Even Watchers Make Mistakes

Summary: Giles might have missed something, and Buffy isn't pleased. Humor and no pairings...

A/N: Just some light-hearted fun. Until someone loses an eye. Sorry, Xander.

When she first saw the rainbow, she was comforted by it. It seemed like a sign of better things to come after a particularly long and hard week.

She supposes she should have known better.

Because now, after countless murders and a Scooby Gang investigation, she faces her worst nightmare. An army of her worst nightmare, in fact.

Their black eyes glitter in the sunlight, their red hair flounces around their shoulders, and the green rags they wear trail on the ground. Long fingers and a demonic face.

She's ready to die fighting them off, alone, until the voice of her savior reaches her. "Buffy, catch!"

She looks up just in time to grab the shiny sword out of the air. The army trembles and attempts to retreat but the slashing sword cuts through them, one by one, until only their small bodies are left upon the ground.

Buffy turns on the spot to face her rescuer, but with anger instead of gratitude. "Leprechauns!" she accuses him. "Giles, you told me that they didn't exist!"

Giles mouths wordlessly at his Slayer, then finds his voice. "Um...well...I didn't think – "

"I asked you so many times, and all you could say was, don't be ludicrous, Buffy, we're looking for real demons here." she finishes in a fairly accurate imitation of her Watcher.

"Well, I'm not a bloody walking encyclopedia!" Giles bursts out. "I can't know everything, you know!"

"Truer words have never been spoken." she says with one last glower. Then she tosses the sword back to him, and he catches it after a momentary fumble. "And Giles? Next time I see a rainbow, I'll let you take care of the non-existent leprechaun infestation."

A/N: Giles and others have once stated that leprechauns don't exist. But what do they know? Reviews are loved!