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Calm After the Storm.

Harry crouched in front of Ruth as her eyes began to focus. She was paler than he had ever seen and he couldn't help the fear that shot through him. Ruth opened her eyes slightly as he touched her hair.


"He's the one."

"Yes." Harry answered quietly. "We know. Adam and Zaf arrested a would be bomber. You stopped World War 3. Are you ok?"

"I fainted."

"Yeah." Alec crouched the other side of her. "We noticed." Harry shot him a look that told him to keep quiet.

"Ruth? Can you get up?"

"I think so." She let Harry help her to her feet as she realised he was moving a little slower than usual. The dust and debris still hung to his shirt and jacket. She felt sick as she remembered the way the CCTV cameras had blinked off. She had really believed she had messed up and her friends had been killed. Harry, Beth and Ros had died in front of her and there had been nothing she could have done about it.

"Ruth." He frowned as she flinched away from his grasp. Her arm still sore from when Lucas had grabbed her. She smiled slightly as she saw the confusion cross his face.

"I'm ok, the cameras went off." She stared at him as he worked out what she was implying. "Beth? Ros?"

"Beth is talking to Tariq. Dimitri has spoken to her. Ros is currently terrifying the Home Secretary. Put it this way, we have no real evidence to link him to all this but he may soon find it in his best interest to stand down." He smiled as Alec shook his head.

"The old spending more time with his family routine."

"It's worked before Alec." Harry smirked. "It's for the best." Alec rolled his eyes as he stepped back from the couple, relieved that some colour had returned to Ruth's cheeks. He turned his attention to the man still struggling with Lucas and Stan. Stan was clearly getting very annoyed with the thick set middle aged man.

"You want me to do anything with him?"

"Wait one second." Harry stated calmly as he heard the doors open behind him. Ros nodded once to Lucas before walking across to the man in front of Harry.

"Let me go!" Folmer screamed as Ros glared at him, a sly smile crept across her face.

"Now that's not going to happen." She glared as he met her eyes. "Leon Folmer you have been arrested under the 2008 Anti Terrorism Act. You have the right to remain silent. And I sorely wish you would."

Ruth smirked as Ros spoke. It was over. The Royal Ball, the Presidential Visit, Elena it was all over. She rested her head back against the cool wall as the relief flooded through her.


"Thank you." Harry stated calmly as he placed his phone back on the desk. He was exhausted. It had been six hours since the op had been finally completed but he was still worried about the loose ends. It seemed that Elena had decided to remain silent as had Sasha. He shook his head, knowing he would have to wait for the DNA test to come back. It had been the only part of the whole process Sasha had been completely co operative with. He felt genuinely sorry for the young man. He had been grief stricken when he had found out about Ilya's murder but there was also the need to know his genetics. He had wanted to know if Harry was his natural father. For a moment Harry wished he wasn't. That it had been Ilya, more for Sasha's sake than anything else.

"Harry." He looked up as he heard his wife say his name.


"Long day." She sat next to him as he nodded. His tie hanging loose around his neck. She smiled slightly as she took his hand in hers.

"What did Mike say?"

"That I'm to consider not going out into the field until after the baby is born."

"Ever again if I had my way." Harry spoke to the desk, he could sense Ruth rolling her eyes.

"And that I fainted because unlike some pregnant women I have low blood pressure." She sighed. "Not necessarily harmful but I need to keep an eye on it."

"How's the arm?"

"Don't beat Lucas up about it." She squezed his hand gently.

"He hurt you."

"He was having a flashback. Folmer was in Russia when he was. It was too close to home for him." She sighed sadly. "Lucas is a good man. He's been an idiot in the past but he's paid for that. He's learnt his lesson. He would never hurt me intentionally." She smiled as she remembered the way he had cornered her in the kitchenette to appologise. He had been on the verge of tears. "He said he had never laid a hand on a woman in his life and I believe him."

"So do I." Harry turned to her. "I spoke to Zaf."

"Oh God."


"Sorry." She smiled. "And?"

"And no Tring. Not yet. We watch and wait. I told him I still trust him to be on the team that none of us blame him for what happened." She nodded as she got to her feet and held out a hand for him.




"Ruth, there is still so much to do. The Home Secretary, the FSB liaison in London."

"Can wait." Ruth stared at him. He nodded sadly, he knew she was right. "Home. Bed. In that order."

He nodded as he got to his feet and crossed to the coat stand. It was the first time he had realised the rest of the Grid had decended into darkness.

"When did you get so demanding?" He raised an eyebrow as she smiled.


"Oh those little buggers."

She laughed as Harry realised it had been a long time since he had heard her so happy. He pulled her into his arms as she buried her face in his neck.

"It's over, Harry. It's finished."

"I know." He smiled slightly. "I know."


Henry sat next to Alec at the bar in the George. The younger man had bought a single malt just as Henry liked. The bar was busier than usual as the team settled around the table. Zaf rested his arm behind Zoe as she closed her eyes.

"So, that's that then." Henry stated as Ros nodded.

"Yeah." Beth answered.

"And Elena?"

"In custody." Ros answered. "She'll get a date for her trial in a couple of weeks. She wont be going back to Russia anytime soon."

"And Folmer is currently in Wormwood Scrubs under 24 guard." Zaf stated. He raised his glass to his lips as Zoe yawned. "Babe?"

"I'm going to make a move. Mum will want me to collect Emma." Zaf put his drink down and nodded. Ros couldn't help but smile. She needn't say anything. Her friend was back. The man that had almost been destroyed was gone, in his place the cheeky, flirty and caring Zafar Younis was back. She lifted her orange juice to her lips as she watched her friend and his fiance prepare to leave.

"Yeah." Adam took a sip of his lager. "I got to get home too."

"Ah lightweights." Alec answered.

"And what time is Juliet expecting you?" Erin asked sweetly as Henry laughed.

"Wasn't like this in my day." He shook his head. "Now I believe one of you was going to explain the story of Ruth, Adam, the racist and the tree branch?" He looked around the group.

"Well, seeing as Ruth isn't here." Beth stated as Dimitri rested his hand on hers.

"She hates people talking about her." Malcolm explained. "Lets just say if it wasn't for her and a very well placed tree branch Adam Carter would not be with us today."

"Oh she's a dark horse." Henry laughed. "I can see why Harry likes her."


Erin smiled as she walked into the warm living room. Living with her mum definately had it's advantages. She shrugged off her coat as she walked into the living room. Rosie was curled up on the sofa watching Hannah Montanna while her Gran sat next to her.


"Hi." She perched on the edge of the sofa and ran a hand over her daughter's hair.

"Mum, you look tired." Rosie stated as Erin smiled.

"I am darling."

"Bad day?" Mrs Watts asked as she nodded.

"Did Uncle Cal be naughty again?" Erin smiled as she nodded once more. She knew Rosie adored him as much as she did but he was a handful and always had been.

"Yes and yes." Erin smiled as she curled up next to Rosie. For once relieved that she wouldn't have to watch the news. Her mother's eyes on her let her know that she had seen the news reports on the TV.


Ros rested her head against Lucas' chest as he stared at the ceiling. She was exhausted but it wasn't the first night she knew sleep would allude her. It wouldn't be the last. She closed her eyes as she felt her husband tighten his hold on her.


"You recognised Folmer."


"Are you keeping anything from me?"

"Ros." He sighed. He knew secrets had almost cost him everything. He had lied too many times but even with the best intentions he had hurt the people he cared about the most.

"Lucas." Ros sighed his name as he began drawing imaginary patterns on her bare back.

"I froze. For a moment I was back in that cell listening to the outside world and hoping they would kill me sooner rather than later. I knew they weren't just going to let me go and I wanted to die rather than betray Tom, Danny and Harry. I spoke to Ruth, appologised for her arm."

"I know."

"Folmer is a dangerous piece of work. Just because we've got him doesn't mean we are never going to hear from him again." Lucas sighed. "He's haunted my nightmares for years."

"Hey." Ros ran a finger along one of his tattoos. He kissed her hair as he hugged her to him. He prayed she was right, that it was over. There were too many loose ends. He knew that there was no way they would all be neatly tied up, life wasn't like that but he prayed it was the last he would hear of Elena, Folmer and anything to do with Moscow. He had a feeling his prayer weren't going to be answered.


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