2 Weeks Later

Did you mean it he says?

Mean she says. Giving her self more time to think about her answer carefully.

Though she already knows what he's talking about. After all it was the main reason she came over tonight.

*Earlier That Day*

She Hadn't meant those words to slip out of her mouth they just did.
It wasn't until that moment when Richie was wailing on him and she was just so scared for his safety,For his life because he wouldn't fight back that she realize that she couldn't lose him.
she realized that she loved him then had proceeded to blurt it out to the surprise of everyone including herself.

And then after her father taking advantage of the shocked silence took the opportunity to break up the fight and before Brody could come talk to her she turned around and left.

*End Of Flashback*

You know what I'm talking about he says as the credits to the movie rolls.

You sure you don't want to just watch another movie she says half Jokingly.

Nope Remember when you showed up at my door he said smiling slightly,with Pizza,Beer,and a Movie and said Lets talk after. Well Now it's after.

Yes she said simply. I meant it.I know that were supposed to keep this thing casual but it just happen over time.I mean I didn't even fully realize it until earlier,I mean I knew I felt more for you then I was unwilling to admit to you and myself but I just she trailed off noticing him staring at her intently.

What are you thinking about she asks his silence unnerving her quite a bit.

I'm thinking he says slowly that It's about time.

A smile spreads across his Face as he says this.

What she replies slightly shock?

I said it's about time.

Also I Love you. I have loved you for the longest time. I've just been wondering if you felt anything more for me and I've been trying to work up the never to tell you.

Well I guess this is a less awkward conversation then i thought it would be she says laughing lightly.

I guess she continues the next order of business is to talk about how were going to deal with Richie.

Later he says and starts kissing her. We have more important thing to do and what she asks between kisses are those important things. Well if you must know he says smiling wickedly as he then begins to whisper naughty things into her ear that has her giggling and blushing yet anticipating a sleepless night.

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