By: TracyCook

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Couple: Alex Russo/Tawni Hart and also Channy! :)

Rating: M

Chapter 1

Meet Me At The Sub Shop

"I can't believe we are going to New York!" Tawni said excitedly as she packed yet another outfit into one of her many suit cases. Sonny shook her head laughing as she watched the blonde. They were only going to be gone for a weekend and she had already packed four suitcases.

"We're only going to be gone for three days Tawn." The brunette said with that bright smile on her face as she packed a rubber chicken. 'You can never be too careful…'

"Which is why I'm ONLY packing four suitcases Sonny." She stated a grin forming on her pink lips as she zipped up her luggage and ran over to her vanity looking at herself in the mirror. "We're doing a photo shoot you can never be too careful, I don't know what they'll want me to wear." Pausing she turned to raise a confused eyebrow at her friend, pink lips distorted in disgust. "Is that a mustache and a wig?"

Nodding her smile widened across her face as she laughed a little. "You can never be too careful Tawni."

"Okay?" The blonde diva stated, not caring enough to ask what the other girl was preparing for, though it did peak her curiosity. 'Why would she need a wig and a mustache to go to a photo shoot in New York?' Shrugging her shoulder she reapplied her lip gloss.

Chad made his way into the dressing room without even knocking which earned him a glare from blue eyes. "What are you doing here Chad?"

"Came to see Mah Lady about this amazing romantic weekend we have planned." Smirking at the look of disgust it elicited in the blonde he continued over to his girlfriend wrapping his arm around her shoulders leaning down to kiss her cheek. "Just me and Sonny and a hotel room, should be fun." Sonny blushed brightly, brown eyes glancing away from her friends face out of embarrassment as she laughed nervously.

"Chad!" The brunette said in a high-pitched voice as she slapped her boyfriend's chest. She was still very innocent and felt uncomfortable talking about her sex life in front of anyone. Especially Tawni who would undoubtedly—

"Ewww! Gross!" She groaned out in her whiney voice. Turning around she reached out and took a hold of her luggage. "This weekend is not about you and Sonny's horribly disgusting affections. This weekend is about ME and ME getting my picture taken, so if you don't mind I will be going now I have some pre-photo warm-ups to do!"

"Pre-photo warm-ups?" Sonny asked with confused brown eyes as the blonde made her way out of the dressing room dragging all of her bags, surprisingly.

Chad nodded his head and smiled as he looked down at his girlfriend. "Yeah, you know Sonny. Pre-photo warm-ups." He stated it matter-of-factly, as if it were something that everyone should know about. Now her confused expression only seemed to intensify and the blonde boy suddenly understood as he took in a breath. "Oh that's right. You're a Random so you probably don't know about those. Honestly I'm shocked that they wanted to have a photo shoot of your cast at all, they should have called—"

Seeing her confused eyes quickly turn to those of anger he stopped what he was saying and tried to pull his foot out of his mouth. In his high-pitched voice he added "You. They should have just called you. Psh you don't need the Randoms." Laughing he leant down kissing her forehead while she simply rolled her eyes, still smiling brightly.


Upon arrival in New York they all seemed to have different ideas of what they wanted to do. Chad and Tawni both wanted to go shopping, Sonny wanted to explore the city and take pictures, Zora appeared to have mysteriously disappeared as she always did, and the boys wanted to find some place to eat because apparently they were starving. Due to everyone having different ideas of where they wanted to start, they were gathered in the street fighting.

"We can eat anytime! New York is about the fashion!" Tawni shouted in her high-pitched voice placing a manicured hand on her hip as she struck a pose.

"I agree!" Chad said which surprised everyone. Usually the two of them had so much in common that they could not agree on anything, as strange as that was. "I think that we should shop. I feel the need to try on some clothes that make me look good." He emphasized the word good with a smirk. "Then me and Mah Lady can go back to the hotel and she can take them off of me."

"Ewwww!" Tawni, Nico, and Grady all groaned out in annoyance with the words of affection. None of them could stand that Sonny was dating the drama-star.

"Oh shut it Randoms!" He shouted.

Sonny of course was listening to every one's suggestions and trying to devise a plan for them to do everything, that way no one would be unhappy. That was the role that she often seemed to play with her friends and her boyfriend. "We can do everything!" She stated her voice heightening and cracking in excitement. She had never been to New York and it was going to be a great trip if she had any say in matters. "How about we go get something to eat, and then we can explore and go shopping!"

Tawni and Chad seemed pleased as they both smiled and nodded in agreement. Yet, Grady shouted out. "Only one problem!" All of them stared at him shocked.

"What?" The blonde diva questioned crossing her arms over her chest and raising an annoyed eyebrow at her cast-member.

For a moment Nico and Grady exchanged a look that only the two of them could understand and then looked toward the street with curious eyes. "Where do we eat?" They both said before they started down the street scoping out the restaurants in search of the perfect place.

"Seriously?" Tawni and Chad asked at the same time.


After what seemed like hours to the two whining blondes, the boys had narrowed it down to two restaurants. Both of which were sandwich shops. They really came all the way to New York and wanted to eat what they could eat back in California.

"Either the Late Night Bite, or the Sub Station? But which one?" Grady asked as if it was the most perplexing and important question asked in all of history.

"How about the Sub Station?" Tawni chimed in with a twitch of her eye; she was starting to get a major headache with the boys' immature antics.

"But why?" Nico questioned, stretching the word.

"Because it's right here you dopes!" The blonde responded in nearly a scream as she reached out and grabbed the boys by their ears dragging them toward the sandwich shop. "And because if you two were to contemplate it any longer I wouldn't have any time to shop and then I would probably find a use for the wig and mustache Sonny brought along with her for no apparent reason."

"What does that even mean? Ow, ow, ow!" Nico asked as Grady simply whined out. It appeared that the blonde had finally chosen where they would eat.

As they walked into the sandwich shop Tawni's pink coco-moco-coco lips contorted in disgust as blue eyes glanced around the shop. It was clearly designed to look like a subway. 'Who the hell would want to eat on a subway? I don't even like to take a subway because I'm scared some guy is going to steal my purse.' Suddenly she tripped over someone sitting against the wall, glancing down she realized it was a hobo. "Ahh! Don't steal my purse!" She screamed running to hide behind Sonny who was laughing at her best friend, as well as her boyfriend who had an equally appalled look on his face.

"Tawn, I think that they are actors dressed up to make it feel more like a Subway in here."

"Why would anyone want to dress up like a hobo?" She asked with horror in her voice before thinking about the earlier conversation she had with Sonny. Smirking she stated. "Oh, so that's why you brought the mustache and wig!" Letting out a proud squeak at finally figuring it out, the smile was wiped clean off her face when she was nudged by the brunette.

"No! That is not why I brought the mustache and wig! Now let's eat!"

All of them stared at Sonny who was obviously growing agitated with her friends and their pointless banter, as she pushed them toward the table telling them to sit down. They all obliged taking their seats and all growing silent as Sonny smiled brightly. "That's better! Soo… what are you guys going to get?" She asked laughing a little too excitedly.


Alex was currently working at the Sub Station, though she was more talking with Mason than actually waiting tables. Not that they were packed or anything. They were never packed. Smiling up at her boyfriend she continued to flip through the pages of the magazine she was looking at nonchalantly as Justin ran around the shop picking up people's dishes and taking their orders. It was just another ordinary day of work for her.

"Alex do you think you could get that table?" Justin asked his younger sister as he carried some more dishes to the back; he was hoping to have a break from waiting so that he could clean them.

"Can't you see that I'm busy?" She asked in a sarcastic voice as she licked her fingers in order to flip another page of her magazine. Mason smiling at his girlfriend finding her wittiness adorable in a strange mean way. It was something that made Alex Russo, Alex Russo, and he loved every part of her.

"Just do it Alex!" He shouted from the back of the shop.

Groaning out she closed the magazine she had been working oh so hard to read, rolled her large brown eyes at her boyfriend who was smiling and enjoying her pain a little too much, then stood to her feet. "The things I do for him!"

"I know, you really ought to not work yourself so hard my love." Mason said with a wink which only earned a scowl from his girlfriend as she grabbed onto the pen and pad that had been ignored on the counter and started toward the table of teenagers who had just entered the sub shop. Honestly she had not even noticed anyone come in.

Glancing over the table she realized what an assortment of odd and unfamiliar faces littered it. She had never seen any of them before, not in town or at school. They must be visiting? Laughing out loudly she said sarcastically to herself. "And they come here? Sucks for them."

To the right of the table sat a handsome young man, he looked like a pretty boy with his long blonde hair hanging across his face and his charming grin. His arm was wrapped around a girl she assumed was his girlfriend, or maybe just a random girl, he looked like he could easily be a player. The brunette he was holding seemed a bit too smiley for Alex's liking, and she kept telling jokes and laughing, a lot. 'Jeeze…'

Next to them sat two very dorky looking boys who were blowing straw wrappers at each other and laughing. They seemed to be close friends, or maybe even boyfriends? 'Ew… gross images…' It was not exactly that they were both men she found gross, just the thought of them in particular.

Finally large brown eyes landed on the blonde girl sitting at the far end of the table. She seemed to have secluded herself from the rest of them as she crossed her arms across her chest and rolled her eyes at the boys who were now burping their alphabet. Alex could not help but allow her eyes to wander the other girl, she appeared to be EVERYTHING that she hated, yet she was also very attractive. Enticing even. Her eyes moved across the girl's beautiful face and down to her pink shiny lips. 'Ew…' She thought but her body was not reacting in disgust.

Moving her eyes even further she allowed them to follow her neckline, down over her beautiful body and bright pink and yellow floral clothing. Raising an eyebrow at that. What kind of clothes were those? Her eyebrow only raised higher as she saw the pink manicured nails. 'Okay I definitely am going to hate her… she looks like a completely plastic bitch.' Yet as she reached the table she had to remind herself to breath as shining blue eyes came into contact with her own. 'God what is wrong with me?'

"Miss, we have a busy day planned can you take our orders?" Chad nearly demanded from across the table, but the brunette waitress did not even take notice of him. This was not something he had expected when he came to New York. Everyone knew who Chad Dylan Cooper was!

"Miss." He started again, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Yeah, yeah." Alex responded despondently as she continued to look at the blonde diva. 'God she's just so pretty… everything I hate, but pretty.'

Chad is absolutely hating the fact that they had run into a beautiful young girl and she was paying all of her attentions to Tawni when she should be paying attention to him. Fawning over him not her!

Groaning out in annoyance she turns to look at the young pretty boy. "Fine! What do you want?"

'Uh. Thanks." He stated in an upset voice. "I just want a water."

"All that for a water?" She asked with a raise of an eyebrow at him, holding back from saying anything ruder to him. It was work after all.

"Alex be nice to the customers!" Justin shouted again from the back.

"Sorry. What can I get for the rest of you?" She asked in an uncaring tone as once again she met the blonde girl's eyes and felt her breath catch. 'Okay what the hell is wrong with me? Am I sick?'

"I'll just have a water too." Tawni said with a bright pink smile as she added. "Oh and can I get a pink umbrella in it!"

"Of course you can." Alex responded despite herself. Despite how much she wanted to just tell the diva to shove it. She hated girls like that, girls who thought they were better than everyone else, girls who thought they could get anything that they wanted, girls who—'Well, girls like me! Only she's worse cause she's wearing all that pink crap.'

"What!" Chad shouted out in his high-pitched voice, used to getting everything he wanted. Glaring over he squinted his blue eyes at the blonde who was now clapping her hands and smiling as if she had won. "I want a pink umbrella too!" His voice had grown so high, and as he realized what he had said he quickly deepened his voice and put on his charming smile. "—I mean I want a blue umbrella!"

"One water coming up." The brunette said in a monotone voice earning a pout from the young man. 'Ooh this is fun.' "Now for the rest of you?"

As the boys and Sonny gave their orders Tawni found herself smiling and looking toward the waitress. She wasn't blonde, and her style needed some work, but she found herself thinking that this girl reminded her of someone she liked. Someone like her. Not to mention that she was also extremely gorgeous, but that thought made absolutely no sense to her. 'No one is as gorgeous as me…' Still, she could not stop staring. Her sarcastic responses how she treated Chad like shit and treated her great. She loved it. 'Then also she is gorgeous.' Her mind nagged once more.

Alex finished getting the orders feeling herself start to blush under the blue eyes of the beautiful blonde. Alex Russo did a lot of things, she defiled property, she stole money, she used magic improperly, but she did not blush! 'What the hell is wrong with me?' "Alright I'll get your orders right away."

Walking back toward her boyfriend she grew shocked when he grabbed her by the arm and held her protectively. "What was with that?"

"Ow!" She yelled out pulling her arm away. "What was with what? God Mason what the hell?"

"What was with the way you were looking at that blonde?" He practically growled.

"Him?" She snorted pointing a finger at the pretty boy sitting with his arm around his girlfriend's shoulders.

"No, not him." Mason stated in a monotone British accent as he turned to point at the blonde female sitting at the far end of the table. "I'm talking about her."

"Her?" Alex asked her voice staying even and never wavering. She may not be the master of wizardry, and she may not be the most intelligent A plus student, but she definitely was the master of lying with a straight face. "I was not looking at her any differently than I look at all blonde bitches who think they are better than me."

Moving closer to her he whispered against her ear. Being a werewolf obviously made him a lot more overprotective of her than other boyfriends. "I can smell arousal on you Alex and it damned well better be for me, because I do not know that girl and I will have no problem tearing her throat out if you try anything with her."

"God okay. Jeeze dog breathe much?" She asked pushing her boyfriend away.

"I'm not joking around Alex. You're mine."


End Chapter

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