One week

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"Hey! Jason? Care to tell me where to set this ship down?" Leo called from behind the ship's wheel. He had been pestering Jason with questions like that since Utah.

Jason, who had stopped answering them since Nevada, finally decided it was an actual question, not some attempt to annoy him.

"See that clearing? Near the tunnel? That works."

"Thanks!" replied Leo, who was becoming annoyingly chipper.

"Annabeth? Are you feeling okay?", Piper asked, approaching me.

She had a good reason to be concerned, I was holding the railing so tight, I was afraid it would break any second.

"I am feeling as alright as I can be. You?" I questioned.

Truth be told, I was worried for her. Her love interest for the last seven months or so, had his memories coming back a little at a time.

Nothing would be wrong, except for the fact that he remembered his relationship with this Renya girl, and it was evident he still nursed feelings for her.

Piper cast a sad look at Jason, who stood up on the Crows nest. "As fine as I will ever be." She said simply.

We stood together, just taking in the last moments of peace until Leo's shout of warning shattered it.

"Hey guys! We got company, and by the looks of it, its a whole slew of ticked off Romans and one confused Greek.", Leo announced.

I looked over the edge of the rail. He was right. Most likely the whole Legion camp came in attendance of our ship's landing. And, hopefully, Percy stood with them.

"I'm going to set her down gently- opps, sorry guys." Leo said as we hit the ground, hard.

Thanks to Leo's wonderful landing skills, we had to hope the Romans didn't see Jason, Piper and I pick our selves off the deck.

(Jason spent the time before we landed to climb down)

We slowly disembarked, lining up against the haul of The Argo II in respective order (Jason, me, Leo, then Piper).

After a uncomfortable silence, came a questioning voice from the front line. "Jason?" It was a tall, dark haired girl.

By the looks of her, she probably was a daughter of Apollo.

"Renya." Jason stated. Piper clenched her fists, looking ready to punch something. I sent her my best careful-its-first-impression-time look.

In response she unclenched her fists, though I could still tell she wanted to punch something. Most likely Renya.

"What are you doing with Greeks?" an angry question came from a short, burly, boy who could only be a son of Mars.

"All will be explained soon. But first, we should introduce ourselves. I take it you all know me." Jason spoke to the crowd.

My turn. "I am Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, and architect of Olympus."

Leo introduced himself "Leo Valdez, son of Hephaestus, fire user and awesome ship builder." Isn't he the cocky one.

"I am Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite and charm speaker" Piper finished.

"Nice to see that Hera's gamble hasn't killed us all yet." Said a wolf, who could only Lupa.

"Now, lets take this to the meeting room. Only leaders of their Legion are to come. That includes Perseus. And you, Greeks."

"We have come due to the next great prophesy. Gaea is rising, and we have a feeling she will stop at nothing to ensure herchildren, the Giants, take over the gods." Jason explained.

"We have built a the ship we arrived in for a couple of reasons I'll explain soon, but first, you need to introduce yourselves."

"I'm Renya. 2nd in command after you disappeared. Daughter of Apollo and healer." The dark haired girl introduced.

The boy who seemed to have a problem with Greeks stood up. "I'm Dakota. The Praetor of the 2nd legion, and son of Mars."

He sat down as another boy stood.

"Son of Mercury. Bobby's the name. Stealing is my game. I happen to be in charge of the 3rd Legion."

I reached in my pocket to make sure my hat was still there.

A petite, blond haired girl introduced herself as "Hazel. Daughter of T-tr- Trivia. That's, uh... that's, Hecate. Um, to you guys... so yeah."

She seemed to have trouble with speaking out loud.

Finally, the last girl stood. "I'm Gwen. Nice to meet you. Did you have a safe ride? What was I saying... oh yeah! Daughter of Ceres.

Or, Demeter. I run the 5th legion, and it appears Hazel forgot to say she is reliable for the 4th legion."

My gods, that girl talked a lot. As she sat down, I noticed she seemed to be staring at Percy. This was not good.

"I appears everyone knows everyone. Except Perseus. Care to Introduce yourself?" I noticed then she didn't speak, but had her own language with her movements.

"Um, sorry. I'm Perseus." The way he said it, you could tell he was sick of being called so. "Call me Percy. Please. I am the new/ temporary

praetor of the first Legion. And son of Poside- um, Neptune.

It felt so good and awful to see him again. By the looks of it, his memory hasn't come back completely, or even at all.

Jason continued the meeting, though I barely heard what they were discussing.

Gwen kept staring at Percy. I had a feeling she was crushing on him.

That will not do, I thought to myself.

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