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"Here we are young miss," a stiff British lawyer/business man spat out to his now dead client's only living relative.

The relative in question was an American girl who's long hair was according to her bio supposed to be black instead of hot pink, though it did match her shirt and her eyes a brilliant blue, almost like sapphires. Her ears were pierced four times in each ear and her she had a nose ring even though she was only 14. She wore black lipstick, black eye liner, hot pink eyeshadow, a hot pink shirt and a black miniskirt with black combat boots. Why did this bratty little punk inherit this grand manor and a noble title from the old lady who used to live here. Sure this kid was the only grandchild of the old lady's long lost brother but he had been waiting for years for the old hag to kick the bucket so he could get his hands on this manor and turn it into a hotel. Said girl looked around taking it all in, not that she would get any more then a look if he had anything to say about it.

"As you may of heard this house is a reconstruction of the second Phantomhive manor that burned down several years ago, it's said that the last Earl of the family; your Great-grandmother's cousin on her mother's side, and his loyal butler vanished not even a year after words. Now their ghosts haunt this house to this very day," said the lawyer/business man lying to the young woman.

"Oh really?" said the girl not looking at the man but at a painting of the relative that was said to haunt the manor.

Up in the rafters, watching the two, were two males. The smaller one looked like an 18 year old version of the male in portrait the other was taller with black hair red eyes, his arm draped around the smaller's shoulders.

The girl then turned to the lawyer, "Well then it is a good thing that ghosts and things that go bump in the night do not frighten me. So you have no need to try and scare me out of this house," she turned back around, "Hear me oh ghosts of my great-grandmother's cousin Ciel and his loyal butler, I am Dreama Phantomhive; the new head of the Phantomhive family. I had my name officially and legally changed before I came here so this is my home now."

The lawyer stared at her, this girl was insane, then he ran out of the house in pure fear as she watched.

"Well that was fun," she said crossing her arms before she sighed, "Oh well, I have unpacking to do so I'd better get started."

In the rafters the shorted male turned to the taller, "Well, Sebastian, what do you think of her?"

"She certainly has an interesting first name, she's also rather gutsy. I'd have to say she reminds me of you when you still a human in some ways, my beloved Ciel. Though her fashion sense leaves something to be desired."

Ciel leaned against the taller male, "I became a demon then ordered you to stay with me forever. Despite your wanting to devour my soul we fell in love and became mates."

Sebastian ran his fingers thought his lover's hair, "Maybe we should take her in, she is an orphan and when you were human you loved to hold parties for them and sponsor orphanages."

"We shall reveal ourselves to her in due time my love," replied Ciel his eyes closing, as his former butler massaging scalp, "But I suppose that our future children wouldn't mind having an older sister."

The two demons watch the girl as she unpacked first her clothes, they noticed that she had few outfits that could be considered formal enough for a royal audience but they figured that they could help with that at a later time. Then her toiletries and beauty products followed by more irreplaceable items such as paintings, photos, and personal treasures. After a while they grew bored and went to check on the final member of their little family, the dog.

The two of them made there way through the forest that surrounded the grounds to a hidden underground cave where Pluto the demon dog now lived. The dog happily tackled his Alpha in human form, he was curious about the new scent on the grounds and he couldn't wait to meet it. He whimpered in excitement, rubbing his head against his Alpha's chest. This Pluto wasn't the original one but he had been born from the original's bones. But just like the first Pluto he had an undying loyalty to Sebastian and Ciel, mostly Sebastian.

The former butler scratched the demon dog behind the ear, making him pant happily, "Shall we return?"

Ciel nodded, Sebastian picked up the hound in human form and they leaped back to the manor to continue their watching of Dreama. When they got back they found the new owner of the house was sorting out her new bathroom when she caught a glance of herself in the mirror.

"Oops! I forgot all about these!" she said removing three of the four sets of earrings and the nose ring, running her finger under it afterwords, "That's better. Boy it was fun fooling that old coot. I should wash the dye out of my hair but I'll handle it when I bathe."

"Hmm...Interesting, seems she was pulling a trick on that lawyer, that explains why there are no other punk clothes in her possession," said Ciel stroking Pluto's hair as the dog rested his head on the former human's lap.

"She's clever, rather like a fox, which she seems to be fond of if those dolls and paintings of her's are any indication," added Sebastian, standing beside his lover and master.

After a long day of unpacking and arranging her things Dreama went into the bathroom. She took the detachable shower head in the tub, shampooed her hair then rinsed, the water turning pink with dye as her true hair color was shown. The girl threw her head back, a towel resting on her shoulders, sending water droplets flying. She wrapped the towel around her hair before filling the tub and stepping inside.

"Ah..." she sighed, "I needed this, nothing like a hot bath after unpacking."

Once she was done bathing she changed into a pair of clean panties and a set of light blue, comfortably loose flannel pajamas, braided her hair she then hopped on her new bed that was partly covered with stuffed toys. She then snuggled under then new covers and went to sleep. The trio of supernatural creatures waited until the grandfather clock downstairs finished striking midnight before making their move. Pluto was so eager that he hopped onto the bed and started sniffing Dreama, not realizing that she had woken when his weight shifted the bed. Carefully she grasped the mostly metallic blue, dense foam handle of a painted toy sword that she had hidden under the covers. When the demon hound got closer to her head she swung, smacking him on the head, making him yelp and sending him running to hide.

The girl then turned on the lamp, her weapon still poised to strike, though inexpertly, "Who's there?"

"Good evening young miss," said Sebastian bowing to her, "I am Sebastian Michaelis."

"Wait...I thought Sebastian Michaelis was the name of my Great-grandmother's cousin's butler...Oh I get it, you must be related to the one that worked for the last Earl," said the girl, "So...are you supposed to work for me or something?"

"Not quite," said Ciel coming out of the shadows.

"And just who the fuck are you?" Dreama asked glaring, "If you two are some bozos that greedy lawyer hired to try to scare me then you are so out of fucking luck."

"You're 14! Where the bloody hell did you learn that language?" snapped Ciel, shock evident on his face.

"I grew up in an apartment building in New York, I may not have the accent but it still had an effect on me," she replied with a shrug, her hands covered by the sleeves of her pajama top, "Now tell me who you are!"

"I am Ciel Phantomhive," answered the former Earl crossing his arms, Pluto peaking out from behind his legs.

"Pfff! Yeah right, Ciel Phantomhive was the same age as my Great-grandmother Elizabeth, who mind you was once his fiancee as well as his cousin," said Dreama snickering, gesturing to Ciel, "And you're obliviously not much older then me, my guess would be eighteen or nineteen at most."

At that point both males' eyes glowed red, causing the girl to fall back onto the bed on her butt as Sebastian snapped his fingers and the lights went on, "What are those? Contacts? And how did you turn on the lights?"

"We are demons, as well as mates, and we are here to make you an offer. How would you like a new family, we know that you're an orphan," said Sebastian smiling at her as his and Ciel's visible eye turned back to their normal colors.

The young female let out a small yelp as she pinched her arm to check to see if she was dreaming which she wasn't.

"Ok...then why are you showing yourselves to me? Why not to my Great-aunt Marisa?" was what came out of Dreama's mouth next, as she shifted her legs so she was sitting Indian style.

"You are the first person to live in this house since the servants I left it to died. Marisa didn't live here, she only inherited the house from her mother who bought it after the last of my old servants died," explained Ciel, sitting on the bed next to his only living human relative, "Though I'm surprised how well you are taking this."

Dreama sighed, "My pen friend told me that England was weird but she didn't say it was this weird. Anyways the reason why I reacted as I did is that I'm a pretty open minded young woman. That and my pen friend told me a lot of really weird things she had dreams about, her boyfriend is pretty weird too."

"Could you tell us ?" requested Sebastian pulling up a chair.

"Well my friend; Sadaf, is the daughter of the Indian Ambassador for this country. We became close pen friends after we started to exchange letters via school project, we even started communicating though e-mail and over the phone. Anyways she says that she's been having dreams that she's a boy during the late 1800s, apparently she lives out his daily life each night. After a while, when she got to his teen years she saw him save a man who looks, talks, and acts just like her boyfriend they even have the same name; Agni. Oh, I nearly forgot, I arranged to met them at the mall later this week once I get moved in..." she trailed off before yawning.

"I think we should continue this discussion in the morning. Come Sebastian, Pluto," said Ciel, getting up and walking out of the room followed by the other.

The next morning the new head of the Phantomhive house walked to her new bathroom, washed her face, brushed her teeth and got dressed before walking down to kitchen to make herself some breakfast, forgetting the events of the night before. As she walked past the living room she saw a huge silvery white dog with red eyes and a flaming tail gnawing on a big bone, making the poor girl's jaw drop and stare.

Ciel walked into the living room, buttoning his top, "Oh, good morning. I guess we forgot to tell you that Pluto was a demon hound."

"Wait, wasn't Pluto that dude that I hit with my hand painted Nerf N-force longsword last night?" asked the girl blinking.

"He turns into a human when he gets excited, watch out, he breathes fire in both forms," said the former human shrugging, "Come, Sebastian will of made breakfast."

"You two eat?" asked Dreama as they walked into the dinning room where Sebastian was serving up french toast with syrup, juice, milk and tea to drink.

"Usually demons like Ciel and myself eat human souls as payment at the end of contracts but after Ciel became a demon the two of us swore of human souls. Our diet now consists of human food as well as the souls of animals like rats and wild birds," answered the older demon.

"Ok...So...you can turn me into a demon if I choose to accept your offer?" asked the teen.

"If you wish, mind you most of the time demons don't age past 18," said Ciel, "And we can adopt you as our daughter."

"Could I get back to you on that? You guys can stay here if you want, personally I'd hate to live in this big old house alone so I'm happy for the company."

"Sure, Dreama, that means dreamer right?" said Ciel as they ate.

"Yep, my mom said she named me that since when she was pregnant with me she daydreamed a lot. So she named me Dreama. That and she thought it sounded pretty. While we're on the topic of names what should I be calling you guys?" she asked smiling slightly.

"Our names will do for now," said Ciel smiling back at her.

This could work out well.


Anyone wanna guess who Sadaf is? Guesses get a cookie, right guesses get two cookies.