Author's Note: Some of you thought our time with Adjectives was over. How wrong you were. Nah, it is, after this one. I said I had another V outtake, but it's requiring a LOT more research than I planned, so I'm going to use that towards the next series... Yes, the next series. Which I've already begun working on.

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Setting: After the S6 finale "The Change in the Game." Any spoilers are irrelevant because I don't write off of them.

Full of, characterized, or due to zeal; ardently active and devoted.

He thinks she's adorable. He would never use that adjective to her face, but it's what he thinks. Hot, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous—those are words he gives her, but sometimes he thinks she's just so damn cute.

She gets this little smirk on her face and her eyes shine. She would say the grin was really a look of concentration, and her shiny eyes were a result of extra liquid in her tear ducts because of the bright lights of the lab reflecting off of the metal exam tables. He knows better, though. She can spin her science talk all she wants, but he knows better.

It's always so clear how excited discoveries make her. Even if she tried, she wouldn't be able to disguise her triumph. She gives off this air of accomplishment and pride, but never in a rude, cocky way. Her checks become tinted pink and she always has this big smirk on her face. Booth loves that she hasn't become completely jaded and calloused or burned out by their work and can still feel good about solving cases.

He jovial laugh when she thinks she's made a funny, scientific joke is one of his favorite sounds. It's followed by a laughing explanation and her biggest grin. Any other person, except Parker, and he would tell them their explanation killed it, but he hates raining on her excitement.

Even though he has no real interest in anthropology, science, or "bone stuff," all of her cute personality traits make him want to learn everything about all of her subjects so he can share her immense passion. They are all "her areas," and like Gordon-Gordon once said, he needs to allow her that and know his limits within them.

Then he sees her smile or hears her chuckle and he wants to impress her. For so long he played the role of "dumb" FBI agent to let her feel smart and to let her teach him. Now, he wants to show her everything he's learned and make her as proud of him as he is of her.

And so he started studying. Wendell had been more than willing to explain specific bone stuff to him and Cam had helped explain the rest. She was giving a special lecture to graduate students at the end of the month and he wanted to be ready. Cam asked Brennan for her speaking notes and outline, and without him asking, gave and translated them for Booth.

Now, as he watches her speak, completely enamored by her presence and air, he is thankful Cam gave him the outline. The moment he saw her walk up to the podium, his breathing hitched. From then on, he heard nothing she said. He was too focused on the glint in her eyes and the subtle twitch of the corner of her lips. Though her top was flawy, his knowledgeable eyes could detect the slightest bump on her abdomen. All of it entrances him.

Even though all eyes were on her and everyone was fascinated with her revolutionary techniques and what not, Booth was glad he was in the dark back corner so she wouldn't catch him staring.

Bones of the skeleton still don't entertain him, more so now that he was given a crash course, but she does. He won't start listening to her squint talk, and he will go back to requiring a "Dummies" version of everything she says, but for now he isn't that guy. When the time for questions came up, he let a few serious students ask questions before he raised his own hand.

When he stood, memorized question at the forefront of his thoughts, he smiled and saw her look of surprise. It didn't show to anyone else, but he saw it. With a cocky grin and one hand cupping his belt buckle, he asked his very well thought out, intelligent sounding question.

He watched an added surprise and the familiar look of concentration flash over her features before she launched herself into a lengthy reply. When she was done speaking, they both had satisfied smiles on their faces.

She gathered her papers and excused herself, eager to meet Booth. For starters, she was still slightly shocked to see him there, let alone with a question that implied he understood what she had lectured on. She found herself filled with questions of her own.

"What are you doing here," she asked in a tone that implied both curiosity and pleasure.

He smiled and told her the entire truth. He told her how beautiful she is and how she looks when she speaks about something she is passionate about. He told her how her enthusiasm is infectious and how it has always made him want to learn "her stuff" so he could share in her moments with her. He told her how she makes him want to be a better man, and be more like her.

She tried to dispute his last statement, claiming she is nobody that anyone should try to be in a personal capacity, especially him, but he forced her to see herself in a better light, in the light he sees her in. Yes, she has her faults and makes her mistakes, but time after time she has proven to him that she can do the right things.

She's beautiful, hot, sexy, adorable, cute, intelligent, and completely able to change, and he is in love with all of her.