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"Today's top story is coming out of the Seahawk's in the wake of their shock first round post-season exit at the hands of the Jets. Quarterback Edward Cullen, according to statements given to police, went out after the game to the Last Supper Club in Seattle's popular night spot of Pioneer Square. Inside the venue he got into an altercation with a group of young men, which led to them being expelled forcibly from the premises."

"The altercation then continued between Cullen and the group of five men on the sidewalk and in the street, with the clearly heavily inebriated Seattle Quarterback throwing wild punches at the men, who according to witnesses were equally as drunk, and proceeded to fight back."

"What resulted was a four minute brawl which ended with the two hundred and twenty-five pound, six-foot four-inch Cullen being badly beaten after being swamped by the three remaining men, having reportedly concussed the other two males in the group."

"A witness dialled 911 and emergency services arrived promptly. Edward Cullen was transported to the Swedish Medical Centre where he is currently being held for tests and further observation, but the hospital spokesperson gave a statement that Mr. Cullen's situation is stable, and his injuries are in no way likely to impact his long-term health."

The young man in the hospital bed cringed as he hit the mute button on his bedside remote, unwilling to listen to any more of what the NBC anchor had to say. He went to run his left hand through his hair, but winced at the movement, his arm currently sheathed in a white bandage. He was going to have to get used to that, for the next 2 to 3 weeks at least. Similarly, he would have to be careful about the right side of his ribcage, where according to the doctor; he had at least two broken ribs, and maybe a third.

He leant across to examine the range of buttons available to him, before selecting one carefully.

Within seconds, two nurses and a doctor sprinted into the room, skidding to a halt.

"What is the emergency?" enquired the doctor, panting slightly. They were garmented in stereotypical hospital clothing, white lab coats to match the decor.

"Can I leave now?" he asked, smiling pleasantly at the trio.

"Mr. Cullen, that is an emergency notification button. You press that if you think you are in immediate danger, for instance, if you believe you are having a heart attack, or are suddenly crippled by overwhelming pain. Not because you want to ask a question."

The doctor was looking less than impressed by Edward's clear disdain.

"Well, the attending nurse wouldn't tell me I could leave, or even when I could leave. I don't like not having my questions answered," Edward replied evenly.

"Mr. Cullen, we will be releasing you into your own care this evening, if everything goes to plan. You may not be concerned about the situation, but you have suffered serious blunt force trauma, and we want to hold you for observation for the remainder of the day."

Edward scowled darkly at the man, who turned, shaking his head almost that he must have thought Edward was unable to see.

As an afterthought, he turned back, leaning in the door, as the nurses waited in the corridor.

"You might want to reconsider that burning desire to get out of here, Mr. Cullen. The media scrum outside is about ten people deep."

With a distinct lack of alternative sources of entertainment, Edward turned the television back on, and flicked through the channels to Fox Sports. He was once more the topic of conversation.

"We are getting a report out of Seahawks HQ now that there is soon to be a press conference held by Head Coach Pete Carroll, owner Paul Allen and GM John Schneider, within the next hour or so, where they will address the most recent indiscretion by their star rookie Quarterback Edward Cullen."

Fox Sports studio analysts Terry Bradshaw and Howie Long launched into a yearlong review of his on-field and off-field achievements and controversies, with an accompanying video montage.

"Edward Cullen was drafted consensus number one pick by the Seattle Seahawks in this year's NFL draft held at New York's Radio City Music Hall from the University of Florida."

"He was the first player to win the Heisman in his freshman year at Florida, leading the Gators to a National Championship after an 13 and 0 regular season, repeating this feat in his Sophomore year, once more receiving the Heisman trophy, winning the award by a record margin for his unprecedented college performances. "

"He returned to his home state after the minimum two years in college with a reputation as 'having an arm that had the power of John Elway, and the accuracy of Steve Young'. To top this off, however, the two hundred and twenty-five pound Cullen put up unheard of numbers at the NFL Draft Combine for a Quarterback. Try a 4.42 for the 40 yard dash, a 10'5 broad jump, a 40 inch vertical jump and a 48 foot kneeling power toss. This combined to provide a SPARQ rating of 126.99, which was up there with the highest on record, not just for a Quarterback."

"Cullen didn't come without his detractors, however. There were reports of laziness, including a refusal to study game tapes, attend trainings and preseason as well as attitude issues that resulted from several incidents that made headlines nationally regarding behaviour away from the pitch, that landed Cullen with a probationary sentence, and community service for a range of offences."

"Initially however, Seattle fans were able to dream that their relationship with their new Quarterback would be untroubled, as he began the first four weeks of the season as the leading passer in the NFL, and the early candidate for MVP. Then in the week leading into the Seahawks fifth round game against the Raiders, Cullen was suspended for two games for reportedly failing to attend an entire days compulsory practice."

"Cullen returned in week seven to have his worst week of NFL football to date, throwing four interceptions, no touchdowns, and was promptly relegated to the bench for the final quarter of what was his worst game in the NFL to that point."

"In the post game press conference, Cullen unleashed an expletive ridden rant about the Seahawks front office, and Head Coach Pete Carroll, and was promptly suspended for another game, after issuing a retraction and an apology that was broadcast nationally."

"He returned week 9, and had a career best game against the Giants, throwing a four touchdown passes, and adding another two rushing touchdowns, for a total of over 600 all purpose yards."

"His hot form would continue until the matchup against the Ravens in week 12, where he was concussed after being sacked by linebacker Ray Lewis in the second quarter."

"Sidelined for two games, Cullen returned for the final three games and performed admirably, however the rumours of conflict amongst the team remained. These rumours were solidified after stories emerged about Cullen squaring up to several of his teammates at the Seahawk's New Year's Eve party which was held on team owner Paul Allen's yacht, Octopus, the 415 foot private vessel of the founder of Microsoft."

"No disciplinary action was taken as a result of what transpired at the event; however it was cynically suggested that this was due to the fact that Cullen was to play in the Seahawks first postseason appearance since 2007 where they crashed out of the divisional playoffs after losing to the Redskins."

"Yesterday's game against the New York Jets was labelled 'the worst performance in Seattle history' by coach Pete Carroll after the Seahawks imploded on offence, failing to register a single point. Speculation has been rife that Edward Cullen fell out so badly with the team that they had to be talked out of refusing to play prior to the kick-off."

Edward tuned out, trying to control his anger. He could feel it bubbling away inside of him, and he hoped that no one was going to disturb him in the next five minutes, for their sake.

Truth be told, Edward knew everything that had just been said was true. He was arrogant. He was abrasive. He laid into his teammates for the smallest errors, and had no room for forgiveness. His problems away from the pitch had manifested themselves on the pitch yesterday, and he knew he was in trouble.

But just how much trouble, he hadn't realised until he noticed that the coverage had switched to the press conference.

"Edward Cullen has, on repeated occasions, this season, breached terms of his contract," Pete Carroll stated, reading from an obviously prepared statement.

The room was packed with media, Edward could tell even from the television coverage and Pete Carroll was struggling to make himself heard over the ambient noise.

"He has, with scant regard for the good of his team and this franchise, its fans and all who have followed it nationally and internationally, acted in a manner unbecoming of a member of the Seattle Seahawk's Football Team. His personal and behavioural issues have caused this team great embarrassment, and I regret to announce that with the full support of the coaching staff and the board, we have decided to terminate his contract with immediate effect. Thank you, we will not be taking questions from the floor."

Of course, questions were abundantly and loudly shouted from the press pack, and the scene erupted in the repeated flashing of cameras as the Pete Carroll and the members of the board filed out quickly.

Edward blinked, his mind blank. What had just happened? He took several deep breaths, closing his eyes. Then he stopped to assess indeed what had just happened. He had just been fired. He, Offensive Rookie of the Year, seventh in the years MVP voting, widely regarded as the next Joe Montana, had just been given the shove?

He looked around for his iPhone, and then realised that it had probably been destroyed in the brawl.

Further investigation procured a package sitting by his bed, which included the remains of his ruined cell, his wallet and his keys. He located his clothes from the previous evening; jeans, a blood spattered white shirt and black leather shoes, which he slipped into without thought.

He was not staying here in hospital while his life and career fell apart. Where the fuck was his agent? Why hadn't he come to visit him? Where was his manager? His public relations person? Where the fuck was everybody?

He ignored the fact that his white shirt still had red blotches on it, and walked out of his private room into the corridor. He ignored the puzzled glances of the nurses and doctors as he made his way through the hospital, down floors in the elevator. He finally reached the lobby, and stepped out towards the door.

"Mr. Cullen! You have been told that you are to be held for the remainder of the day!" a middle aged nurse called forcefully from behind the reception desk, obviously recognizing him.

"If anyone so much as lays a hand on me, lady, I'm going to break it," Edward replied, without even glancing at her.

He could hear her desperately calling security, but Edward had no intention of stopping for anyone.

"I really don't think you want to go outside Mr. Cullen!" she shouted in a last ditched effort to halt his passage to the door.

Edward disregarded this, and stepped out into the sunlight.