Until the Day I Die—Drabble Series

"My hands are at your throat,

And I think I hate you."

Fury heated dangerously in the British nation's gaze. The Frenchman had crossed a line. Gripping France's collar, England shouted, "Why do you always have to be such a bastard? It's starting to get old, France!" France tried laughing him off, swatting at his hand, but England was more enraged than normal. This time, he was livid. "Don't you dare laugh!" Knuckles white as he tightened his fists, England slammed France into a wall. "I've had enough!"

Fear trickled into the Frenchman's gaze as his body rebounded sharply.

Around the room, nations fidgeted, uncomfortable. Usually there was a little throttling and it was over, but this aggression threatened annihilation. No one dared speak. Laughter died upon France's lips which quivered apprehensively.

"H-hey! Dude, calm down," America laughed meekly, starting to stand.

"How can you expect me to calm down?" England snapped. "Look at what he did!"

Ripping his shirt aside, the Brit revealed a bandage; needless to say, being backstabbed had done its damage. France ashamedly lowered his eyes. America shrank back, not daring to interfere a second time. England turned his wrathful glower upon the Frenchman. Slowly, France looked up with a mild smile. "Do you hate me, mon ami?"

Disgusted, England jerked France forward and put his lips against his ear, hissing, "Yeah. I do hate you. You sicken me."

"But still we'll say, "remember when",

Just like we always do."

France trembled, but his heart was unwavering. "Je suis désolé, Angleterre."

England started to shake, voice becoming quieter. "Like hell you are!"

Emeralds locked with sapphires. There was sincerity in the woeful eyes of Britain's foe. Stare expanding in disbelief, England released France with a hard shove and stormed out of the room. Why did the blasted pillock do this to him? He played with his heart too carelessly, time and time again. Angrily erasing tears that formed in the corners of his eyes, England choked on a sob.

They always did this.

They always reconciled.

Upon reentering the room, England refused to look at France. Taking his seat with disdain, the Englishman stewed in silence. Unable to help himself, the Frenchman started casting him apologetic glances. England didn't look up until he heard Germany begin bellowing at France in an atrocious manner. The green-eyed man could only take so much yelling.

"For crying out loud, Germany! Would you mind belting up?" England snarled.

The German stopped, shocked. France accepted the defense as an apology.

"We made the same mistakes,

Mistakes like friends do."