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It was Christmas at Vivosaur Island and the ground was covered with a soft snow. There was going to be a Christmas party at the Richmond building and everyone was invited. Toshi being Toshi of course had refused at first saying he had better things to do that day, but Rosie had eventually conned him into coming for at least an hour or so.

"It's good to see you Toshi." Dynal said as he shook the teen's hand.

Toshi nodded as he noticed that Duna and Raptin were also in the lobby along with Dr. Diggins, Wendy, Holt, McJunker, Nick Nack, Mr. Richmond, and Rosie; just a small gathering of close friends.

Toshi continued walking around, greeting everyone who seemed to be enjoying themselves, and found himself slowly growing to enjoy himself as well.

"Hey, Toshi."

Toshi stopped as Rosie walked up to him.

"Oh, hi."

"You having fun?"

"I admit, it is very nice to be here."

Rosie grinned happily. "See! I knew you'd like it if you gave it a chance!"

Toshi shook his head a little.

There were a few giggles and both teens glanced beside them to see Duna blushing as she looked away, Raptin smirking, and Diggins talking quietly to Richmond.

"What?" Rosie asked, obviously wondering why everyone was watching them.

Raptin cleared his throat and pointed above the duo who looked up to see what it was he was gesturing to.


Rosie and Toshi looked at each other, glanced at their small audience, and took a few steps away from each other.

"We were not just under the mistletoe." Rosie smiled innocently as Toshi nodded.

"You have to kiss each other." Diggins said. "It's tradition."

The two teens glanced at each other before looking away, obviously still refusing to continue with the tradition.

Deciding they needed a little help, Duna and Raptin pushed to duo closer to each other so that they were under the mistletoe once more.

Toshi kept his gaze averted as he rubbed the back of his neck while Rosie looked in the other direction.

"We could do…a….." Toshi muttered. "You know…."

Rosie glanced down at the necklace that the boy had given her a while ago and held onto it before she tapped Toshi's shoulder, the boy glancing at her only to be surprised when she gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

The crowd watching them cheered while Raptin muttered, "Took 'em long enough."

Toshi blinked a few times as if trying to figure out what just happened before he grabbed Rosie's wrist as the girl was just about to turn and leave from embarrassment and pulled the girl closer to him. Cautiously, just to make sure he wasn't doing anything to upset the pink-haired girl, Toshi put his hands on either side of Rosie's face before gently putting his lips against hers in a longer kiss than the first one.

Nick Nack cheered while McJunker nodded knowingly.

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