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After a few days of unpacking, arranging, keeping Pluto from tearing things up, and getting to know each other better it was the day they planed on going to the mall. The former Earl was dressed in a gray tee-shirt, dark blue jeans, his usual eyepiece, white sneakers, and a black hooded jacket. Sebastian wore black slacks, gray shoes, and a white tee-shirt covered by navy hoodie. Dreama was dressed in faded blue jeans, navy blue sneakers, a dark purple Flashion top, which made it look like she had a wide necked sweater that hugged her upper arms over a tank top. Her black hair was now partly covered by a purple beret. On her back was a backpack purse shaped like the Futom Rabbit.

"Ok! Let's head out!" cried the girl pumping her fist in the air as they exited the house.

"Two questions, how are we going to get to the mall and what is that on your back? It looks a lot like a Futom Rabbit," said Ciel crossing his arms.

Dreama pointed to car parked nearby, "I figured that Sebastian can drive and this is the Futom Rabbit bag. I helped design it so I get a cut of the sales. Great Aunt Marisa ran the Futom toy company and I would send her designs for things. How do you think I could afford all those stuffed animals, books, mangas, and other things? Of course now I'm in charge of the company..."

As Sebastian drove Ciel turned to look at his cousin's descendent, the girl before him didn't remind him that much of Lizzy at first, with her strait black hair and blue eyes. Now that he had gotten to know her better he could tell that she was a lot like the blond.

"So, Sebastian is supposed to be the caretaker for the manor and I'm your distant cousin and now your guardian. The reason why I didn't inherit the manor was that you were a closer relation to Marisa then I," he said, trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah, that's what we agreed on Ciel."

"I wonder what you'll say happened to your eye," added Sebastian as he parked the car.

"That he lost it in a car accident," suggested Dreama as they walked towards the entrance.

"Dreama! It is you!" cried a tan, purple haired, golden eyed girl running over and hugging the black haired girl.

The girl was dressed in a yellow long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and white tennis shoes with what looked like the Futom bear version of Dreama's bag. She was followed by a tan boy in a green turtle neck and cream colored slacks, his right hand covered in bandages, with white hair and gold eyes which widened when he saw the two demons.

"Sadaf! This is so cool! I see you got the Futom Bear bag I sent you!" cheered Dreama hugging the tan girl back.

"Sebastian," Ciel thought to his lover, "Does she remind you of someone?"

Sebastian glanced at his mate out of the corner of his eye, "If you mean Prince Soma then yes she does. Do you think that she's his reincarnation?"

"I don't know, she just might be. That would explain the dreams Dreama mentioned. I think that her boyfriend is Agni's reincarnation. I think he know who we are."

"So this is the famous Miss Dreama," said Agni, smiling gently offering her his hand.

"How do you do? Sadaf mentioned you a great deal in her letters and e-mails," replied Dreama shaking the offered hand, "This is my distant cousin and my guardian; Ciel, and the caretaker of my manor; Sebastian."

"Hi," said Sadaf smiling at them.

"Hello," said Ciel.

"Nice to meet you," greeted Sebastian.

"Ok, so why don't you boys go to the arcade or something, Dreama and I have a salon appointment to get ready for her inauguration with the Queen tonight," said Sadaf kissing Agni on the cheek before she and Dreama ran off.

Once the white haired male was sure the girls were out of hearing range he turned to the two demons and said, "How are you two still alive? Were you reincarnated like Lord Soma and myself?"

"Looks like he recognizes us," said Sebastian smirking at his lover.

"I noticed," said Ciel giving his mate a dirty look before turning to the Indian male, "As for why we're still around; Sebastian and I are demons."

"Wait, you mean you're not human? Were you guys always like this?" asked Agni scratching his head.

gSebastian yes, me not so much. Do you remember the card we sent with that sweet?" asked Ciel.

"Yeah, but it said you had died that day," said Agni as they walked to the food court for ice cream.

"In a way, I had. I died as a human that fateful day and was reborn as a demon," answered Ciel, "For some reason Sebastian thought it would be a good idea to jab me in the stomach."

The white haired male choked on his own spit, "What?"

gIt was to make sure he was fully awakened as a demon," replied Sebastian as they got closer to the front of the ice cream line.

Once the three males had gotten their ice cream and a table Agni explained what was up with him. Apparently due to his blessed arm when he was reincarnated he kept his memories as well as his blessed arm, as for Soma/Sadaf he/she was slowly regaining his/her memories.

"Interesting," said Sebastian licking his chocolate ice cream cone, "Either way, it is good to see you again old friend."

"Back at cha," said Agni who had strawberry.

"Modern slang is so confusing," moaned Ciel who had vanilla.

Agni couldn't help but laugh at that. The trio finished their ice cream before heading over to the arcade. The Indian male took to the Basketball shoot while the two demons played air hockey.

"Yoo-hoo, oh boys, we're here," they heard Sadaf coo a while later.

They turned to see the purple haired girl who had gotten her hair straitened and trimmed as well as her nails done. Beside her was Dreama, her black hair had been gently curled so that it was more wavy then curly, her nails had also been done.

The soon to be inaugurated Countess blushed looking at her feet, "How...do we look?"

"Both of you look lovely," said Agni, going over to his girlfriend and kissing her hand.

"Very nice," stated Sebastian.

"Beautiful," added Ciel, giving his distant cousin a smile.

The two girls giggled. That night the two demons were dressed in tuxedos and waiting for Dreama to come down so they could head to the palace. Just as Ciel was about to loose his patience with the girl Dreama came down the stairs. On top of her now wavy hair was a headband made of Amethyst and milk Quartz as were her dangling earrings, and necklace. Her dress was lavender and strapless, over her shoulders was a light blue silky shawl, white stockings and purple pumps. She had a bit of clear lip-gloss on but other the that she wore no make up.

Ciel offered the younger female his arm which she took smiling.

"Shall we?" asked Sebastian opening the door for the two.

"Lets," said Dreama, her voice slightly higher in pitch from nerves.

Sebastian squeezed her hand gently as she helped her into the car trying to reassure the young soon-to-be noble. Once they got to the palace Sebastian helped his lover out first then Dreama. Once they were inside Dreama separated from the two males who went to stand beside Agni and Sadaf. The female was dressed in a sapphire blue Sari (AN: A type of dress from India), blue Sharqi slippers, and a blue veil. The male was wearing red Shalwar pants, a red Sherwani, black dress shoes and a red turban.

"Dreama looks so pretty!" squealed Sadaf clapping her hands, the bangles on her wrists clanging and clinking.

"She even surprised us when we saw her," commented Ciel.

"Wow," replied Agni as Dreama approached the queen and curtsied before her.

"I dub thee, Countess Phantomhive," said the queen.


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