OKAY EVERYONE… it's here, the final chapter everyone has been waiting for. The conclusion to my first full-length fic. The last chapter of Gilboobs: the motion picture.

WARNING… things get smutty and weird here. Really, really smutty and weird. You have been warned.


"What? Is it good?"

"… Yes."

Gilbert balled his fists on the bedspread, eyes low, body rocking in time with Roderich's deep working fingers as the rolled either side of his spine. The pressure, knocking in joints that ached tensely, released knots and slid through hollows that needed it. The soft cinnamon perfume of the wax was warming; it was smooth, a little oily, and glided across the bare skin on Prussia's feathery back. His shoulder blades flexed and spread and the faintest of smiles curved Roderich's lips.

Gilbert had a beautiful body.

Curved slightly forward, arms wrapped around his knees, Gilbert exposed the bare plane to the other, sighing blissfully when knuckles clicked mutely over the ladder of his spinal column. They found a particularly anxious spot above his tailbone, he inhaled sharply, and Roderich jumped.


"That spot."

"You want me to keep…"


Nodding, though Gilbert couldn't see it, Roderich carried on massaging, paying specific attention to that exact spot.

Things in the bedroom were intimate, but still a little more awkward than they should have been.

Gilbert would have been lying if he said he wasn't disappointed when Roderich's shirt unbuttoning had innocently enough resulted in a shoulder rub turn back massage. At first anyway. But he knew from experience that Roderich's hands were talented in a way that stretched beyond musical purposes. They had eased the pain between his shoulder blades quickly, and every flat palmed caress seemed to melt muscle and draw him closer and closer onto his arms. Spread legs either side of his body, Roderich's soft breath on the nape of his neck. He let a gentle whine and Roderich himself shivered.


"It's so good… a little harder."


"Oh god yes… harder… oh fuck. Oh~… RODERICH! What the hell?" Gilbert leapt near out of his skin when, caught up in the moment, Austria lent forward and secured his lips on the side of his neck.

He smiled.

"It's fine." His breath ghosted the curve of the others shoulder, the hands stroking the small of a delicate back shifting to the waist and sliding around to a flat, bare pubic. "I just… you're sweet, you know. When you're vulnerable."

Gilbert whined, and turned his face to the side. Their eyes locked.

It was a peculiar, warmth-in-the-base-of-their-stomach thing, and a mystery as to what one saw in the others eyes in the split moment before they both broke and bonded lips in a lansgome, nervous kiss.

On the bright side, the pain in Gilbert's back had faded considerably.

The same could not be said of his breasts mind, which were on fire. Not in a painful sort of way, more kind of a recklessly horny kind of way, and without care he grabbed Roderich's hands on his lower tummy, pulling them up and pressing them insistently on his chest.

"Touch them." His breath was short, he was gasping when he pulled away, mind fogged by need and the lingering ghost of schnapps. "Fucking touch them you dumbass."

"Okay! Okay I'm touching them!" Gilbert was pulled firmly against Roderich's chest, he groaned when the fingers cupping his bosom tightened in a brief and tantalizing squeeze. He wiggled, letting his head roll back onto the supporting shoulder behind him, and arched his chest desperately. He reached for Roderich's head, pleading for another, wilder kiss.

Austria could not have been happier with the way things were going. Beneath his hands, a swelling flood of breast tingling and jingling, nipples so hard they pressed like stones to his palm and throbbing with heat. He kneaded them, rubbed them, pressed them, and Prussia's fingers clawed in his leg, sinking into the spoon and moaning through tongue and full lips. He tasted like panic laced with pornography, and Roderich had never wanted anything quite so much in his life.

"Harder…" the gasping request, Gilbert's talon-like fingers scraped through soft coffee-cream hair, his other hand tugged urgently at the bedspread. Back pain long forgotten, he curled backward, pleading to feel kisses on his throat and across his collar. It was un-ergonomic for both parties, and with a grunt of frustration Roderich ripped his hands away, rolling from underneath and pinning Prussia down properly against the cushy bed. The frustrated scowl he earned was framed by a pale halo and an angels flush. Wide dark pupils reflected a tousled brunette in flawless precision, lips worked in heavy, breathless curses.

"Keep… going…"

A rush of arrogance and power, not unfamiliar, but dusty and strange to feel for the first time in so long, riled up Austria's spine. He growled softly, and pecked the tip of Prussia's presumptuous nose.

"Beg me."

"… Wha'?"

"Beg me. If you want me to do it, then you're going to have to beg me." He lowered himself against Gilbert's body, grinding chest against breast firmly, one hand clutching the creases of the trousers that were still on slim hips. "Tell me you want me. Say it, out loud."

"Say… fuck no!"

"Are you sure?" not keen to forsake his upper hand, Austria traced his flat palm between the two firm mounds of bosom and nuzzled eagerly against it. "I'm pretty sure you want it."

"I do no-ah! Ah… ahh…"

"Mhmm…" Roderich smiled against the smooth cleavage skin he had only recently been licking. It tasted different here, sweeter, and delectably forbidden. "So beg for it, and I will be happy to help."

Gilbert, regretfully, had pretty much forgotten the word 'dignity' and all its inflections. His nipples… they were positively howling for attention, the hair on the back of his neck was goose pimpled, and his skin beneath Austria's hands was hot. White hot. So hot his sweat pricked as frozen pins across every shimmering plane of his alabaster body. Without hesitation he sucked a breath, huffing out his plea jumbled at first, the soft calming movement of the other mans hand up his waist sedating him enough to organise his thoughts.

"Please, Roderich, play with my breasts…"

"Shall I touch them?"


"Shall I lick them?"


"Suck them?"


The chuckle that ghosted sweet skin was fair earned and very indulgent. Without any more fuss, Austria conceded to lick evenly under the swell of the left breast up, to the fiercely rigid nipple that crowned it, and take the point in-between his flushed little lips. The sensation for the receiver was toe curling, a shiver that ducked in and out of his spine, and tangible in every extremity. The soft suckling that began as a result of the initial kiss wracked wave after wave of moaning shivers over his body, and his hands clawed possessively in smooth brown hair as the head bobbed and hovered above his chest.

"Yes…" voice hoarse, Gilbert rolled his head back, body arching, hungry for more contact and more tongue. "Oh god yes harder. A little harder… ohhhh~"

Roderich couldn't help but smile, feeling very pleased with himself. One hand wandered up to pinch and pull and pluck at small fingerfulls of skin around the rose of Prussia's unattended nipple, his tongue curled precisely around the button of flesh tucked in his mouth. His hands murmured across a sweeping, alien waist, to the small of a back arched eagerly. Without intending to, he found his fingers dipping into the waistband of rumpled dress trousers, hitching the body beneath him closer an sinking between spread thighs. His mouth popped away from the victims breast with a kissing suck.

"Feel better?"

"Don't fucking stop!" a sharp jolt was delivered by the hips he had settled against, and he found himself falling face first into sweetly perfumed cleavage. Rather than give in though, he settled for scraping his teeth across the surface of velveteen skin. Barely able to make out the galaxy of tiny almost invisible freckles salted across the heaving waves of his current existence, he aimed for the darker places, where they congregated and coloured pearl flesh peach, because Gilbert was clearly conscious of his freckles. He seemed to know every single one, and reacted accordingly when a wet tongue flicked across it. The neckline across the cleft of his chest and plating beneath his collar bone was sensitive, but not sensitive enough and they both knew it. One perhaps a little more consciously than the other. Gilbert's frenzied hands tried to force him own, but to no great effect. Austria was genuinely enjoying his opportunity to one up over Gilbert. He didn't even bother to swat the hands away, instead using his palms to rub the underside of bust.

It wasn't until Gilbert's ability to form words like 'not there!' and 'fucking asshole!" had dissolved into a mess of moans and wordless pleas that he slowly, patiently, he kissed down and received the left nipple once again.

Not going to have such a thing stolen from him once more, Gilbert held the mans head down and squeezed his eyes closed. The soft flickering of tongue around the sensitive rim of his areola was doing strange things to his body, things he had never experienced before like a heated tingling oh his nape and fingertips and scalp. Every square millimeter of his breasts, from the gentle finger pinching on one nip and the slow lapping on the other was pulsing. He felt good. Go he felt good! He was short of breath, squirming and sighing and tensing all over in the strangest places, but the way Austria was sucking… oh god. Gentle at first, then harder, harder, harder, head pulling back against Gilbert's hand to stretch them out. And his teeth, his teeth sinking ever so lightly into the blushing red flesh and tugging every occasion, when the wave of padding or fat or whatever it was breast was made off slipped the point from his mouth.

Austria adjusted his position, releasing his lips, but resealed again on the other almost immediately to a sharp intake of breath and a quiver that shook the whole bed. His groping became rougher, heavily manipulating the flesh in his palms, pushing his hips forward right between Gilbert's legs so he could feel the other mans erection through his trousers.

"Have you ever tried this?" he murmured against the skin, nose tracing a sweeping idle loop over the surface. "Sucking your own?"

"No!" the thought distracted Prussia, and was not in the least but arousing, so he forced it aside as fast as he possibly could. "That is gross!"

Roderich shrugged. He thought it was kind of hot... watching Gilbert lift one bosom with a delicate hand, push it flat and guide the nipple upward, to press against parted lips and a skirting tongue… he immediately echoed fantasy Gilbert's actions, point of his tongue twitching over the milky blend line between white skin and flushed erogenous zone. Prussia whined, shoulders rolling impatiently.


"Yes sir." Smiling evilly, Roderich lowered himself on the right nipple this time, sealing his mouth right around and taking as deep a suck as he could manage. The strangled cry that tore from Gilbert's surprised lips was sexy and high pitched, soaring weightlessly on the charged air in the room.

It took just over a minute of continued sucking for him to notice that no longer was Prussia reacting so strongly, and no longer was his body so tense. Perplexed he popped off, only to be met with a whine of humiliation. But poor Gilbert couldn't help it.

He had cummed himself. From Austria playing oral foreplay, he had had an orgasm. And it had been amazing, and the tremulous aftershocks were still flowing through him and he just… he wanted to die.

"What?" Roderich snapped, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. "It's not fun when you stop reacting goddamnit!"

Gilbert whined, and rolled his shoulders. His back pain was returning again. As was his chest pain.

"I…" he winced, and tried to get comfortable in his now uncomfortably wet trousers. "Oh god…"

"You what?" Roderich gave one breast an aggressive squeeze. "Are a dirty whore? Like my mouth?"

"I'm a dirty whore…"

"Mm… yeah." His lips descended graciously against the curve of a throat, hands pulling at flesh and touching, kissing, melting. "You little bitch… hey." Austria sat up, frowning, only just realising that the front of his subjects trousers were damp. "What the…"

The warmth of it, and the soft, heady scent made the back of his neck prickle. He recognised it instantly.

"… You came."

"Mm…" covering his flushed face, Gilbert nodded. "I'm sorry…"

Neither moved. Neither said anything. Roderich's mad heartbeat cantered in his chest, unsure if he was put on or off by this. Prussia quivered, tensing once again with pain. His nipples felt like they were going to bloom into blossoms of flames. The darkness of them called them back to Roderich's attention…

And Austria decided that he really didn't care, he wanted to do more sucking.

The silhouette of the two figures cast on the wall when Roderich lunged was an unusual one, in the low, intimate light of gilberts bedside lamp every angle and line of their bodies was rendered in shadow on the plain wall beside them, and as accurate as it was, the fact that it was borderline impossible couldn't be denied. Slim legs, longer than they looked when clad in baggy ripped jeans or cargos, spread wide for the one hunched between them, his nose pressed to the smooth plane of the top of the breasts beneath his face and lips. A gracefully arched back bore the tension of pleasure, and swelling tits sheened with sweat rose and fell with every ragged breath. Popped pert nipples, stiff dark shapes quivering on the backdrop of white the two twinned. Pianist's fingers undid Gilbert's pants, stripping them off and unleashing his slightly rigid manhood.

Usually, there were about a million things going around in his head. Music, cakes, Hungary, the garden… but for the first time in well over two centuries, Roderich found all of those things partitioned from his conscious by a hazy, blurry curtain of genuine sex-drive. Testosterone (remarkable… he really hadn't remembered what that felt like at all,) aggression, horniness… one great big plain thing, driven by the softness of flesh beneath his hands and the breathless sighing of his partner.


He scrambled to get himself undressed, clothes cast carelessly over the side of the bed and onto the floor in a crumpled heap. His glasses too, cast onto the bedside table. Gilbert jerked his head down, kissing heavily, running the ball of his foot along the back of Roderich smooth thigh indulgently and indulging in the feeling of two erections sliding against his stomach. Their arms coiled, roping together, and they moved flawlessly, curling and touching and rolling, Roderich was flipped with ease and Gilbert, totally feeling like he was a sex god, knew by instinct what he was supposed to do.

He placed the heals of his palms on Roderich's own chest and slithered down his body, letting the points of his bosoms grate over the soft, pearly skin of a magnificent tummy and resting when he felt the head of the others cock press against the underside of each swell. Pinching Roderich's much less sensitive but still delightfully erogenous nipples, he ground his chest over stomach, the pressure pillowing each breast and pleasuring in a way he couldn't quite pinpoint. It was like a broad, cotton wool sort of warmth that consumed him, had him bowing his head and letting it rest on the cushions formed by the overflow of his own flesh. Roderich whined, hardly able to contain himself, and suppress the urge to jerk his hips up hard, into the warm softness between Gilbert's assets. Assets that were being lifted reluctantly, their owner distracted from his task by the hunt for the massage wax…

He located it on the sidetable, dug out a handful, and sat up as straight as he could despite the sharp complaint of pain in the small of his back.

Roderich got an absolute eyeful. He stared in wide eyed amazement at every inch of Gilbert's naked body. The slope of his shoulders, the shy, but somehow also defiant inclination of his pale head. His mooning breasts, radiantly pale and decorated with those incredible freckles, undulated a little as he moved. Even below the waist, where there was nothing really new for Roderich to see, was beautiful. A little smaller than often boasted, but handsome, and proud. Waxy hands left reflective trails over the swellings that Gilbert noticed with a slight, complicated twinge of emotion, were just the tiniest increment smaller than they had been that morning, delving into the chasm between them slowly and lubricating the sides of either one. He lifted his eyes as he did it, staring fiercely into the darkened gaze of the man who had inspired the most insane and obscenely wondrous orgasm he had ever experienced with merciless lust. His tongue flicked his lips, Austria spread his legs a little, running his palms over the v of his pubic bone.

"Move them." Gilbert demanded, voice desperately low. "Quick." He tapped the back and they were quickly removed, lacing with his own and pulling him forward, back into his former position. The underside of his bosoms were so sensitive he could feel the heated pulse of dick against the back. It was distracting; he needed to concentrate if he wanted to get this right…

With a soft 'ah!' he felt the tip notch into his cleavage from behind, and Roderich swore loudly, crunching knuckles so hard it hurt them both. It only got worse when his length was enveloped slowly by slick hot flesh, sinking through the firm gap like a weapon through a mans body, a knife penetrating forbidden, sinful places in a phallic statement of power. Gilbert whined, his fingers near breaking, and wrung them loose to grip the hips he was leaning against. Slowly, he allowed himself to sink against Roderich's hips, chest totally consuming the other mans dick and pressing down further until he felt the tip press over, bursting between them and nudging his lower lip curiously.

Slowly, he began to squeeze and rub his breasts, massaging Austria's erection through his own yielding flesh, tongue slipping forward to caress the tip. His head bowed, his hair fell forward and Roderich groaned, a horribly deep sound from as far in his lower stomach as he could muster. His head was spinning. Because it was hot between them, it was rolling, it was slick and that tongue was doing sinfully wonderful things to the crown of his starved dick. The way he slid in and out, the feeling of fucking something and receiving a teaseful blowjob at the same time… he savored it, delighted in it. He devoured every second hungrily, focusing on sensation as if he had never felt before and allowing his voice to spiral out of control. He could feel Gilbert's hands rubbing his breasts and the fingers against his stomach stroking pointed nipples, he lifted his hips, cloying pleasure dripped down his spine, and invited Gilbert to suck a little more as he went. The bedslats creaked, Gilbert shivered. He had not realised that between his tits was so sensitive as well. It was strange, and deliciously taboo, the feeling of feathery stimulation between them. And the wetness beading from the tip of Roderich's cock, dripping from his lips, was warm, and of a much smoother, sweeter consistency than that of lube.

Realising, with a tinge of pain that he should probably sit back up before his spine locked in this position, he shifted backward, wiping his hand over his mouth and baring Roderich's erect penis for only a brief moment, before he took it back in hand. His fingers glided easily along it, and it took him a moment of sitting, feeling surreal and light headed, to pull himself together. The skin across his chest and stomach was blushing violently. Roderich noticed it distantly, but was too busy morning the loss of heat and flesh on his cock to pay much heed.

Gilbert managed to get his head together first, the bedsprings creaking as he shifted to lie atop Roderich's body chest to chest. The weight was strange, but welcome, and the astonishing smoothness of Gilbert's thighs between his own luxurious and magnificent. Gilbert's hands caressed the sides of his face, fingertips drawing a mental picture of his jaw and cheeks and chin on the inside of Gilbert's eyelids. When his middle finger traced the beauty mark on Austria's chin he sensed it, eyes cracking open, leaning forward, and kissing the spot chastely in the hopes it would do as he had always suspected.

It seemed to. Roderich quivered, losing a wanton sigh, and slid his hands over the small of Gilbert's back. Stomach to stomach, both men felt the pressure of the others cock sandwiched between them, two lengths side by side and throbbing a little, in need of tenderness. Prussia leaned forward again, and flicked his tongue over the spot. This time, Roderich's chin lifted dramatically, and the little zone was offered up for more stimulation. His lips parted, the stain of red cartoonish in the light. His cheeks were on fire, high on his cheekbones, and Gilbert scratched his scalp as he did it, raking nails softly and slowly over the hair at the nape of his neck. Carefully set waves of fringe had long since fallen into disarray, and hot, he tried pushing his hips forward a little to get a bit of stimulation going on.

Gilbert pulled from his kissing spot, lips wet with glossy spit, and flicked his tongue over the bottom.

"You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen…"

"You obviously haven't seen much…"

"I dunno…" his kisses fell on neck, reaching the juncture where chords of throat became collarbone, and discovering the white string of an old scar. An old scar of Teutonic origin. How wonderfully sexy.

His tongue paid it tribute, and he ground his breast forward. They were still pulsing demandingly, and he longed to have them sucked some more. That being said, there were other parts of his body he wanted sucked. And as if functioning via mind reading, Austria had him rolled onto his back, his thighs spread wide, his confident, very awesome if anyone asked, dick full and rigid and on display. It was touched, a long finger tapping the beading precum dripping from it, and Gilbert hissed, fingers ranging the sheets into fists. Austria hummed, licked his lips, and daintily swept the head of it between his lips.

"Aaah fuck." The quake that shuddered Gilbert's frame banged the headboard against the wall, his leg muscles clenched and he could feel every perfect spot of Austria's tongue swirling, his lips buffeting, his teeth brushing ever so gently against the line of his foreskin and the teaseful fingers massaging at the base. Thumbs pressed and rubbed beneath, one leg curled reverently over Austria's hunched back and lost, totally lost, Prussia's head tipped back, his throat an elegant, arching line bearing a fluttering vein which his own fingers traced. One hand found a place on his own breast, pinching and pulling at his nipples. Sweat glowed on the skin of both men.

For a little moment, the only sound in the room was that of dedicated sucking and slipping of skin, heavy breathing and ravishing. In the depth of the house, pipes creaked and boards settled. Feliciano's soft snoring carried through the back wall. Gilbert didn't notice. He was far too busy being hyper-aware of everything around him, from the feel of sheets beneath him to the hazy fuzz of pain in his spine. Most of all though, he was focused on the surges of bliss that lapped at his hips and lower stomach. And Roderich. Oh god Roderich.

"Suck my balls." His voice sounded strange, but he wasn't bothered. The weight of his breasts on his chest was wondrous and amazing, and he moved his hand beneath them to touch the feathery soft skin on the bottom.

"Manners?" Roderich asked throwing his hair back off his face and shifting around, his one hand pressing one leg up despite the obvious pain it should have caused. His mouth pressed to the back of Gilbert's thigh, a gentle bite as he bent, nibbling and sucking and licking his way over the back of one leg until the angle was too difficult, and he could kiss no more.

"Roll over,"

"Suck my-"

"Roll over and I will think about it. Spread your legs."

"I can't, they-"

"prop yourself up on a pillow, come on." A small sharp slap to a pale thigh, the tightness of flesh barely clipped, and reluctant, uncomfortable, Gilbert threw himself over onto his stomach, dragging a pillow beneath him to support his weight. His erection dug against his belly, and he groaned when a weight mounted the backs of his legs. A few fingers touched the concave of tailbone and swept up, along every notch of spinal column, delicate shivers ascending and spiraling as they did. A mouth followed after, and hands the dug into sides gripped hips, the warm wetness of tongue savored the mingled taste of massage wax and skin. Roderich kissed down, over the swells of Gilbert's behind, and pried his hands between his thighs.

"I said spread your legs."

Gilbert whined, unable to with the weight on them, and realising this Austria knelt up, his fingers delving between his thighs and prying them apart enough for him to trace two fingers along the crevasse of Gilbert's pretty behind. They sunk a little, at one particular, softly velveteen spot. Frowning in concentration, Roderich bent at his waist and kissed one side of Prussia's ass lightly. The yelp and jerk of a leg he got in response was cute. He said so, and Gilbert made the most resentful noise he could with his face buried in his pillow.

Lips ghosting over soft skin found their way to the very tip of Gilbert's tailbone, one finger still teasing the yielding spot, the other prodding silken perineum a little, and tickling the short, fine, pale, pale hair there along the junction of thigh. Gilbert either didn't have much pubic hair, or he waxed the fuck out of himself. Austria suspected the former.

Prussia seemed more than surprised, to suddenly have a wet, warm tongue caressing the soft line of his backside. His grip on the pillow became vice like and his shoulders quivered anxiously. At first, he wasn't sure what to make of it. the wetness was odd, and the heat was powerful, but he didn't have long to reflect on it before it had joined fingers in nursing the one place he both wanted it most and least in the world. The flat of it caressed slowly, the point teasing cruelly. Lips flirted too, and Roderich's hands caressed ass, thighs, balls, massaging soft heat into cool flesh. Gilbert whined, lifting his hips unconsciously, moving into the tongue playing him and pleasing him and feeling generally marvelous in ways it really should not. Because oh god no way could he deny now that this felt good. It felt so, so good and he was dizzy with it, he was begging for it, spreading his legs wider and moaning lightly in time with every flick and lick of tongue.

"Fucking hell!" he managed, breathless and bordering on tears "Roderich… wha-aht are you DOing?"

No reply, just two fingers jabbed expertly into his perineum enough to jolt and the feeling of soft hair brushing his tail as Roderich sat up, a little pink in the face himself, and shook out his shoulders.

"Giving you a backrub, idiot," the heals of his palms ground up the sides of Gilbert's back to the nape of his neck. "Should I stop?"

"… No."

"How about you return the favour."

He rolled sideways, landing heavily on the bed, and raked his fingers through Gilbert's cropped hair. Gilbert who threw himself back on top, breast pressing hard against chest, wildly taken with that idea and any like it. Several heavy kisses later they pulled apart, Roderich getting a proper look at the man he was embracing and loosing his heart entirely to him. Half cast red eyes burning, flushed lips wet with the mingling glimmer of both their saliva. Pale skin, rumpled hair, his noble collarbone dipped and bearing breasts that looked a little smaller, still swelling though, and set on his own breastbone like trophies on a mantel. He touched Prussia's face, his hand was nuzzled, the joint of his index finger bitten sexily. He ground his hips up into Gilbert's and received a flutter of lashes in reply.



Austria nodded, chewing his lower lip. "Yeah?"

"Make me come again."

"Kiss me first."

Both men were lost in the storm of kisses and touching. Skin against skin, thigh between thighs, Gilbert's throat was marred with love bites and red lines were gouged into Roderich's back, a mark of the almost agonising pleasure clutched in the heat between them. Neither had been willing to concede to being fucked, but without him even noticing Roderich had managed two fingers inside Gilbert, and they waved over and against each other like the sea washing over the shore. Gilbert's breasts were heaving, their skin, wetted by precum and sweet massage wax, slicked over itself again and a gain with a filthy sort of shclicking. Grinding and fucking against each others hips, they rode a steady rhythm, the headboard of Gilbert's bed echoing it slowly. No part of either mans body was private anymore. All was each others, nothing sacred.

"Fuck Roderich that feels good!"

Austria pinched Gilbert's hipbones some more, trying to convince him to resume biting his throat. A madness overtook them, and crushing Austria to his bosoms Prussia whined, within inches of climaxing and painting the inside of Roderich's thighs sticky white.

Feeling in a heart leap the wiry tension overtaking Gilbert's body, Roderich stopped fingering the man, ducked his head and swept a nipple into his mouth to suck him to climax. His nails pricked his lovers sides, and indulging in the sporadic feeling of Prussia buckling against him Austria let himself ride the swell of orgasm, A string of meaningless sounds twirling luxuriously in with cries of bliss and shivering all the way down Gilbert's spine.

And that was it, he realised after the flat haze of post-climax took him into a zone of ease and contentment. That was what it felt like, to make love with his enemy and his breasts.

"… Shit." Gilbert spoke first, after an interval of about five minutes. "Holy shit."

His voice was still soft and quaky. He raised his arms and wound them contentedly around Roderich's waist-

"Mmm." Austria conceded, nuzzling the soft, rising falling flesh of what remained of Gilbert's tits. He didn't have anything to complain for. He had just had incredible sex, his partners sweat smelled wonderful, and a blissful, phenomenal drowsiness was overtaking him.

His life was good.

Gilbert and Roderich lay awake the next morning, side by side, fully aware the two of them that the other was conscious, but neither willing to say a single word. To speak would be to shatter the fragile moment, the moment which found Roderich's cheek resting on Gilbert's flat chest, his hand stroking the flute of his waist across his other side, and Gilbert combing fingers through sweet scented, dark hair that he could not, frankly believe, he had never touched before. Elsewhere, sounds of life could be heard echoing in the house. Italy mostly, jumping, skipping, doing god knows what actually, and Germanys dogs, their nails scraping Austria's drawing room floor.

He winced, and shifted uneasily in the bed. His eyes lifted, they locked with Gilbert's.

"Morning" he mouthed, lifting his stroking hand and rubbing the crust from the corner of his eye.

"Morning." Prussia replied, touching his lover on the tip of his neat, aristocratic nose. "did you sleep okay?"

"Great, yeah."

They remained there silently for another moment, listening to one another breathe, both coming to terms in unspoken awe to the new landscape of Gilbert's body. It was strange. For the both of them, it was extremely, exquisitely, strange. Austria sighed first.



"… Are we going to get up?"


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