I say massive, it's probably not going to be that long but anyway. This is going to be seriously disappointing for those that received an email notification on an update for this story after all this time only to find it's just an author's note. All I can do is apologise for the length of time it has taken me to get back into even looking at the story.

My reasons for the hiatus, which wasn't planned, is primarily due to university. I have been studying my degree for the last three years and the last two especially have been challenging enough as it was without including the fact I had a job at the same time. I have also had family problems that took some of my time as well which I won't go into details about (hopefully you understand). As such, I barely had enough time for a social life never mind anything else. This has meant that this story has been neglected and so have you from getting to know what happens in the next chapter. I've had a look at my plans that I'd made for this fic and I'm making some alterations. Some of those due to advice given to me. I'll also be looking back at the chapters I've written as well just to make them a little smoother with the exception of chapter one because that was done intentionally.

I've been working on a structure on how I am going to be updating and I have decided to update my fics on alternating months. I'll start with Harry Dumbledore then my Lord of the Rings fic. So this month it will be Harry Dumbledore and the Dark Lord, next month Harry Potter and the Fellowship of the Ring, so on and so forth. While this will mean that some will have to wait for their fic longer than others, it does allow me to put a bit of schedule into it and be more organised than I had in the past.

So this month I will be dedicating my time to Harry Dumbledore and his adventures giving him the attention that he has sorely lacked from me. I can now promise I will at least update once a month on the fic of the month. But if I find myself with more time, I may update twice. Hopefully that will appease and If I am not able to update, I give permission to burn me with flames! If for whatever reason I am unable to update on any given month, I promise to inform you with an estimated resolution date so you know when to expect the update by.

********For Harry Dumbledore Readers********

For what it's worth, I do apologise for how long many of you have had to wait and it would surprise me if this fic still had interest. I've read some of the reviews and have taken things on board so there will be longer chapters. Someone suggested to me that I should make Harry's first year be more fun and laughter and less stressful than in the books which I'm considering and would like your thoughts.

I've also made the decision to not follow the books as closely as I had been doing and allow myself more freedom in creativity, so while I may follow the general plot there will be differences that I hope you like. The first update for this will be, at the latest, the end of this month but I do plan to get it out sooner. I'm aiming to make sure that there is improved quality in my writing and that the length of the chapter is up to snuff.

One reviewer suggested I change my name to SIth Master Dobby until I become more consistent with updates so, thoughts on that too haha! I do regret the wait I have put you all under so at least I, unlike Voldemort, do show remorse.

********The End********

And so there ends the authors note for the Harry Dumbledore Readers decided to use the same authors note for both sets of readers so you all get the same information as it's all in one document! Now without further ado!

********For Harry Potter and the Fellowship of the Ring Readers********

Similar to what I've said to my Harry Dumbledore Readers… I'm incredibly sorry for the wait I've put you through and I do regret it. I'm also going to follow the books a lot less than I had been, adding my own flair and creativity while keeping the general plot i.e ring to morder for it to go bye bye. That being said, I will be adding twists and turns that come with there being a wizard such as Harry Potter involved.

I know you have to wait an extra month longer than those of you that read Harry Dumbledore but I promise that I'll make sure it's worth it. There isn't too much more I can say that hasn't been said I can only apologise

I'll make my apology more meaningful for you by updating!

********The End********

So this author's note ended up being longer than I thought it would be. I unfortunately did what I thought I never would do. I had abandoned both fics and that's unforgivable as I HATE it when authors do that and that makes me just as bad as them. I've done a bit of grovelling and hopefully you can forgive me. Update soon!