Chapter Fifteen Animosity Toward the Dead

Sicarius knelt beside his fallen comrade. Danny's final words spoke of what happened to him after he had disappeared in an attempt to draw attention from what had become the only remaining survivors in their small group that had escaped from the high school just a couple of months prior to this overwhelming experience. Danny had been bit as he had ran for both his, and his friends', life, and, believing he could do someone about it, resorted to cannibalism in order to try and overcome his own misfortune. It didn't help, but instead drove his mind to the edge of insanity.

Sicarius gripped his wooden kendo sword tightly as he fought back the urge to lose his own control over his emotions. Having always been emotionally detached, Sicarius had found it easier to survive by remaining distant from everybody around, but even he had a breaking point, and killing one's friend can sometimes lead to that breaking point.

A soft cough interrupted his train of thought, and his head whipped into Masako's direction as she laid breathing, but beaten. Sicarius quickly stepped over to where she was laying and he immediately saw the biggest difficulty he who have to face up to this point. Masako was too injured.

He could just tell by the look in her eyes, the distant look that seemed to be becoming more and more distant within just seconds, but upon closer inspection, Sicarius found that her ribs were far beyond repair. Her sides were even dented in from the power placed into the ferocious kicks that tore her innards apart. Sicarius watched helplessly as she coughed again and liquid as red as his eyes spread across her chest.

She couldn't speak even if she tried all she could do was mutter one word to Sicarius as if it was her dying will, and it may as well have been.

"Sing," Her voice was weak as she seemed to barely hold on to the tiny grasp of life that she had left. Sicarius was surprised to say the least at her odd request, but took up her hand anyway and sang for the first time in many, many years.

Wish I was too dead to cry

My self-affliction fades

Stones to throw at my creator

Masochists to which I cater

Sicarius remembered his sister at a time like this. The last time he had ever sung was to her, and she died immediately after. It reminded him of the situation he was in with Masako, and he could barely hold him self back to continue on.

You don't need to bother

I don't need to be

I'll keep slipping farther

But once I hold on

I won't let go til it bleeds

Sicarius reached and took Masako's hand in his and smiled gently to her as she smiled gently back and began to relax within Sicarius's, for once, soft grip.

Wish I was too dead to care

If indeed I cared at all

Never had a voice to protest

Sicarius looked slowly into Masako's eyes as her own closed and her breathing steadied. Sicarius felt as if slow hands were wrapping around his throat as he choked out more of the song.

I wish I had a reason

My flaws are open season

For this, I gave up trying

One good turn deserves my dying

Masako shook her head ever-so-slightly as he said those lines to signal she disagreed with them. He brushed a piece of hair from her face as it covered her eyes and the slight smile that had snaked its way on to her face.

You don't need to bother

I don't need to be

I'll keep slipping farther

But once I hold on

I won't let go til it bleeds

He gripped her hand tighter in his as he continued. Somehow the peaceful moment was getting to him and his outer shell was cracking under the enormous emotional pressure it had been thrown under.

Wish I'd died instead of live

A zombie hides my face

Shell forgotten with its memories

Diaries left with cryptic entries

"I…. wish you will…. live for me," Masako chocked out miraculously. Sicarius nodded slowly, and watched as Masako's eyelids flutter shut and her breathing slow. Her body was becoming weak within Sicarius's grasp as he began to sing the final lyrics to the song.

You don't need to bother

I don't need to be

I'll keep slipping farther

But once I hold on

I won't let go til it bleeds

By this point, Masako's breathing had completely stopped and her skin had begun to achieve the icy cold that enveloped the dead as her soul left her now energy depleted body. Sicarius cracked.

Silver tears streamed down his face and onto her own as he bent over and kissed her forehead as a symbolism of goodbye. His tears wouldn't stop even as he looked around the room through the unfamiliar blurry vision, and his eyes fell upon a certain man who, as he made the connection, was the cause of all the pain that he, and the others, will feel.

Sicarius gripped the wooden katana at his side and slowly rose, his trench coat rising with him and followed in Sicarius's gait. Sicarius seemed to be completely out of his own mindset as he marched straight toward Danny and his sword dragging along side of him. His face was vacant of all emotion except for the streams of tears that flew down his cheeks like waterfalls.

Sicarius stopped only inches from the lifeless form of Danny, "It's all your fault, you know that?" Sicarius questioned no one in particular and lifted his sword high into the air, "I hate you."

He swung his sword down with full force and felt the sickening crunch as the wood collided with bone and echoed across the room. Sicarius raised his wooden sword and dealt another devastating blow to an already dead opponent. Danny could do, would do, nothing to defend himself against such attacked because he had already died.

Sicarius swung down again, this time sprouting blood from Danny's back like squirting fountain. He repeatedly bludgeoned the dead Danny as he vented, and vented, and vented.

"You caused this!" He yelled. Crunch, "You shouldn't have ran!" Crunch.

"Sicarius!" A male voice broke through the silence in the room and Sicarius immediately felt a pair of strong arms lift him off the ground.

"Let me down!" Sicarius yelled, "Let me go!"

"Sicarius!" Arashi yelled back.

"Let me go!" Sicarius started kicking in the air as he fought Arashi's grip. Soon he felt two more hands press onto his shoulders, and he looked up to be staring straight into Masako's face. She seemed translucent and more as if an angel then the actual being only a few steps away.

"Let go," The angel form of Masako whispered to Sicarius in a tone only an angel could achieve. She slowly leaned forward and gave him a small kiss on the lips and winked in his direction. "I've worked too hard to watch you lose your mind here."

Her voice faded as her apparition slowly disappeared. Sicarius stared wide-eyes at what he previously saw, and, realizing that Arashi was no longer holding on to him, dropped to his knees.


End of Chapter Fifteen

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