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Chapter 8

First Dates Are Always Awkward

Alex could not count on both of her hands how many apologetic looks she had sent the blonde diva already and they had not even made it to the theatre yet. She felt terrible, and she hated it. She never felt terrible for mistakes that she made, but this one was truly bothering her. Mason was going out of his way to shove it in Tawni's face that he was dating the wizard and she did not stand a chance. 'If only he knew how much of a chance she had… god damn it.'

Tawni on the other hand was ignoring the looks from the woman of her affections, putting on a happy award-winning act, and trying to ignore the ache in her chest and the awkwardness of being a fifth wheel. It was not something she was accustomed to, she was always the center of attention and now she was just the only single person on a double date with her friends. It was irritating.

Picking at her perfect pink nails she cast blue eyes toward the couple as they made their way into the theatre, chewing on her bottom lip she examined the cuts running along the tan skin of the brunette. 'I have a feeling he put those marks there… was it because of me? I really don't want her to be hurt—' Her thoughts were interrupted and her stomach twisted as she was overcome with the need to vomit at the sight before her, Mason had leant down and claimed Alex's lips. '—Then again that freaking hurts me! How can she just kiss him in front of me…? Though she doesn't look all too into it.'

It was true; Alex was far from into the kiss with her boyfriend. Even going to the extent to let out a slight groan of annoyance and role her eyes before tugging at his hand and saying. "Let's just get this over with." The wizard had been excited for the night and now it was ruined.

"So what movie are we gonna see? Run Humans Run?" Alex asked with a smile on her features as she thought about the new horror movie that had come out, she really wanted to see it. 'There is probably tons of gore and that's always fun.' Tawni could not help but smile at the beautiful girl's excitement at the thought of seeing the horror movie, though she could and would proudly admit that she was not into the genre.

Sonny on the other hand looked horrified as her large brown eyes widened and she quickly corrected her with a ramble. "Oh no! That movie seemed way too gruesome for me, besides we are here to see Chad's new movie. Mackenzie Falls: The Movie! It should be full of romance and tons of drama!" Her smile spread across her face as she proudly talked about the movie looking up at her boyfriend and placing a hand against his chest.

With that perfect smirk Chad added. "And of course the best part, plenty of Chaddy!"

"Ughh." The wizard groaned out as her face contorted in disgust.

Chad's smirk fell and his blue eyes quickly shot to Alex before landing on Tawni. "Have I mentioned how much I don't like your new little gi—" He was jabbed in the stomach by Sonny. "—Ow! Jeeze Sonny I was just going to say—" He was jabbed again, and finally gave up on his sentence, pouting.

Mason appeared to pick up on what he had been about to say and the young British man glanced toward the blonde diva, with a demented glare. She quickly glanced away. "Well, I for one can't wait to see the movie." She stated in her high-pitched, slightly frightened voice as she moved toward the ticket booth paying for herself.

The others followed her getting their own tickets, Mason making certain to show that he was buying Alex's only to the annoyance of everyone involved. Even Chad was growing agitated with his blatant need to show that he owned the young girl. "I can pay for my own ticket." The wizard said.

"I prefer to pay for my lady; it is the proper way to court someone." He responded ignoring her and paying for the tickets.

Tawni could not hold back her scoff as she rolled her blue eyes and walked into the theatre, strutting ahead of the others and proudly holding her head up. At least most of the strangers in the main room of the theatre were staring at her, she loved the attention. Alex absolutely hated the attention that the blonde diva was receiving, particularly when some of the guys would come up and ask for a picture with her. It made her heart pound in her ears and her muscles tense from jealousy. 'You have no right to be jealous you fucking hypocrite, you are here with your "wonderful" boyfriend. Deal with it, it's your fault she is flirting with them.'

Glancing over, blue eyes sparkled with deviation as she saw that Alex was most definitely jealous of the attention she was receiving and made a move to actually kiss the cheek of one of her handsome male fans. 'This will really show her, you can't mess with Tawni Hart and—'

Her thoughts were interrupted as the shorter woman grabbed onto her arm hard, dragging her toward the bathroom. "Owwwww! You're hurting me!" She whined out in her high-pitched voice as she was pulled into one of the stalls, quickly.

"Why the hell are you kissing other guys?" She growled out irrationally.

"Um excuse me?" Tawni questioned with a laugh in her voice as she raised a disbelieving eyebrow at the shorter girl. "Are you kidding me? Please tell me you are kidding? I just had to endure watching you kissing your "boyfriend" and you are going to be mad at me for kissing the cheek of a fan?"

Alex knew that she was wrong but she so rarely ever admitted such things. "That was different; I didn't kiss him to make you jealous! I didn't even want to kiss him in the first place! You wanted to kiss that guy just to piss me off and that's not okay!"

"Yep and it looks like my plan worked!" She squeaked out before grinning smugly.

"I hate you." The wizard mumbled as she let out another loud sound of aggravation.

"Well you aren't on my favorite people's list right now either." The blonde diva responded with another roll of her blue eyes, crossing her arms and tapping her heel clad foot on the tile floor. "You were scratched off that list when you invited your boyfriend to our date."

"God!" She practically screamed as she placed a hand to her forehead and tried to figure a way out of the situation. Where was Justin when you needed him? He always fixed her messes. "I didn't want him to be here Tawni, I just can't really break up with him. Besides you didn't really ever tell me what you want out of me before you kicked me out of the hotel."

Now it was the taller woman's turn to be quiet as she chewed on her pink bottom lip, it was true; she had kicked her out without even giving her a chance to speak her mind. But it had hurt, really bad, and she never let people in far enough to hurt her. No one ever saw behind the façade to the feelings with her, not without a lot of effort as Sonny would know. Thinking it over she tried to come up with an answer and finally responded with the only thing she could.

"I don't know what I want honestly. I just know that I can't stop thinking about you, I think about you more than my "image" and that is just not healthy for me." She laughed a little, as did Alex. "I just know that I really like you. A lot, but you have that stupid boyfriend, with his stupid charming British accent, and his stupid—"

Suddenly she was interrupted as she was pushed against the stall and full lips crashed against her own in a heated kiss. "Mmmm." Tawni moaned out against those perfect lips, once again enjoying the softness she found there, the way that they moved against her own, the way that they set her body on fire with desire and need. Reaching up she entangled her fingers into Alex's dark curls pulling on her hair as she tried to pull the wizard even closer to her, this action earning an eager moan from the shorter woman who obliged pressing their bodies tightly together, her firm thigh finding its way between the diva's legs. She could feel the heat radiating off of her center and it caused her to whimper with need.

As Alex's mouth opened in order to let out a strangled whimper Tawni took advantage, allowing her tongue to run along that full bottom lip before pulling it between her teeth and suckling it. Proudly enjoying the way that the wizard's body responded to this action. Though the smugness was quickly swiped away as Alex took control, firmly pressing her thigh against her wet center through the fabric of her pants. Pulling back the diva slammed her head back against the stall groaning out in pleasure. "God Alex!"

"Shh… Baby you need to be quiet." Alex stated hotly against that perfect neck before leaning down in order to pepper heated kisses along the spray-tanned skin. 'I can't believe I ever thought I hated this skin. Jesus Christ. But Mason is going to know… Why hasn't he barged in and killed us already?' Her worried mind was silenced as she felt Tawni start to rock her hips against her, moaning out at the friction that we being caused. 'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck Mason this is just, Fuck!'

"God you are so sexy." The wizard said her voice deep and husky due to the lust as she sucked that perfect skin into her mouth, eliciting even more moans. She did not even bother silencing her at this point; she wanted to hear her scream for her.

'We really need to stop this, I don't want her to get hurt because of me…' Her conscience nagged and for once it won, because it would be worse to see Tawni's throat torn out in front of her eyes than to not finish her, lowering her thigh she heard that whiny whimper the diva made and she grinned against her neck.

"Why'd you stop!" She asked with a pout on her pink coco-moco-coco lips.

"Because we can't do this here, not with Mason in the same building."

This sobered Tawni up immediately, any desire and heat she had been feeling drained from her body and she pushed the other woman away from her. Blue eyes glaring down at her as she prepared for a perfect diva storm out. "Of course! Get out of my way!"

"Tawn." Alex reached out placing her hands on the other girl's arms.

"I. Don't. Want. To hear it! Just let me out of here!" Her voice was high and frantic.

"You need to hear it!" She interrupted. "God damn it stop being so stubborn and just pay some attention to what I am saying!" The brunette growled out which startled Tawni to the extent that she did quiet down. Glaring down into large beautiful brown eyes. "Mason has threatened me; he's threatened both of us, if anything is going on. So we just need to stay calm and pretend like we aren't into each other."

"Is that so?" She lifted an eyebrow and clenched her jaw. 'How dare he threaten me? How dare he threaten Alex?' "I knew he was the one who cut you! How dare he? Who does he think he is?" With that she pushed passed the wizard and made her way out of the stall, ready to give Mason a piece of her mind.

Quickly Alex followed her. "Wait! Tawni it isn't that simple!"

It was too late though the blonde diva was strutting toward Mason only to slap him across the face, to every one's shock. Sonny and Chad stared with wide eyes, Alex nearly laughed but she was too afraid to do so, and Mason looked like he could kill. His eyes turned completely black but Tawni did not back up. "That is for abusing your girlfriend and treating her like an object! She deserves better than you!"

"Like yourself I presume?"

"Well yes, I would be a better choice then you." She stated confidently placing her manicured hands on her hips as she moved even closer to him.

As his fangs started to grow blue eyes widened in horror and she backed away from the man who was suddenly sprouting hair along his face and down his neck. "What the heck? What are you?" She screamed out as she walked backward toward Alex. The wizard had been trying to hide her powers but as Mason launched toward the two of them, she felt the need to protect the diva and wrapped her arms around her waist muttering out the spell in order to send them to a different place in a blink of an eye.

Noticing that they had disappeared Mason growled out and howled before quickly making his way out of the theatre in order to find them, he would find them and when he did he would taste Tawni's blood.

Sonny and Chad continued to stare, both blinking but neither saying anything.

"Well, that was unexpected." Chad finally stated before looking back at the clock. "Oh no, we are late for Chaddy time!"

"Chad!" She slapped him on the chest.


End Chapter

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