Chapter 12

AN: Dis is da last chapta okaaay! Im nut updating anymore an Harmony is nut a Mary Susie (She luvs Postmaster) IF u flam den ur a world peace hater.

Harmoney grabbed da whorecrucks and postmaster wuz hers. Harry wuz sad and did nut lick Harmony anymore, he called her a world peace posr! Lord Darkness stuck his wand in Harry's ear (it went in all de way becuz Harry wuz nut high) den Lord Darkness yelled "SIMPARIUS" nd he made Harry drown imself in da lack!

Harmony and Wighead the Postastr General tlked to eachodder nd found out that the Harmony was pregnant wif da Postmastrs baby!

AND DAT IS ALL!111!xxxxx

I hope u licked da sttroy!