Omake: A Half-right Comparison

Ichigo was exhausted, confused and utterly embarrassed. Today had him running away from fangirls, endure teasing from his mom AND dad, trying his damndest not to interfere with Orihime's Shinigami duties and avoiding suspicion. Not to mention the evil eye Ishida's been giving him. It's SCARY how much Ishida seemed to hate him this time around, when they were more or less very friendly rivals to each other last time he lived this life.

Well, technically, it was dimensional travel, but it's a bit confusing either way.

The fact that this was a Saturday, meaning classes are only half-day today made it a HUGE relief. It meant he has the rest of the day off to do whatever he wanted. Which meant either killing Hollows too strong for Orihime, or just relaxing at home.


Ichigo turned around and spotted Keigo, who was sporting a huge grin on his face. The fact that this grin looked like he found out something... troublesome... made Ichigo more than a little nervous. He forced himself to calm down, reminding himself that Keigo still probably couldn't see spirits and that he's done a pretty good job at covering his tracks. Then he saw Keigo carrying a sheet of paper that looked like it had a picture printed on it.



"Hey Ichigo! I was gonna show you this today at lunch, but I couldn't find you! I woulda missed you if those girls didn't tell me you were leaving already!"

Ichigo arranged his face into a neutral, bored expression and forced out a calm "What is it?"

Keigo gleefully handed the picture at Ichigo. Ichigo tried to act as calm as he could, and was surprised that all it contained was a picture of a game character Keigo sometimes babbled about, a man with a red coat, a huge sword, and a cocky grin. Then he realized something: the character's usually white hair was edited into a brilliant orange almost the same shade as his hair.

Then it hit him.

"What do you think? It hit me when I was playing DMC last night! You have the exact same hairstyle as Dante now!"

Ichigo was flabbergasted at the resemblance. All he managed out was a simple "Wha...?"

Keigo was now in full out Fanboy Mode.

"I KNOW right? I was all 'HOLY SHIT ICHIGO' last night when the screen zoomed in on Dante's face in a cutscene! I mean, right now you have almost the same build and hairstyle as him! Even your face shape is kind of similar! I mean COME ON! I CAN'T BELIEVE I missed this when I first saw you like that! OF COURSE, you'd turn into a chick-magnet, you just freaking turned into Dante, only with red hair!"

Ichigo now resembled a gaping fish at this point in Keigo's rant, but his friend wasn't done yet. He then dropped what was probably the thing that pushed Ichigo to the edge:

"Hell, just give yourself a red coat, crazy mad demon skills, a scary awesome monster form, and a HUGE sword and you're all set!"

Ichigo chocked when he realized that Keigo was RIGHT. If he replaced 'red coat' with 'black hakama', and 'demon' with "Hollow'...

Keigo now had the biggest shit eating grin he ever had. "What's the matter, Ichigo? Don't tell me you also have an evil twin that's your exact opposite~?"

Ichigo just stared at Keigo with an incredulous expression on his face. He was right about nearly everything in Ichigo's 'secret' life and he didn't even know it!

The fact that his Hollow was laughing his ass off at the 'evil twin' bit just drove the point home deeper.

He thought to himself, "What kind of crazy person would DO THIS to ME? It's like they ripped my life off from a game or manga or something!"

Somewhere in another dimension, a Japanese man sneezed, spilling ink all over a half-finished page of the manga he was working with. His swearing filled the room, his rage apparent at probably missing his deadline for his publisher. That page took him too long damnit, now he has to do it AGAIN!

A few thousand miles away from him, several people sneezed, shrugged, and continued typing away at their computers, hoping to finish their fanfiction chapters before the end of the day.



Author's Note:

Cef: *giggle* Please don't tell me that no one else thought that Ichigo looked like Dante after his training! I mean, JUST LOOK AT HIM! *drags Dante into view, tugging his pretty, pretty hair* THEY HAVE THE SAME HAIRSTYLE!

Dante: WTF? Get OFF ME!


MINEMNEMINEMI-*gets tranq'd*

Coldman9: *is holding the tranq gun* Sorry about that, guys. She gets a little too hyper around Dante. And most other badass men. Oh, and you can leave now Dante. Make sure to get rid of her 'BishieTracker9000' before you go, alright?

Dante: Sure thing. I do NOT want to know where she got that, and who else she jumps when she's bored...

Coldman9: Trust me, you really don't... You'll be doing a favor to the world once that thing's GONE. Also, if any of you have some funny ideas or omakes you think would be nice to put up, I certainly wouldn't mind. Please send all omakes/randon tidbits/whatever to my Coldman9 account for review. Thanks.