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Chapter 3

Chelsea sighed as she climbed yet another flight of stairs, and walked down yet another row of doors. She was positive this was the building where Vaughn had once mentioned he lived. She just didn't have a clue which apartment in this building was his. So she'd been forced to walk up and down each floor in the building, glancing at the nameplate by each door, and hoping that she'd be able to find his before she passed out from fatigue.

Or before someone found her behavior suspicious and called the cops.

Still, it wasn't like she had any other choice. She was quite proud of herself for leaving the island...but the problem was, she hadn't thought about where she was going to stay once she was off the island. She had thought about staying in a hotel for a few nights, but had quickly found that city hotels were too expensive. The only other thing she could think to do was find her boyfriend-of-quite-a-few-months, Vaughn, and hope he'd let her stay with him for a few days...

She had to climb another flight of stairs, and walk to the very end of that hallway before she saw it. Vaughn's name, glittering on a shiny gold nameplate by a simple black door. She let out a sigh of relief, and raised a fist to knock.

Then she paused.

She'd set out for his apartment complex at four that afternoon. It had taken her three hours to find the place, and then she wasn't sure how many hours she'd spent trying to locate his exact door. She was sure it was quite late, though, and figured waking him up by knocking on his door in the middle of the night wouldn't help her cause any...

She sighed, dropping her rucksack and sitting down by his door. "Guess I'll have to wait a while..."


Vaughn let out an annoyed sigh as a very loud ringing sound started coming from somewhere on his right. He stuck a hand out from under his quilt and waved it around until it found his alarm clock, then picked the clock up and tossed it halfway across the room. It landed in a pile of clothes, slightly muffling the sound.

It figured. He hadn't been able to sleep all night, and just when he was finally about to drift off, it was time to get up. Cursing whoever had invented alarm clocks, he sat up and stretched, then glanced in the direction of his front door.

"Wonder if the newspaper came yet…"

He got out of his bed and pulled on his usual black shirt and pants, then walked to his door and opened it, glancing down.

Nope, his paper hadn't arrived yet.

But it appeared someone had delivered his girlfriend over night.

He blinked a few times, then pinched himself on the arm, then closed his door and opened it again. When he finally convinced himself that Chelsea wasn't a figment of his imagination, he prodded her sleeping body with his foot. "Hey. It's almost noon."

She opened her eyes and sat up, her hair sticking out every which way. "What!"

He smirked. "...Kidding. It's 9 a.m. Like your hair, by the way."

She jumped, looking totally shocked to see him standing there. "Oh! Vaughn! Y-you're awake! Um..." She started trying to smooth down her unruly hair. "I-it's nice to see you."

He raised an eyebrow at her. "You too. So what brings you here all of a sudden?"

She gave him an uneasy smile. "Er….I just felt like coming to visit you?"

"...Why does that sound more like a question than an answer?"

She sighed. "Okay, fine. Don't get mad, but I quit my job on the island."

"... Quit how?"

"I got ticked off with those people always taking advantage of me. So I packed my bag and left all my stupid farm tools in my house, and caught a boat off the island. And now here I am!"

Vaughn looked like he was full of a million questions he wanted to ask, and then all of a sudden a look of understanding came over his face. "Oh….I think I get it…."

She frowned. "What? Get what?"

He smirked. "…You lost another crop contest, didn't you?"

She turned red. "I….That's not….It's more than….!"

"Chelsea, you overreacted." He sighed and held out a hand to help her up. "And now you need somewhere to stay."

"…..Know it all…."

He smiled a little and led her inside his place. "You can stay here til Wednesday. Then you're gonna come back to the island with me.."

Her eyes grew wide. "No."



"..You need someplace to stay, right…?"

She sighed, sitting on a chair. "…I'll consider it."

He shook his head, smiling despite himself.

Chelsea and her ideas…..

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