ThunderCats 2011

Two kits sat on a grassy hill playing, untill darkness fell.

Golden eyes stared into the night sky, "How many stars do you think there are, Calixto?"

"I think there are many, but only one matters." she breathed in awe.

The golden eyed kit's ears flattened and his paws pulled at the grass, "Leo" he whispered. Everything on Third earth belonged to the lions and no one else. But his eyes once again trailed to the heavans, all those stars represent the soul of a fallen warrior Cat. The corners of his mouth curved upwards, the veiw no- his veiw was beautiful and so pure unlike his people.

"Calixto, it's time for bed!" light shone in from the opened door. The woman waited paitiantly for the kit to show but when she didn't, "Calixto, NOW!"

"Oh man, guess I gotta go."

"I guess so, Calix." The kit smiled at her new nickname and offered her paw to help him up.

"Can my friend come too?" Calixto yelled.

"No, you know the rules Calixto; no tigers in this house." The woman called back.

Calix looked at her friend, "I'm so sorry, friend."

"No, don't worry it's ok- it's fine."

"I wish she wasn't like that, but can we talk tomarrow?"

"Nah its- oh yeah sure, sure I'll see you tomarrow" he beamed and Calix waved goodbye as she ran into the small, well lit and warm house. When Calix was inside the woman glared at him, "Filthy child." and then she closed the door. His smile faded, he felt lonely again Calix was his only true friend and the others were just there to call him nasty names.

Why were tigers at the bottom? They were strong and capable like the lions, so why were they treated badly? Even though he was very young, he wasn't stupid he knew the racisim that occured. But his thoughts died down when a usual sound filled his ears. His hand reached into his tunic's sleeve and pulled out a crust of bread. His golden eyes stared at it; it was so measly, but it would have to feed him for 3 days, including breakfeast. He brought to his lips, allowing his front incisors to nibble at the bread. After 4 or 5 nibbles he put the bread away and walked to the market.

...The next morning...

"Hey! Stop that thief! Gaurds! Gaurds!" an old ocicat with long swaying shriveled beard called. His arms franticly thrashing in the air until he hit something. "Hey watch - he regretted his words when he saw 2 sturdy gaurds looming over him.

"What's the problem, old man?"

"What's the problem? The problem is that filthy tiger is stealing my food!" he pointed to the running kit.

The gaurds nodded and began pursuit, pushing people out of the way as they tried to spot the kit through the busy market. "Hey!" people yelled when pushed or threatened by the gaurds. "Which way did he go?" they yelled in unison at an old leopard.

He held the fod close to his chest, he wasn't going to go hungrey, not tonight and if that meant stealing then so be it. THUD!

"Owww!" he whinned and rubbed his sore head. "No the food! he yelled reaching for the rolling food.

"Stop right there theif!" a sharp blade stopped the kit from grabbing the food. "Disgusting tiger how dare you set foot in this market?" one of the gaurds sneered as they approached the kit.

"Yeah, how dare you try to steal my food and think you would not get caught?" the merchant said as he collected his food or merchandise.

"Beat it, pops." the gaurds growled. A word didn't escape the old man as he gladly walked away but not with out glaring at the kit and then spewing all over him. The gaurds turned away in disqust but quickly turned back to the ville smelling kit.

"Your age, now!" they ordered.

"7, please I was hungrey"


"What is going on here?" a voice rose above the rest. The gaurds put down their weapons and bowed along with the buyers and merchants. "Deitous explain, now!"

The snow leopard raised, "My king, I'm sorry to cause such a disturbance in your market while in your pressence but we caught that tiger stealing." he motioned to the other gaurd who quickly scrabbled to get up then grabbed the kit and stood behind Deitous. "Luckily w-" The king raised his hand, silencing his gaurd.

"You, why are you here?"

His eyes widened, even the king was against tigers, "I was hungrey."

"Why didn't you buy the food instead?"

"I'm poor, I have no home, no food and NO KING!" Deitous raised the hilt of his sword, but the king spoke again.

"How do you not have a king if everyone here does?"

"A king would never let his subjects be tormented, or even let others be bias towards them. That is why I have no king"

The king smirked, this kit was a smart ass, "What is your name?"

"I am done speaking to my none king, and I know I have that right."

"Respect the King!" Deitous backhanded him across the face.


"Yes, your majesty?"

"Do not lay a hand on my future son." Gasps were heard among the formed crowd as the King turned and walked back to his palace.

"But your-"

"Bring him to my palace, to meet his new mother." he ordered over his shoulder. "Oh and dress him in something presenatable he is meeting my queen afterall"

...In the Palace...

"Is it true? Did you really adopt a tiger?" a lioness in silk garments with long black wavey hair asked.

The King removed his cloak and put on the marbled table, "Yes, it is."

The lioness ran and grabbed his forearm, "Claudus, do you know how much damage that'll create? It will stain our family name!"

"Leira we don't have a family! This will be the chance to finally create one." he explained sencirley.

"I agree with you on the family, but with a stray tiger?"

"Enough, it's done and we are done talking about it." he put his hands on either side of her face and leand in to kiss her, "Please, my love just give it a chance."

"Fine, for you but if he dosen't pove himself worthy then I will personaly make sure he is out of this city." Leira said.

Golden eyes looked in amazement at the palace halls, all the walls were made of marble and each had beautifull grand carvings of the the ThunderCat sigma.

"It is beautifull isn't it?"

He jumped and saw a beautiful lioness with tan skin and ebony flowing hair wearing an emerald forehead accsesery. "Your majesty?"

"Hmm, my husband told me that you think you don't have a king, is this true?"

His mind raced trying to find the right words, "Yes your highness."

"Well then, I assume you think you do not have a queen, am I correctt?"

"I uh-"


"I never truley thought about it."

"Typicall males thinking there is never a female high power." Then she walked away.

The kit swallowed and continued to roam the halls always hoping that he didn't meet up with that vile woman again. She reminded him of Calix's mother, except for that the queen was more beautiful. 'Calix, I'm so sorry but I was dragged into this.' His thoughts wandered so much that his head began to ache, so he sat down in one of the thick chairs. Part of his head ache was due to the overwheling of the palace; it was huge and designed espically for the rich and not his kind. He felt like a smudge on white paper, sinner among saints, ugly within the beautiful, and imperfection among the perfect.


His eyes widened and he saw the King and the Queen standing on the ThunderCat Sigma. "I think it suits him well, don't you?"

"I'm not sure, he would have to become lion before he gets near the throne." The queen sternly replied.


Claudus walked to the kit, "Before we go any further I want to know your name." The kit whispered something. "What was that?"

"I do not have a name."

"Oh look the stray tiger dosen't have a name, that's another reason to not crown him, below not being a lion."

Claudus growled at her comment then turned back to the kit, "Then I will give you a name, if you chose to become my son."

Then he stood before the great King and his wife, and looked over them and the surrounding palace. He could have a home, food, clothing, shelter and possibly a family, but what about Calixto? He would never leave his friend, but then again if he said no, he would reaccept the life he dearly hated, what would he choose; happiness or misery?

"I will n-" he began.

Queen Leira smirked, so they wouldn't have to put an extra plate of food on the table. The kit was smart if he said no.


She turned away but then realized what he had just said, "What?

"Then I will give you your rightful name." Claudus already had one in mind, "Tygra."

"T y g r a?" he rolled the name off his tounge. "Ty-gra. Tiger? Ty-gra. Tyg-ra. Tygr-a." He said it multiple times hoping he would'nt mispronounce his own name. "Tygra!" he declared proudly.

"Yes, my new son Tygra." Claudus was proud, he had chosen well. His green eyes steered towards his wife who seemed stoic.

Quick Fast Forward

Tygra followed behind Claudus, "So what is so important father?"

"It's your brother, he is being born!" The great King began to pick up the pace, his biological son was coming into the world! "Tygra we must hurry."

"Yes indeed father." Tygra looked at the girls in tight dresses and winked causing them to blush. "Yeah ladies I'm available!" he declared. Claudus was in too much of a hurry to correct his son's behaivor. The boy was becoming a womanizer and at such a young age! He was only 10 and he already flirted with girls his age and even older ones.

"We don't have time for your flirting, Tygra." Claudus called.

Back to present

"You may sleep here my son." Claudus happily showed the tiger cub his quarters.

"I will not call you father or King, like your wife said I am not of your kind." Tygra was not going to be the nicest of house guests, for people who considered him lower than them.

"Yes, all in good time Tygra." He leaned in the doorway and watched as Tygra yawned and quickly put himself to bed. 'He's independent, that's a good quality' he smirked before leaving.

Leira sat in her golden throne, her husband was an idiot! Why and how could he allow a stray-especially a tiger to roam in their palace? Above all why would the idiot adopt it?

"We just have to try, Leira." The queen looked up to see her husband and her heart lurched. "I know you don't agree with my decision, but please..." She stood up and caught him before he fell, tears began to roll down her cheeks.

"I'm so sorry Claudus" she whispered. "but I know I will never except that child." Claudus didn't reply and his wife slowly rocked back and forth, rubbing his back trying to soothe him.

~ My King, Mi Rey. Don't become discouraged, No te desperas. One day all of your men, Un dia todos de tu hombres. Will put you back together, Te ponenrar juntu ~

Deitous's blue eyes pulled away from the pathetic scene before him, if Claudus showed that much weakness in front of his people if would be the end of his rule. He bit his lips then he entered the room. He pulled Leira away from the King, "Leira"

"I do not have time for this Deitous; I must take my husband to his quarters."

"I can do that later, but now..." Deitous leaned in to her ear and whispered, then he pulled back with a sly smile and wrapped an arm around the King's back and led the tired Lord to his room. "Claudus, maybe it's time that you quit drinking that expensive wine."