The Nine Lives of Channy

This is for StuckInTheRain's Supernatural Crossover Contest. Enjoy :D REVIEW! =D

(In San Francisco)
CPOV (Chloe)

Alek and I were jumping across rooftops when my phone started playing my favorite song, E.T. by Katy Perry. As I landed on the next rooftop, I pulled out my phone to see that it was Jasmine.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey, is Alek with you?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Can you put him on? He won't answer his phone."

"Sure, hold on." I walked over to Alek and handed him the phone. He talked for a while before giving the phone back to me. "What was that about?"

"Apparently a couple of Mai people at the L.A. Pride started to freak out once they found out what they are. They are going to be staying with us for a while. Just until they can control their new found powers," he explained in that sexy British accent. What? I don't like Alek...

"What are their names?"

(In Los Angeles/Hollywood)
SPOV (Sonny)

I feel amazing. My mom explained to me the other day that I'm not human. She said that I am some sort of creature called Mai. She is one too, but she is too busy to help me control my powers so she is sending me to meet my Aunt Valentina, who is in charge of the San Francisco pride. I never met her but I will be staying with her and her daughter.

Everything is going by so fast. I just found out I can retract claws from my nails whenever I need to. I just found out that I can hear better than any human. I just found out I will never be able to kiss my crush because he is human. Chad Dylan Cooper. My rival. My crush. I will never be able to kiss him. It's just not fair.

I don't care how great I feel from my new found abilities, I hate this. Tomorrow, I am going to San Francisco to live with my aunt and cousin for the summer. A summer away from Chad. How will I survive?

I heard my mom on the phone with her best friend, Mrs. Cooper. That's Chad's adoptive mother. She has been friends with my mom since they were kids so she knew my mom when she was going through her transformation. Mrs. Cooper knows all about the Mai from my mom. Chad doesn't know any of it.

CPOV (Chad)

My mom was talking on the phone with Ms. Monroe. Sonny seems like she has been through a lot lately. Not that I care… Oh, who am I kidding? She's amazing and I really, really like her. She'll never like me back though.

Some strange things have been going on lately. I can hear everything a thousand times better. My reflexes have been better also. Yesterday, the strangest thing of all happened. My nails grew five times their size, sharp to a point. Of course, I told my mommy everything that was going on. So what if CDC is a momma's boy?

She said she knew what was wrong but she refused to tell me anything. She just told me that I was going to San Francisco to stay with a family friend. I keep asking about my birth parents but she says that she knows nothing. I am going to San Fran for the whole summer. A whole summer away from my Sonshine? How will I survive?

APOV (Alek)

"They're coming tomorrow, Chloe," I informed her when we were back on her roof.

"You never told me their names."

"If I did, you will probably freak out."

"Why? Who are they?" she said, excitement building inside of her.

"Sonny Monroe and Chad Dylan Cooper."

She squealed loudly. She actually squealed. "I can't believe Sonny Monroe from So Random and Chad Dylan Cooper from Mackenzie Falls are actually coming to our pride."

SPOV (Sonny)

I was waiting by my terminal for my flight number to be called. Once it was, I boarded the plane, on my way to San Fran. I pulled out my iPod and listened to music for the whole ride there.

CPOV (Chad) (They do not see each other at the airport because they have two different flights)

I boarded my plane and listened to music the whole way there, while also texting my Sonshine... well she isn't my Sonshine…yet.

I landed and apparently Valentina arranged for me to be picked up by a limo. Well of course I got a limo. I'm Chad Dylan Cooper. I could tell that someone else was in the limo because one of the dividers was up. I decided to send a quick text to Sonny. I had my phone on silent from when I was on the plane. I decided to just keep it on silent.

Chad: Wat r u doin ova da summer?

Sonny: Visiting my aunt. U?

Chad: Visiting a family friend.

Sonny: Cool. Where do they liv?

Chad: San Fran. Where does ur aunt liv?

Sonny: San Fran. Maybe we will see each other :)

The limo pulled up to a huge apartment building. I was grabbing my bag when all of its contents spilled out. The other person is already heading towards the building. I saw that it was a girl but she had her head down. She had black wavy hair that reminded me of Sonny's.

SPOV (Sonny)

I took the directions Aunt Valentina gave my mom and went up to the eighteenth floor and to apartment number 1803. I shyly knocked on the door. My mom told me I would be meeting the Uniter while I am here. Questions started filling my mind. What if they don't like me? What if I don't get along with my aunt or cousin? What if the Uniter is mean or something? What if I make a fool of myself? What if-

My train of thought was interrupted when a middle-aged woman opened the door. This must be Aunt Valentina.

"Hello, Alison. Please come in. I am your Aunt Valentina."

"It's so nice to finally meet you and you can call me Sonny." She gave me a heartwarming smile and showed me to my room. It had blue walls with a green trim. The theme of the room was blue and green. The dresser was green. The bed had a blue comforter and green fluffy pillows.

"A young man should be joining us shortly. He also just transformed." Right after she finished her thought, there was a knock on the door. I turned towards my bed, put my bag on it, and started unpacking. I heard Valentina saying something to the person at the door that she wanted to introduce him to someone. I assumed it was me since I heard footsteps coming near my room.

At that moment, I heard an angelic voice say, "Sonny?"

I whipped my head around to find….

Just thought I would end it there…