like a roar as if someone was in pain, then just as the sound came it was gone then everything went white.

That's when Naruto felt the pain go away; opening his eyes he looked down and saw that both his arms were in the rightful place. Smiling he hoped that all that happened was nothing but a bad dream, standing up on his two feet he noticed that there was nothing close by, getting up he began to walk around until he came upon the biggest gate he had ever seen. The gate itself was bigger than the one that the village had, however there was no one around just as he was about to continue his search to find out where he was he heard a chuckle from behind.

Turning slowly he came face to face with the most bizarre thing he had ever had, for in front of him stood a creature pure white in color with a black line around it body. It had no eyes, but it did have a mouth and it was is a horrible smile that showed all of its teeth, all in all Naruto was terrified of whatever it was.

'My, my what do we have here?" it asked, "it's been years since a human last stepped into my domain, but I wonder how you got here, I was sure that I sealed any way into here unless..."

"Who or what are you?" asked Naruto trying to show his so called bravery.

The white creature made its way past Naruto and went to stand in front of the gate before looking back at the blond.

"oh, where are my manners, I am what you call, the world, the universe, all, one, even some call me god, but more importantly, I am…you," the creature said never looking away from Naruto if it had eyes.

Naruto stepped back; he didn't know what to make of this thing in front of him, how it would refer itself to everything.

"Where am i?" asked Naruto.

"Why don't I show you," the Truth spoke. As he said that the gate behind it opened and a black hand like shadow shot out and grabbed Naruto dragging him into the gate were he saw countless images of things, places, and people he never seen before. However it didn't last too long as he was soon thrown out of the gate and landed in front of the Truth. He looked at said thing and he couldn't believe what had just happened, although he had only seen flashes of what he was shown he could remember all of it and it felt so natural to him.

"What was all that, it all felt so natural to me," said the blond.

"Well now that we have that out of the way I am curious about you," Truth spoke, "I sealed the gate a long time ago when a pair of alchemist gave everything up for me to take their alchemy away and not allow anyone in here again but you somehow were able to enter I wonder do you have two souls in your body?"

"Two souls? Is that even possible?" asked Naruto.

The Truth said nothing as it began to feel Naruto out, for a few minutes nothing happened, then it did, the white thing grinned like a mad man at what it had just found out.

"My, this is interesting, you do have two souls in you, and one fragmented soul as well," Truth revealed, "but I don't care about those fragments, I care about the one sealed in your stomach, it has a tremendous amount of power, if I were to take a guess, I would say that it is none other than the Kyuubi no Yoko from your world."

His eyes went wide, is that why everyone hated him for, was the Kyuubi really sealed inside of him, but then it all made sense in some way, people hated him because of the fox in his stomach. And since it was the Yondaime who fought the fox all those years ago, then that could only mean that it was he who had made his life a living hell.

"Listen boy and listen carefully I am feeling generous today since it has been a long time since I was last visited, that I will make you a deal, I will exchange knowledge and skills for the fox, one for each of it tails," Truth said.

"Knowledge and skills, for each one of the fox's tails?" Naruto asked a little confuse.

"Why don't I choose for you," the Truth said as it raised its arm, all around him figures rose from the ground and took shape, "I will give you the abilities of these alchemist who once lived and not only that I will also give you the Philosophers stone that once belong to the Homunculus Greed, it has over one billion purified souls in it that will allow you to use any all kind of alchemy you desire, aside from that, allow me to introduce to you the and tell you who these people are:

The one with the serious expression in named Roy Mustang, he was known as the flame alchemist thanks to a special pair of glove he wore that allowed he too turned the air into a combustible gas that with a snap of his fingers he lit it up creating massive balls of fire.

The tall and muscular one was known as Louis Armstrong, from the string arm family, he was proficient in hand to hand combat and always had a pair gauntlets that allowed him to use earth based alchemy.

The little short man is called Giolio Comanche, he was known as the silver alchemist, he had special alchemy transmutation circles on his hand palms that allowed him to turn the dirt into a weapon on any kind, he could make swords, chains, and sickles, he had other thinks he could make as long as it was a weapon.

Over there we have an Ishvalan by the name of Scar, has a special ability to destroy and restore with his arm, he can destroy virtually anything at a cellular kind of level and reform those things in whatever he desires.

Like I say I will also give you Greed's philosopher's stone that has a billion souls that have all been purified so they won't corrupt you, he will allow you to cover your body in what is called the ultimate shield. This however will cost you two tails worth of power.

I will also give you the knowledge of another unnamed alchemist and learn all of his skills. And also I will give you a special gift that will allow you to use your own kind of alchemy, that will the creation of adamantine the strongest mineral known you will get the idea of how it works.

The last one will be a little different, I will restore you left leg that was cut off and destroyed and you will be able to walk on your two legs again. So what do you say boy do we have a deal?

"Say I accept this deal then what's the catch?" asked Naruto.

"So you know that everything isn't as free as you think, yes there is a catch, when I showed you the gate, I took as payment all of your chakra leaving you with the minimum amount to live but you will never be able to use it," Truth said, "however with the alchemy you will just as strong as any ninja as long as you train your body."

Naruto thought about it for a minute thinking on the good thing and bad things, if he took the offer he would gain a skill unique to him and him only. That and the drawback would be he would not be able to use any of those cool ninja techniques but if that was the price he had to pay for getting rid of the fox then he would pay it, hopefully the old man would still let him be a ninja.

"Very well, I'll take the offer," said Naruto.


As soon as Naruto accepted the offer the Truth pulled the Kyuubi out of Naruto's body, as soon as it was out it looked around and knew where he was. Looking down at the boy who held him he saw as new beings entered the boy, he knew what those were. looking around he spotted the one thing that he feared the most it have the thing a menacing growl before turning to the boy.


The Kyuubi tried to jump Naruto but the Truth somehow held it back as it allowed a smirk on its face. "Now be gone boy and use those powers as you like."

With that Naruto was forced away from the gate.

The Truth looked at the fox and said, "I guess its fox for dinner."


Naruto opened his eyes hoping to find himself back in his apartment but when he looked he saw that he was in what seemed to be a house. Trying to sit up he found himself unable to, looking at his left arm he saw that it was already bandaged up, that's when he remember everything that happen. Pushing the bed sheets away he wanted to see if his leg was also missing, what he saw was different there were bandages but they were ripped apart and his leg was there good as new. All in all the Truth had spoken the truth as it had restored his leg that was cut off by those shinobi whom had attacked him. He was about to get up and find out where he was when the door to the room opened.

"Oh, you're awake," said a soft voice. Naruto turned his head and his jaw instantly dropped, for standing in the doorway was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen she was even prettier than his Sakura-chan. She seemed to be a year older than him, long blond hair that was tied up in a ponytail, deep blue eyes just like his; she wore an apron over a white tank top, and a blue mini skirt, as well as high heels.

"Who are you? And where am I?" asked Naruto.

"Sorry about that, my name is Winry, Winry Rockbell," responded the blond hair girl.

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