Darkest Healing


Torin, Keeper of Disease was sitting at his desk, checking his computers. His surveillance system was the front protection line of the fortress; his cameras were monitoring the hill 24/7. Everything seemed Ok right now but Torin hadn't felt peaceful for a while. The last months were..well weird. The war against Hunters had grown crueler, he and his friends being constantly in danger. But they had Cronus on their side, at least against them and that was..helpful. However it would have been easier if his beloved wife Rhea, wasn't siding with the Hunters. That was a bitch of problem.

The other thing that worried Torin was his friends' females. Not that the women were causing any sort of problem, except Anya who was driving everyone crazy with her naughty behavior, but he was confused. If someone had told him a while ago that his friends would be loving, caring, devoted husbands and mates he would have laughed to his tears. The Lords had been fierce, powerful demon-possessed warriors caring about nothing but battle, victory. But like he said..had been. Now the fortress turned into a family gathering, a we-live-happily-all-together place. Maddox had Ashlyn, and the two were now expecting their baby..or babies, as Olivia had predicted. Torin found it kind of hard to imagine the Keeper of Violence as a father, even though the twins would be immortal, which lead Torin to think they would be half-demon too.

Lucien, Keeper of Death, had mated with Anya, goddess of Anarchy. Torin laughed at the thought of the changes Anya had brought in the fortress, changes no one could deny since Lucien would agree to everything his lover wished. Especially since Anya had allowed her BFF William to live with them, things would get 'funny' every day. Lately Anya was busy planning her wedding with Lucien and something made Torin think it would be extraordinary.

The other couple in the fortress was Reyes and Danika. Danika was the All-Seeing-Eye, the one of the artifacts that lead to Pandora's box, the one that could see both in heaven and hell. Reyes, Keeper of Pain, had fallen for her when the gods had ordered Aeron to slay Danika and her family. Reyes had to injure himself to feel pleasure, but neither of them cared.

Sabin was another Lord with a mate. He had recently married Gwen, a Harpy. Sabin was the Keeper of Doubt, though his demon was afraid of his wife, so he wasn't worried he would break her confidence.

Aeron, Keeper of Wrath, or former keeper of Wrath was in a relationship with Olivia, an angel who was sent to slay him in the first place. After quite lot of trouble Aeron was killed but brought back to life demon-free, to be with his angel. Torin remembered a few incidents involving Olivia, Aeron and himself that always made him laugh although they hadn't the same effect on Aeron. He always seemed ready to attack at the memory of them.

Gideon, Keeper of Lies was the last Lord to have a female. Scarlet, another Lord, who housed Nightmares was Gideon's wife and had moved in the fortress just a little while ago. Torin was glad for his friends' happiness but he couldn't help himself from envying them. He wanted that too, wanted a woman of his own although he knew he could never have one. Possessed as he was by Disease he couldn't touch a living thing skin to skin without infecting it with disease. Which meant he hadn't had a woman in thousands of years.

While lost in thought and paying attention to his computers he didn't hear the door opening. He turned and saw Olivia standing in front of him, holding a waiter with food. She wasn't wearing her usual white robe, but jeans and a shirt and she was shoeless.

"Hey Torin, brought you something to eat. You have to be starving after all those hours." she said smiling and stepping forward to leave the waiter on a desk. Torin spent most of his time in his room, not willing to jeopardize infecting his friends with disease.

"Thanks, Olive. So how are you? Bored of Aeron yet?" he teased her and she grinned. She loved Aeron but she too didn't miss a chance to tease him.

"I'm fine and if I get bored of him, which is not happening, I'll let you know.." she laughed. "How about you? Did you notice anything weird or unusual?" she asked pointing to his computers.

"So far nothing. Hunters are too scared right now and nothing Galen says is going to make them attack now. It'd be a suicide mission. They know that.." he replied stepping closer to the food. He really was hungry.

"Bastards. Sorry" she said covering her mouth with her hand. "Angels are not vengeful or irritable, but I can't believe there are people who blame you guys for the world's evil. That's just ridiculous." she said, her hand fixing a curl of her hair.

"I know. Anyway, does Aeron know you're here?" Torin asked pointing to his room and staring at Olivia. After those "incidents", like Lucifer-guided Olivia asking Torin if he would like to have sex with her, Aeron preferred Olivia to stay away from him when he was not present.

"Yes. Maybe. Ok, fine he doesn't, but I'll tell him when I see him. He has gone to city with Strider to look for any sign of Hunters. He'll be back soon." she said staring at her hands. She hated upsetting Aeron but she knew that a fight would result to passion, and that she loved.

"Olivia will you do me a favor?" he asked smiling, looking her in the eyes.

"Sure. What can I do for you?" she replied, happy that she could do something to cheer him up.

"Please let me tell Aeron that you were here. When I see him or text him. Please?" he asked hoping.

"What? Umm…I why…you. Ok fine, do whatever you want." she surrendered. "But if he'll get mad at me, what do I do?" she asked.

"What you do best…Seduce him, make him forget why he was mad at you in the first place. Which I doubt by the way. He may threaten to decapitate me but he won't say a thing to you." Torin laughed.

"OK fine. Ashlyn wanted some help with cleaning the kitchen, so I have to go. See you later!" she blew Torin a kiss and closed the door behind her.

"Thanks!" he said through a closed door. I am going to enjoy that way too much, Torin thought. Right then his cell phone vibrated with a text from Aeron. Oh goodie he would have his fun right away. Oh gods he was turning into the male version of Anya. And he actually liked it. No sign of Hunters in the city. We're coming home, Aeron was writing.

Good, nothing around the fortress either. Oh and Olivia was really nice to consider bringing me lunch, earlier., Torin replied already laughing at imagining Aeron reading his text. What would he think?

I know my darling Olivia is very nice. And I hope you appreciated it because is not happening again. We'll talk when I get back., Aeron texted and Torin could barely hold his laughter. It was so easy to lure Aeron out.

Looking forward to it., he ended the conversation. Just then one of the computers started beeping and he rushed to his desk. From down the hill appeared a woman dressed in a blue dress. She was walking quickly towards the fortress, confident, fearless. Only one thought fluttered inside Torin's head; Hunter or Bait. There was no other explanation. He grabbed his phone and pressed Maddox's number on his speed dial. He was one of the warriors left at the fortress.

"What's wrong, Torin?" Maddox answered on the second ring.

"There is a woman, walking towards the fortress, front side of the hill. You're on your way. Go!" Torin said and returned to watch his computer. While watching, he saw the dark figure of Maddox approaching the woman. She didn't protest when he grabbed her and made his way back to the fortress. Torin walked out his room and headed to the entertainment room where he assumed Maddox would bring the 'guest'. When he walked in, he found Anya, Ashlyn and William talking. Ashlyn smiled widely and rubbed her swollen belly when she spotted him.

"Torin what's going on? And why did Maddox leave like someone set his ass on fire?" Anya asked, stroking her hair.

"There is a woman heading here and Maddox went to 'welcome' her. I don't know anything else." Torin replied, when Maddox stepped in dragging a woman with him. The woman was tall, dark-haired with brown eyes. She was really…nice.

"Maddox, be nice darling she's not a bag. I'm sorry sweetie.." Ashlyn said looking at the new arrival.

"So, who are you? And what are you doing here?" Torin asked the woman. He was curious about her and not just 'professionally'.

"My name is Iaso, I'm the daughter of Asclepius god of medicine. And I'm here seeking your help." she said leaving everyone astonished.