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Sinking In Nothingness

prologue :The First Memory

Nothing was different. Nothing was similar. It was the night of nothing, and everything. Time had stopped, leaving him in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps it wasn't particularly nowhere for others ,but to his foggy senses it was; the nowhere where nothing ever approached the borders of normality.

To him, at that disturbed second, tomorrow and yesterday were the same. He didn't even remember how yesterday had been and was sure that he had no tomorrow to look for. It sounded like dream…too real dream.

He shook himself tiredly, painfully,as his sobs overcame the hissed curses that echoed in the darkness around him. He opened his blue eyes allowing them to slowly wonder in the room around ; at least the nowhere had started to take some shape around him. He saw the emotionless figures whispering something in a darkness he could recognize, even in his condition. They were five masked men ,each in a long black cloak. His eyes looked tearfully underneath him . Under him was a large drown triangle with a six sides star in the middle ,glowing in a violet dark hue.

Strange, unrecognizable symbols were written in an old language around the triangle surrounding his helpless body. The room ,as his mind supposed ,was dimly lit with faint candles' light, gradually fading as cold wind broke into the room every now and then from the fully opened window.

He raised his head at them, feeling the atmosphere's change as their whispers became darker and louder, forming something deadly: a curse. He knew...just knew and felt even without remembering or knowing what that curse could be, as if his instincts were awake enough to give him that small hint; not that it mattered all that much to him.

Why was he here?

He didn't know, but at that moment he didn't seem to need to; just wanted to be out of that place. His small hands touched his teary face as he refused to look at the masked faces; too afraid to even try. Deep inside he knew that behind those masks evil faces were looking at him darkly while continuing to cast the spell.

'Mama!' the five year-old child whimpered, just like how a five year-old child would scream if he were in his place.

It sounded logical to ask for his mother's help just like any child ,but for him it wasn't.

'Faster!' a cold feminine voice ordered the cloaked men as their hisses did what she commanded. She came nearer to him but stayed out the glowing lines. She wore the same black cloak but with golden lines around her neck. Just as he tried to look at her face, the glow darkened and his pain intensified. He put his hands around his screaming head, feeling his short and wet raven hair .

He screamed louder as the feeling that his soul and body started to tear apart increased. The pain, which forced him to collapse on the floor, was accompanied with dark heavy chains that tied his body, bonding him to the ground harshly.

'M-make i-it s-stop!' He whimpered,biting his already bruised lip because of beforehand torture...maybe before his waking up.

Make it stop. It didn't matter what was happening; he just wanted it to stop. It hurt.

'It ...It hurts,' he begged but none of them paid him any attention...unless one considered a low 'You deserve it ' from one of the heartless wizards. His consciousness started to slip as he recognized the lost battle he was fighting in but at least that would mak-

'MAKE IT STOP!' a new furious voice, totally different from his weak, stuttering voice, ordered as it came nearer and grew louder by every second with that unmistakable tune of worry and fear even with the increased strength in it.

The chains kept him to the ground, disabling him from looking at the owner of the new voice.

'I said stop it!'

He couldn't recognize it but he easily figured that that voice was much younger than the masked men…similar to his own.

'You shouldn't be here,' the same dry, cold feminine voice interrupted the new protests between the younger voice and the others.

'Leave him alone!' the young voice ignored her words and ordered angrily.

Him…? Could that voice mean...?

His mind screamed again in pain and hope that 'him' meant really him.

He could feel light, fast steps approaching him. With every step, the glowing around him faded gradually and the chains started to disappear …not that he could move even with the disappearance of the chains.

He moaned painfully as small hands lifted him gently till his abused body lent on something soft and warm. The same arms tightened around him protectively and sympathetically but carefully as to not hurt him. The embrace was gentle as if the one who hugged him knew that his body was still suffering from the effect of the chains and the enormous lashes on his back…the thing he himself had discovered .

'It is okay, Kouichi,' the kind person whispered in his ear, lifting one hand to stroke his hair in concern and pulling him with his other hand in another tight embrace.

The child, Kouichi ,raised his head to look at the other's deep blue eyes which were on verge of crying but stubbornly refused to let them go.

'You are not alone. I am here. Kouji is here,' he soothed.

Kouichi nodded absentmindedly resting upon the other's chest .

Kouichi name. The name he couldn't even remember. Something inside him reassured him, asking him to trust the same sound that told him to believe that his name was Kouichi, just like it told him that the other…Kouji, he reminded himself, wouldn't leave him alone, and anything aside from that didn't make any sense then as he surrendered to a dreamless slumber.

To Be Continued...

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