One day he Hopes she see him for more then a midnight booty call.
Hopes to be more then Someone she calls to scratch an itch.

He wants more. He just doesn't know how to express that yet.

It's funny he thinks he's a cop used to high pressure situations.
Wonders everyday has he walks out of the door if this will be his last day.

Because you never know really know.

He know how important life is because of this.
Knows that you should seize the day.

But yet when she's in front of him all that goes out of his mind, and he thinks I'll tell her someday.

One day He hope that's he'll be able to put his foot down and say I want more then this.
He hopes he's brave enough to do it one day.
Be brave enough to risk losing her forever if her answer is no.

One day he will, but not today,
Not tonight.

Though while he watches her sleep over for the first time since they started there get together's.
Instead of some day, He thinks what about tomorrow.