Until the Day I Die—Drabble Series

"Until the day I die,

I'll spill my heart for you."

"Oh, Angleterre!" France grinned as England turned around.

"What, Frog?" The British gentleman raised his trademark eyebrows.

"Thank you, for today, mon ami," France winked. "You are so good to moi~!"

Rolling his green eyes, England muttered, "I don't know what nonsense you're on about, you wanker." Turning his back was a mistake. France quickly caught up, wrapping his arms around the smaller man from behind. England blushed, worried that someone might see them. "Gah! What are you doing? Let go, this is most undignified!"

"Hush," France smiled, breathing beside his ear, "let me hold you, mon chou."

Giving in with a grimace, shooting wary glances around the hall, England decided that if anyone caught them he would deny that he stood here willingly. France started kissing the back of his neck, however, and England bit back a groan. Those soft, seductive hands were sliding down his hips, making lust coil tightly in his core.

"That's enough!" England shoved France away, startling the pretty blond. "You will not publicly defile me!"

"Then let's do it privately," France's blue eyes flashed, "I must thank you for earlier, non?"

Fisting his messy hair, England growled, "Fine! Let's go to my place so I can make tea." Face lighting up with a bright beam, France nodded eagerly. England sighed; he always stood up for France during meetings, why should the blasted git show him gratitude? It was an expectation that he would defend France, nothing more.

But it made France smile.

And it made England feel needed.

"Until the day I die,

I'll spill my heart for you."