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Ichigo froze mid step and couldn't help the feeling of utter shock and horror that zipped up his spine. The sound of the Garganta behind him and the wave of that familiar dark and crushing reiatsu made even his inner hollow's mind real and turn. Slowly Ichigo turned, a cold sweat already falling from his brow. His hand went to his pocket, but he knew the object he was looking for was missing; that key to his shinigami form was sitting on his night stand. Ichigo's brows furrowed and his eyes twitched when he locked eyes with an eerie green pair.


"How odd." The pale arroncar spoke in a monotonic voice; his hands situated in his pockets like Ichigo always remembered him doing. "We have never met, and yet you know my name. The look on your face even leads me to believe you have seen me before." Ulquiorra slow walk came to a stop just a mere few feet away from the orange haired vizard.

"What are you doing here?" Ichigo growled, as he closed his hand into a tight fist, piercing his palm with the force.

"I have come to take you with me Kurosaki Ichigo."

Ichigo flinched in utter shock. His eyes widened and his heart stopped. "To what?"

"Silence." He stepped forward again. "The next words from your mouth will be 'Yes.' or it will mean death. Not for you, but for the people you hold most dear." Behind the chillingly calm man; no monster, the Garganta opened again to create multiple screens. The images made Ichigo's blood run cold. His parents tucking his two little sisters in for the night. Orihime sleeping soundly on a futon in Urahara's shop, still resting from her fight with her inner hollow. Ishida, Tatsuki, Chad. There was a screen for each of them.

"You will come with me or they will-"

"No." Ichigo growled out. He stared into the creature that ended his life twice with all of the anger and power he could muster without exposing his inner hollows matching contempt and anger. "If you go anywhere near them I swear, I will end your life."

"Oh?" Ulquiorra's emotionless face lit up in confusion for a fraction of a second before going back to the same emotionless state. "And you believe you can stop me?"

"I know I can."

"You are a mere human, the weakest of Inoue Orihime's friends. You have barely any reiatsu, and you believe you can fight and defeat me?"

"I will defeat you if you go near any of them."

"You have twenty four hours Kurosaki Ichigo. At the end of that time you will come willingly or you will come by force." The Garganta opened and the arroncar took a step backwards into the opening. "If you continue to show resistance, I will show you how useless you are. I will begin the demonstration with your bloodline." Ichigo, lightly scoffed as his body tensed once again. Ulquiorra tossed a bracelet at Ichigo's feet. "Wear it, and return in twenty four hours." The Garganta closed and Ichigo cursed.


[Ichigo version]

Ichigo stretched and yawned. It was too early for him to be up. He knew it, but he knew something else too. It was ever present by the reiatsu that surrounded him and was soaked into his clothes and every inch of the small apartment he now shared with Rukia and Orihime. The fact was clear. He had to beat the girls to the shower, otherwise, he would end up with a waterfall of ice instead of the nice heat his muscles needed and had grown accustomed to. That was definitely not happening again.

He shuffled down the hall way, dragging his towel behind him as he chewed on his toothbrush. He could tell that summoning Zangetsu and his hollow everyday was starting to make them progressively tired as well. After all, his hollow was quiet and he had already been up for a good ten minutes.

"Maybe I should take a break today..." He mumbled to no one as he reached of the knob to the bathroom door. His eyes missed the light coming from under the door, and the click of the broken lock the land lord still hadn't gotten around to fixing yet. He didn't miss the view in the bathroom though. Even after he yelled and heard an echoed scream, even once the door was slammed and closed against his back, he still saw the wet skin of Inoue Orihime imprinted into his mind.

"Now I'm up." his hollow finally spoke, the inner voice sounding strained, like he was also trying to process what just happened.

Ichigo slammed his eyes closed tightly, but her wet body, covered in only a low hanging towel, was burned onto his eyelids. "Shut up." He quietly snapped, trying to pry the vision out.

"We should go back in and..." The hollow smiled and Ichigo's brain derailed. Why did they have to share the same mind? "See if she's scared. We can comfort her." Comfort was the last thing on his hollows mind and it disgusted him that he knew exactly what was on his hollows twisted mind.

"Didn't I tell you to shut up?"

"Since when do I listen?" The hollow laughed enjoying the show as much as he was enjoying the king's flustered actions and thoughts.

"I'm gonna die if I live here any longer."

"Why? With naked babes everywhere, we're already in Heaven."

"What is wrong with you Ichigo?" Rukia stood beside him, her hair flying in every direction possible. Her pajamas, hand-me-downs from Orihime's younger years, still hung her body like they were four sizes larger. Ichigo's back straightened and his face turned strawberry red.


"You tell her and we sleep on the street for a month."

"Nothing!" Ichigo snapped, his spine still as straight as a board. "Just... thinking."

"Thinking? Out here in the hallway?" Rukia raised a brow and crossed her arms. "What could you possibly be thinking about?"

Ichigo slumped forward and walked back to his room. "About where the closest hardware store is." Ichigo mumbled to himself before he slammed his door and crashed against it. He left Rukia where she was with a small black eyebrow raised.

"Hardware store?"

"Ru-Rukia?" Orihime's meek voice chirped from behind the door to the bathroom. "I-is K-Kurosaki-kun gone?"

Ichigo flinched at the boom of Rukia's laughter and the dread of the inevitable hazing set in.

"Damn it..." Ichigo grumbled and hit his head against the door.

"You know king, if we had gone back in there, I doubt she would have been laughing at what she-"

"Don't put thoughts like that into my head damnit! Inoue is... I don't... Gah, just stop!"

"Think what you want king, I know what I'll be thinking about all day."

"Yeah." Ichigo huffed, knowing he would probably being thinking something of the same. "That's why we're gonna go buy some locks."


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