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Ayana wasn't actually minding being with the team so much.

And then the door broke down, and Callie walked in holding a pistol.

Bill and Cameron went out to get her, as planned. The rest of the Angels burst out from behind the girls (and Gary and Rosen). Hayes grabbed Ayana and threw her at the nearest exit. They ran.

Brielle stood in the back waiting for when she was needed.

As it turns out, that was quickly. Nina was trying to fight, but with a tap from Brielle, she was sitting down, calm. Brielle tried to do the same to Gary, but it didn't work, probably for the same reason 'pushing' didn't. He fought like hell. Of course, it didn't do much.

But calming Nina calmed Brielle as well, so she stopped fighting. Romania was alone.

But she was always the best at functioning under pressure. She made Rachel see her parents rejecting her, and calling her a freak.

This was all in Rachel's mind. Gary wanted to help, but he couldn't really tell what he was helping from, so he got very confused.

Meanwhile, Callie was having the time of her life. Revised: The most painful time of her life.

Two shots to the chest, a couple to the legs, one to the shoulder. Now, out of ammo, Cam and Bill just threw stuff at her. She yawned.

Now, Cam was starting to realize she was actually an attractive woman. This slowed his arm down.

When the vending machine got thrown at her, she fell over. She hated those damn vending machines.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Bill ran over and stepped on her neck, hoping it would do something.


Romania was busy having fun at this time.

After she played out Rachel's rejection a few times, she tried it on Gary.

He flinched a couple times, but didn't react strongly.

Mania tried Nina. Showed her the ex she told to go kill himself. She screamed multiple times, before burying her head in her hands and sobbing.

And then Cam ran in.

"Why…?" Romania asked, before realizing she should just act.

She showed him Tyler dying, which made him break down.

Doing Rosen was pointless.

So she tried to make Gary snap.

She remembered that girl Hayes told her about. Anna or something.

And she showed Gary Anna.

His first reaction was disbelief.

"Hello, Gary." she said in her robot monotone.

"Anna.." he said.

Naturally, before she shot him.

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