Author's Note!

Hey everyone! I'm really sorry that this is just another author's note. I'm sure some of you were hoping this is another chapter. Sorry! it's not. I have an excuse! But its' weight depends completely on you, if you hold it as important. I certainly do, but hey! It's my life, i'm going to. Anyway, I apologise for not getting another chapter out to you. RL has been keeping me exceptionally bust and not just my university course, which I'm now in the second year of.

Not just that, I've become heavily involved in volunteering with St John Ambulance so that's some of my time, my course has really picked up this year and I've also been in a relationship for the past year. Not to mention that, I've been constantly looking for work as well and really haven't focused much on my stories and when I did, I wasn't able to write much.

It wasn't because I hadn't found overly much, it's because I was and still am confused on which direction to take my stories. I'd had it planned to pretty much follow the books to a point but with obvious key differences. But I'm not so sure on that idea now. I'm inclined to be more original but keeping the general plot for example.. In Harry Dumbledore and the Dark Lord, as that's following Philosopher's Stone (A.K.A Sorcerer's Stone).. that the stone and Voldemort and Quirrel are kind of the baddies and the goal to immortality and what have you.

So.. I was thinking of setting up a poll to get your ideas on this. And at key points, if you so agree, i'll let the story take a certain course here and there... I'll probably have another version on here with what i'd planned afterwards so you can essentially read an AU of an AU but that's not for now. Just comment as a review on that.

That idea above was for My Harry Potter story. I can't be bothered making two documents for both stories so I'm just doing one and sticking it on both. For Lord of the Rings, I'd already had a story fleshed out pretty much but I realised there were plot holes. I've also decided to say screw you to the books. I think you all deserve a story that doesn't feel like you're just reading from Rowling or Tolkien.

I think this way, it gives fairer reviews as you'll be criticising or complimenting or flaming (don't like these) my own style and not me copying someone else and then changing it slightly. So, as I won't be using the books for reference either it will be more original although I do remember things. and I will look up things every now and then online about stuff that I might not remember the name of or what have you. So, hope you don't mind that either.

I won't go back and redo what I've already done. That'll stay because if I do, the stories will never get finished. I do have to ask you to be patient with me as many of you have. Throughout the year, I've been asked if I'm still doing the stories and I've always replied back that yeah, I'm onto it. I think I promised that chapters would be only a week or two and that I'd get a chapter out during my summer break... yeah... as you can tell, that didn't happen. Apologies again, I feel bad because I don't like breaking promises but again RL.

So yeah, I'm not stopping, I will be getting back to it, I will try and get a chapter out this side of xmas but please don't hold me to that. I can't promise anything and after xmas will be harder as I'll be very busy with the second year show as I'm planning on part of the stage management team this year, to see what that's like.

I've also been really looking into my career options if I don't make it as an actor and I've become enamoured with Drama Therapy, I don't knpw if any of you know what that is and I'd explain it but it's easier if you just google it. I'm planning on going into nursing first, in Mental Health because I think that would be beneficial.

Anyway, enough about me and all that jazz. I'll try and get stuff done. If you wanna use any ideas i've cooked up so far for your own stories please ask, I won't say no but I'd still like to be asked. Some of you are probably like 'How dare he have the audacity!' but hey! My stories! Anyways, gonna love you and leave you, I've got research and stuff to do for uni and my interview for a job on Tuesday! Bye for now!