This is the third(technically fourth) and final in the Banana series as I'm calling it. Comes after Nine and a Galaxy.

I'm writing this story while I post chapters for it. I don't know how it will end up but I hope it won't be longer then ten chapters. I think that this story will be mainly centered around the twins, but I'll do my best to get more Ten and Rose in it.

Everything was quiet aboard the TARDIS one morning which was very unusual if you knew the family that lived inside it. The father who was tall usually in a brown pinstripped suit with white converse trainers. His hair was brown and messy with sideburns.

That man was the Doctor. He was absolutely in love with one Rose Tyler. She was stuck looking at the age of twenty eight for some unknown timey-whimey reason, which none of them cared about because Rose could be with him forever. She had blonde hair, beautiful eyes and a huge smile. She too was madly in love with her doctor.

Rose and The Doctor had a family for exactly sixteen years now. Twins, Theta and Andy. The boy, Theta was five minutes older than his younger sister. He had messy brown hair and was tall just like his dad. He was very curious like his father too, but he was caring like his mother. Theta could also talk up a storm that would make his own father quiet. Andy, short for Andromeda, on the other hand was blonde and beautiful like her mother, however, she had got her father's wanderlust and her mother's jepordy friendly genes. They made a good combination. One was never far from the other.

The four lived a happy life of travelling throughout the universe and saving people's lives everyday.

They often visited Earth. Cardiff in Wales to be percise. The Doctor's human biological meta-crisis, Adam Smith lived near the bay in a nice flat with his best friend, Donna Noble. The two worked part time at Torchwood with the twins godfather, Captian Jack Harkness.

It had been about six years since Jack, Donna or Adam saw the twins. Busy life of the time lords and all that. It had only been a year on Earth, though. The twins requested only one thing for their birthday. To see what family they did have since their father's side was gone and their mother's side stuck in a paralell world.

It was the least The Doctor could do to the twins, and to their makeshift family.