Looking at herself in the mirror the only thing Emilie could suppose was that it was only natural that her appearance would have to change this drastically as her life had, there was no kidding. Her life would probably never be the same ever again, and it had all gone so quick. Honestly, looking at herself, and her reflection.. Emilie would never have guessed it was herself she was looking at.

Only one and a half hour after Harvey's little announcement outside of the hospital, it had become head line title at every news station in all of america. It had not taken more than a night for some news reporter to dig up all of Emilie's story, which apparently was so interesting that now her face as well was to be seen every-where, from the fact that she had ones been on a drug re-rehabilitation centre, to the fact that her favourite teddy bear was called Bobo, and it was the only item she had taking with her the day she ran away from home as a thirteen year old..

Emilie, had become a practical woman, it was her way of surviving, straight on business, face it, fight it, and move further, years of hardship had made her rough and tough, a rock as Harvey so happily liked to call her. She didn't want to sell out or be pretty any-more, which was why she used to wear so practical things as jeans and shirts, and then her guard uniform, having her hair cut short by a random hair dresser, and then keeping it short herself ones in a while by just cutting it manually ones every fourth or fifth month. She was not a beautiful woman, never had been and quite frankly, after being through so much and having being spit so much on being little more than a slut, she had felt no need to be.

But she had to admit, as strange as this new appearance was, she felt smart and worthwhile though out of place and kind of lying to the surroundings. The woman Bruce knew truly had been beyond excited to help, treating Emilie as if she was a dress up doll of some sort. And in all of that heist Emilie had never caught the woman's name as she had acquired a whole new wardrobe and make-up purse.

She was no wearing a very smart dark red skirt and a matching little jacket over a dark green silk shirt with a green hand bag over her shoulder, heavied down by all of the papers, it was more colours than she was used to and swallowing Emilie glanced at her closet to look at all of the bright colors clashing against each other she really had been supposed to wear.. She just couldn't, there was no way she was ever going to wear any of those pastels or even worse, the bright blue and scarlet red.

Looking back in the mirror her hair had become much smarter, it even had high lights, and she was also supposed to always wear make-up now, eyeliner, mascara and powder by the very least.

She had been quit from Arkham Asylum the morning after the hospital incident, not exactly fired but.. no it was being fired all right, it was a job change over night.

The worst part had to be the press and questions though, they were every-where! People on the street would recognize her at ones and stop her, many spit insults at her that Two-face was and always would be a monster who shouldn't be allowed to ever go free and she would have to be a monster as well to support him like that.

She was all ready looking for a new apartment, the place she lived was very cheap and unprotected, the moment she stepped outside looking all smart and important, she was attacked from all sides.

It was December th 27, but it felt like so much longer all ready. Emilie had most literately just been sleeping Christmas day away, thank full that it was a good excuse not to bother with anything, and thankful she had no family to disappoint, but that didn't hold up any-more, today was the the day, a day between new year and Christmas where Harvey dent would make his statement on full television, in the afternoon of cause, it was morning and Emilie had just made herself ready so she could run out of the door and hurry to the better end of town, to Harvey Dent's dusty apartment, almost running through the dirty streets, trying to ignore the passing comments, then being squeezed inside of the subway where and old lady managed to turn around and say. "You're that woman from the news! That street kind who's taken advantage of a mentally ill man."

"I'm not.." Emilie began but then gave up right away, what was the use? She hadn't even had her chance to prove anything yet.

She was sorting through all of her papers as she stood in front of Harvey's door knocking and was quick enough let into the neat apartment. "Do you fell ready for this?" Emilie asked sorting through the massive stack of parchments in her arms.

"not really." Harvey admitted walking back and ford in front of the window, continuing to touch his ear all the time, he really should do something about that habit of his!

"You want to go through the speech again?" Emilie asked finding the right paper. "Remember we are going to try and be as short as possible, get in, smile, deliver the speech and get out again."

"You think the Speech is all right?" Harvey asked pulling in his collar.

"You know I think it's brilliant." Emilie told. "The entire world will be watching, undoubtly there will be people not believing, but I am inspired."

"Your sure?" Harvey asked. "That they wont.. see."

"Mr. Dent, looking at you I don't see Two-face." Emilie assured. "You look very handsome and smart, as you should be, as you're supposed to be, you look like the man who turned up at my hospital bed without knowing who I was, but helped me regardless." She stepped up in front of him reaching for the tie to fix it probably. "I just hope you know you are not the that same man, you have had the lessons few had, and overcame then, you know how it is about bones right?" she asked making the last fix.

"What about them?" Harvey asked.

"You can't ever break a bone the same place twice." Emilie told in a assuring smile. "You break it one place and it mends, suddenly the bone is hard as titanium and it's impossible to break it that same place again."

"A shame you have a thousand other places on bones to break?" Harvey pointed out amused.

"Yeah, but then you know how to deal with it." Emilie smirked giving his shoulder a firm clap. "So." She sat down on the couch. "Lets make another walk through." She stated pulling up the papers. "And the answers we decided on will be standard answers to the press, nothing else will be said."

"Right." Harvey nodded.

"And.." Emilie lingered. "Just be yourself, you are a very charming man you know, that will make it all right."

"Thank you." Harvey amused shook his head. "You to, be yourself and you'll be all right, Remember that Emilie."

"I try.." Emilie defeated sighed. "But, this is actually hard."

"Instincts Emilie, go with your instincts, you'll be fine, I know you will."

Emilie couldn't help but shake her head of all the faith given to her, smiling hopelessly before she cleared her throat. "So!" she said. "A walk through!"

Emilie's heart was up her throat as she sat back in the car beside Harvey on their way to the middle of the city, all ready people were flocking outside cameras blinking as if the fireworks had started a couple of days early, the noise.. people yelling, Emilie felt trapped and completely out of place all ready, and ones again it started hitting her, she was in an insane place? What was she even doing! This was moronic, it was stupid! Sooner and later she was bound to screw up! What on earth could she possible bring other people with more experiences couldn't? Nothing! That's what!

"Hey." Harvey spook softly. "Breath, it's all right."

Shakingly Emilie took a breath. "I worked with the worlds most dangerous insane criminals, I hit the joker three times in the face, I've been one of the lowest lifes in gotham never knowing where the next meal came from, facing men, gangs, much bigger than me, people not afraid of taking advantages, and I have never been this scared just ones in all of my life."

"Look at you." Harvey looked at her. "All that, and now you are a sophisticated real lady, I'm so proud of you, even if this goes wrong, I know I did something good, just one thing, go out there, shine."

Emilie was lost for word as she looked at Harvey.

"Do that for me wont you?" Harvey asked. "No matter what happens, what happens with me, you'll shine and continue shining."

"I.. I.." Emilie swallowed. "I'll do my best."

And suddenly she realized the car had stopped, and a servant came and opened the door in Harvey's side. "Show time." Harvey pronounced. "Break a leg." He whisered stepping out.

"Break a leg." Emilie whispered following him and was met with the ocean of camera blitzes and people who came to see.

Harvey stood straight as he walked, smiling and waving, Emilie how-ever walked a bit more hunched trying to avoid all of the attention, happy she wasn't as interesting as Harvey Dent at current time, he was the centre piece, the minutes long walk felt like eternity and it didn't help that Harvey actually stopped to talk to people, an old lady was kindly addressing him.

"I'm so happy to see you on the right track." She spoke to him. "You were the best of the high profiles before, you I could trust."

"Well, I certainly hope I can earn that trust back." Harvey told shaking the ladies hand.

"Hey!" a younger voice called. "Hey! Kerrigan!" confused Emilie looked around and pointed at herself, until she at last found the young woman, around her own age, who had been shout at midst the crow, surprised some one wanted to talk to her Emile walked over there.

"Yeas?" she asked nervously as she looked at the brown haired woman.

"You're like me!" the woman grinned. "You're from the streets right."

"I grew up in the slum, yeas." Emile nodded. "That's hardly a secret any longer, I'm even a former law offender, not proud of that but I am hoping to make up for it."

"All right! Show those politicians how it is at the bottom! They know jack shit, tell them all ready!" the woman said. "They think their oh so important and smart, they never even tried! Just wanted to say, you're the man! You're awesome!"

"Thank you." Emilie barely whispered. "I know it's hard, but any-one helping setting an example is helpful, we can get out of criminality, by fighting for ourselves! Anything is better than keeping on stealing."

"True." The woman nodded. "I began working as a servant on a restaurant a couple of years ago as I came off drugs, and finally the owner chose to open a café as well, and you know what happened, I'm in charge of the café."

"Amazing!" Emilie responded with genuine enthusiasm. "What's the name of that? I'll come for a cup of coffee on day."

"Hey, that cup will be on the house." The woman nodded. "It's called Picasso's corner, right in eastern district."

"So happy to meet you!" Emilie grinned shaking the womans hand. "I'll come one day for sure, keep up the work and example."

"You to." The woman nodded as Emilie let go and continued, she even had to speed a bit up to capture up with Harvey.

"See, that wasn't to difficult." Harvey whispered. "Just be yourself."

Again Emilie was left to take a deep breath.

"Hey Two-face!" a man suddenly yelled on top of his lungs. "You bastard! Go back to jail where you belong you prick!"

Harvey and Emilie looked in the direction.

"That's right! Look at me!" the man yelled. "Oh you fucking asshole! How can you people just let him work there? He's a fucking criminal!"

At ones Emilie's instincts kicked in and she was just about to take a step in his direction to tell him to scram.

"Hold it." Harvey grabbed her shoulder. "You are a political assistant now, it's not your job to put offenders in place."

"But?" Emilie looked up at Harvey.

"What-ever you do now, it will end up in the news." Harvey told. "Look at the situation you are in, there are police every-where, let them handle it, think before you go to actions now, this is important, you need to think of your image, all the time."

"My image.." Emilie swallowed and glanced up at the man who now true enough was overrun by the police while still yelling.

"Bastard! Come and face me you fucking ass hole! You know what he did!" the man yelled. "There's no excuses for that."

Harvey sighed as he actually walked towards the man, several cameras pointed towards him. "No." he spoke clearly so both the cameras and the man could hear. "There are no excuses great enough, grant enough." He stated. "I have sworn to spend the rest of my life, from this day, to try and make it up to the people of Gotham, all though I don't expect it's possible, I don't expect forgiveness, I don't deserve forgiveness, but I hope somehow, someday I will." He looked at the young man. "What ever I did to you, what I had to do with what happened to you, no words can't describe how sorry I am."

The young man did his best to spit in Harveys direction. "Typically politiciens, the lot! Knows of all of the fancy words!"

"Then listen to me." Emilie stepped ford. "I'm not a politician, I never done anything like politics, you must have heard from the news, I'm used to be a prison guard, Harvey honestly wants to make up for all his done, and we are planning a completely different approach now, instead of huge fancy money deliveries, we want to set up small shelters, places where people like you can go for what-ever reason and get help to move on with your life, without having to resort to petty thief, without giving people as Thorne and his like more henchmen under him, we want to help you before it gets that far."

The man silenced and looked at Emilie with a weird look.

"We need help." Emilie told. "Every tiny bit we can master, this fame is a blessing we are going to use to get that help, here." She reached the man a card. "You can help to, by helping people who is in the same position as you."

"You're asking my help?" the man asked in utter disbelief.

"Please." Emilie sighed. "You are looking at the two biggest low life's in Gotham, which is in general a dirty place, whom just got lucky, we'll ask any-ones help, we are not that fancy."

And the every-ones surprise the man actually took the card. "I'll give it a call." He murmured to a suddenly ovation from the people around people clapping their hands and even whistling.

Harvey laying a friendly arm around Emilie and then drew her in in a teasing manner. "My right hand woman!" Harvey stated proudly to the press as he finally let go. "Taught her everything she knows!"

"Don't fell to proud!" Emilie pushed Harvey also in a teasing manner. "Life experience is not something you are taught by one person, it's something you gain!"

"Miss Kerrigan!" a reporter shouted. "Will you call you and Mr. Dent close friends?" she asked.

"I will call it we are two professionals who can trust each other." Emilie told looking directly into camera. "I've been allowed to lean against Harvey for all of this time, and I couldn't have gone through it without him."

"And that is a feeling mutual." Harvey added laying an arm around Kerrigans shoulder. "Emilie is a very kind giving honest person, and strong, not all is so strong that a person like me can lean that heavily upon her, teaching Emilie was the best time in Arkham, a time that made me worthwhile again."

"So what would you call your relationship?" the reporter asked. "That of two best friends, two colleagues? Two wounded souls having healed each other and became buddies, A captain and a first officer? perhaps you fell like a married couple sometimes?"

"Well to be honest." Harvey bowed down. "A bit of everything, the woman is the one keeping on sending me to bed on time and point it out if I just happened to not having eaten yet, as if I am going to die from it." He told in a secretive tone, making all the listeners laugh amused and Emilie blush.

"Come on Emilie." Harvey came back to her and pushed her ford. "We'll better move on, and really good job on that one, you're doing amazing."

Emilie couldn't answer at the moment she was completely red in her head as if she was first realizing now what was happening.

Finally they reached the tribune, where a couple of policemen, including the inspector Gordon was sitting keeping an eye out, and Bruce Wayne, a contributor all ready sat smiling.

Hesitating Harvey swallowed and then walked over to Gordon. "Commisioner.." he hesitated nervously.

"Mr. Dent." Gordon rose up. "Glad to see you're up and running again."

"Commissioner, I understand if you're ill at ease, you don't have to pretend." Harvey told honestly. "I remember our last encounter as well as I bet you do."

"All right, I am both nervous and suspicious." Gordon told. "But as long as I don't have any reason to believe otherwise, I'm ready to give you the benefit of doubt, and I try to work with you, I remember our working relationship to be most excellent before that tragic accident, and I was genuinely happily surprised when I saw in the news you were recovering." He kept out the hand. "So lets be hopeful just this ones in this city, I mean what is the use if we can't hope? Then we all ready lost the fight."

Finally Harvey grabbed the hand, and even did so firmly and with a great smile on his face. "Indeed." He said. "I'll do all what I can to bring some hope here."

"And Emilie Kerrigan isn't it?" Gordon turned to Emilie as Harvey went over the exchange a few words with Wayne. "Congratulation with the big break."

"Thank you commissioner." Emilie shook his head. "It's an honour to meet you."

"I'm sure we are going to meet again and work together at some point." Gordon told. "I hope you are of strong material, most people could break under the pressure in that line of work, and when everything you do is marked by him." He hinted at Harvey. "He must have seen something big in you."

"I honestly don't know how it started." Emelie told. "And thank you, all I can do is doing my best."

"Remember." Gordon told. "If there is any trouble, any what-so ever, then it's very much my job to sort it out, don't hesitate to contact us, give the station your name and you have special clearance."

"Really?" Emilie asked.

"You are an person of importance now, it's how it works." Gordon told. "I all ready told my people about you, you are in a tight spot I hope you realize that, we have our eyes on you two, constantly, and I hope you especially can work with us on this."

"Oh." Emilie realized. "You don't really trust us.." and it was way more of a defeated statement than a question.

"Anything could happen, that's all I know." Gordon told gravely. "And I am just trying to do my job of keeping the city some-what orderly."

"I can see that, and I am grateful to." Emilie assured before she sighed. "I hope we can learn to trust each other commissioner, I really do. It can't be easy being a police officer in this town, the crooks actually outnumbers the police force."

"True." Gordon told. "It was good to finally meet you Miss Kerrigan."

"Likewise." Emilie nodded and they both turned to the tribute where the mayor was holding a speech.

"And may I say what a delight it is, to this time of miracles to bring a real miracle on stage." The Mayor told. "A proof that there is indeed a way out of criminality and insanity, a way that doesn't include death, let this be an inspiration, my I present. Harvey Dent!"

And he stepped aside to let Harvey step up to the big ovation.

"Thank you." Harvey tried to call them down. "Thank you." He repeated and at last there was quieted enough down from him to talk. "Miracle yeas, it seems like it doesn't it?" he asked. "But the thing people don't really realize about miracles is that they take hard and long work, Rom wasn't build in one day, the pyramids did not fall from the sky, no. It took long and hard work, determination and tears to make such miracles happen, but miracles they are still." He told. "This is a miracle to, for me to stand here now, talking to all of you, and I believe, I believe this city is the one place in the world, needing a miracle the hardest." He had to keep quiet for a while to let the ovation calm down. "As I know discovered what it took to create a miracle for myself, I am willing, no, happy to give three times as much to create a miracle for the city." And ones again the crowd went wild.

"Gotham needs cleaning up!" Harvey stated. "But I realize now, we are doing it wrong! We first go to the problems when it's obvious! First captures the thief's after they stole and cheated for years, well I say. The thief's are victims as well! We should have stopped them from becoming thief's in the first place! Help the poor, help does in need before they get desperate, before they need to join a gang or rub a store, and then help them! Help them make a life for themselves!"

And the crowds went wild, cheering and yelling in delight, ones again Harvey had to make them calm down.

"This may sound easy, but it wont be, any support I can have will be more than deeply appreciated, you know my cause now, a real cause. You all heard of Emilie Kerrigan standing down there next to the commissioner, she's my proof, my proof that it can be done! A woman from the slumps, who clawed her way out, she was given nothing and made everything of it, the American dream lives, if we help it! I always had the money, education and friends, in big places, she had nothing, and we both made it. Let that stand as proof! Proof of miracles, of hope! That if we all do our bit, the city can be better! One day you will be able to life in a place that's safe, you're children shouldn't need to be afraid, ever, and your children's children, will never believe that Gotham ones were in a state it is in now. I promise you, that is my goal! That is my fight! Perhaps Two-face happened for a reason, perhaps me living that life taught me the lesson of what needs to be done about it. And all I can do now, is to beg of your help, I can't do it alone, and I don't deserve help, yet I ask for it any-way, beg for it. Because even though I do not deserve it, the city does! Let this next year be a year to remember, a year that starts the change, Thank you all for coming."

And as he made his bow, ones again the crowd erupted in ovation and cheering, Harvey smiling as he stepped down and Gordon, Bruce and Kerrigan stood side by side clapping as well.

"Any-one fell for a drink?" Harvey asked. "It's on me."

"As nice as it sounds I'm on duty." Gordon told a little roughly. "But if you do what you just said, I'll be happy to another time." Gordon nodded.

"Of cause I will." Bruce told. "But lets see if we can actually manage to find a little place some-where people wont notice us."

Emilie nodded. "I need a drink to." She confessed. "Badly." And suddenly she caught something out of her age, a round pretty face framed in long blond hair, Emilie blinked and regretted it immediately as the face was gone in and instance. Emilie's head snapped towards Harvey and Bruce. "Could you excuse me for a second?" she asked. "I'll be right back." She started going. "Don't go without me!" she called over the shoulder and started running pushing herself through the crowds and was very quickly out of sight, she had to stop up and look around and finally saw a long blond hair. "HEY!" she yelled. "HEY YOU!" she ran in direction of the blond hair. "Stop! I just want to talk to you! GRACE!"

Surprised the blond stopped and turned around, there she was.. Grace. "You followed me?" she asked and then looked behind Emilie. "And told Harvey."

"No no." Emilie shook her head. "Harvey doesn't know at all, I just excused myself." She told as she gaped for air. "Sorry, but I just needed to try and talk to you."

"Why?" Grace asked surprised.

"You still mean so much to Harvey." Emilie told. "When he's scared, he calls for you, and often he talks about you, how nice you are, you must be very special, I just… I couldn't wait up for an opportunity to see for myself." She shook her head. "I don't ask you to talk to him or get back with him.. I just.. I just wanted to say hallo."

Grace blinked, and then she amused shook her head and walked closer. "Hallo." She greeted offering a hand. "I actually wanted to see you to, and thank you."

"For what?" Emilie asked surprised shaking Grace's hand.

"For taking care of Harvey." Grace told. "He was always a good man, but couldn't handle the pressure, it became to much, he needs to be taken care of."

"I'm sure you couldn't." Emilie told honestly.

Surprised Grace looked at her. "You make it sound like I gave up."

"Oh, I didn't mean.. I didn't mean to insult you!" Emilie flustered. "Harvey made you sound very sweet, and it's not your fault you couldn't.."

"Harvey left me." Grace cut in. "I would have stayed, helped him, what-ever it took, but he said to me he didn't want to ruin my life any further, that I shouldn't pay, and after that I wasn't allowed into the asylum, because he didn't want to see me, and he didn't search me out after that."

"Oh." Emilie realized. "That really is so like him, I can see that happening. I'm really sorry.. "

"Don't be." Grace told. "I owe you, what about having dinner a day?" she asked. "You can tell me how Harvey is and I can tell stories of before the accident."

"I would love to!" Emilie exclaimed. "Honestly, it's so good to talk to you, I hope we can be friends."

"Trust me." Grace spoke. "We all ready are, if you ever need anything, I would love to help, anything to help Harvey, without him knowing it was me, that would upset him."

"Sure." Emilie nodded. "How are you now?" she asked.

"I moved on." Grace told honestly. "I have a fiancé." She lifted her hand to showcase the finger ring. "A lovely man, I love him very much, and he helped me through it all. I will always love Harvey, but he really did leave me, and I just had to move on."

"I don't think he would have wanted it any other way." Emilie told honestly. "And you really must excuse me, both him and Bruce Wayne is waiting up for me, here's me card." She quickly stuffed it into Grace's hand. "Again, so happy to meet you in person, give me a call!" and she turned around to run back among the crowds back to Harvey and Bruce Wayne.