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Authors Note: Hibiyas (Landlady) husbands name was never said, so for this story I will just call him Chaarii or Charlie in English. And I think his last name is Chitose. Enjoy!

3rd Person POV

Tohru walked up to the building. It was the right address that Chaarii's Secretary gave her. She pressed the door bell. An Intercom buzzed and someone asked, "What brings you here?" "Um, I am Tohru Honda, here to see Chaarii Chitose." She replied happily, as usual. The door opened, making Tohru jump back in surprise. When she got in it was nothing like she had ever seen. Ceilings 12 story's high, with glass chandeliers hanging down as if they were snowflakes falling but stuck on a string. A man in a suit came and led her to a big door. It was bigger than she could ever imagine a door, made of marble. Tohru thought he was the richest man in the world. When she went in Chaarii was standing there waiting for her.

He led Tohru down into his secret lab. She had no idea what she was getting into. She thought that she was getting a Persicom. Not turned into one. He thought. "OK Tohru, you need to lay down here." He said. "Why?" Tohru asked confused. "Because we need to get into your brain to make your Persicom special for you." He said. She laid down fooled and arm, leg, and head braces locked on her, she was stuck.

At the house Kyo and Yuki are fighting again. "WELL MAYBE TOHRU SHOULD BE REPLACED FOR A PESICOM!" Yuki said as a comeback to Kyo's. Kyo had said that he wished someone named Machi was a Persicom. "PLUS WHO THE HECK IS MACHI?" He asked also. "I DON'T KNOW YOU DAMN RAT!" Kyo screamed back. Finally the fight was over with Kyo on the ground in the yard.

What's going on‽ (?) Tohru thought. She saw him coming towards her with a needle, then it went black.