Iruka looked at his class grateful that this class was graduating in a few months and began the day's lesson. "Now then students, today's lesson will be focused on one of the most dangerous foes you can face in the field as a ninja: Jinchuuriki. These ninjas are unique because they each have one of the 9 Biju sealed within them. This grants them powers far greater than normal ninjas; even ninjas with powerful kekkei genkai at their disposal. While not unbeatable, a Jinchuuriki is a powerful foe and should not be fought head on. In fact, it is advisable for most ninjas to avoid fighting with them at all."

"The reason why you should not directly fight a Jinchuuriki is because of the biju they contain. Biju have an influence over their power even when their powers are being controlled by the ninja they are sealed into as a Jinchuuriki. Should the ninja become too stressed by combat; the Biju will take over by various levels of control and go on a rampage. Some villages such as Suna and Iwa capitalize on this fact and deliberately make their Jinchuuriki seals' weak so that they can act as mobile deployment means for the demons. Other villages have their Jinchhuriki trained to use the Biju's power without giving up control. However, the training is never 100 percent effective and letting the Biju out as an attack is still kept as a last resort."

"Luckily, your chance of fighting a Jinchuuriki is incredibly slim given that there is a max of nine of them at any one time. Currently, it is known that Kiri, Kumo, and Iwa all have two Jinchuuriki's while Taki, Suna, and our own village only have one. Furthermore, as your classmate demonstrates, it takes years for a Jinchuuriki to grow powerful enough to where you should automatically flee if they enter the battlefield. Furthermore, humans normally cannot handle the strain of demonic chakra and so the vast majority Jinchuuriki have to either limit the usage of their demon's power or can only serve for a few years."

"Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and luckily for us Konoha is the exception to the limitations of Jinchuuriki. Because of the Uzumaki bloodline, Konoha has potentially the strongest Jinchuuriki possible. This is because the Uzumakis are able to resist demonic charka's harmful effects and remove the demonic will from the chakra. Because of this, Konoha has only had three Jinchuurikis while other villages are on their seventh or eighth Jinchuuriki for a Biju."

Several members of the class turned to glance over to where Naruto was sitting. It was a little disconcerting to think that the friendly and slightly goofy kid had that much power sleeping inside of him. They all had heard how the Kyubi was sealed into Naruto by the Yondaime after he killed Madara Uchiha for releasing the Kyubi from Naruto's mother to destroy the village. However, it was hard for the children to accept that Naruto would one day be able to wield a power that could have easily destroyed the village if his mother hadn't used her dying strength to keep the beast from attacking long enough to be sealed.

Naruto himself sat bored in his seat as Iruka explained a few non-classified details on how to handle a Jinchuuriki. Grandpa Sarutobi had already taught him about these details so that he knew about his weaknesses. While not his blood grandfather, the Sandaime had taken Naruto into his family as a foster child since his godfather was mostly out of the village maintaining various spy rings. Naruto liked it at the Sarutobi compound because the clan accepted him completely and didn't treat him at arms length.

It wasn't that Naruto was hated by villagers; he just wasn't someone they felt at ease with. There were only a few kids in school who had been willing to play with him and could be counted as friends. Still, Naruto had to admit that the villagers' respectful distance was better than what Jinchuuriki in other villages got. Hell, Suna apparently tried to kill it's Jinchuuriki on a monthly basis! Yes, Naruto thought, he definitely had a good deal when it came to being a Jinchuuriki.

Naruto and the other students who had let their minds wander were brought back to reality when Iruka called for the lunch break. Like several students who had studied ahead, Naruto headed for the windows and wall-walked out of the classroom. However, he headed up to the roof while the others were heading down to the outdoor dinning field. Once on the roof, Naruto unsealed a picnic table and waited for his friends to arrive. Shikamaru, Choji, and Kiba walked in through the roof door and sat down at the table.

The quartet quickly wolfed down their lunches. Even the usually lethargic Shikamaru could devour food with surprising gusto. Once they were done, Kiba pulled out a telescope and grinned. "Hey guys, who wants to join me for checking out hot springs? After all, it's Women's Wednesday and you know they get the most babes today."

Choji and Shikimaru unsealed their telescopes and set up camp right next to where Kiba had his telescope placed. Why else would they have their lunch on a hot roof? Naruto rolled his eyes and took his place as lookout. Kiba had great ideas for pranks, but man was he a pervert. Naruto didn't join in the weekly peeping session because if he wanted to see some skin, which he didn't, swiping a video or two from his grandfather's collection would be the safer course of action.

Hearing the sounds of someone walking up the stairs, Naruto called out to his friends. "Someone is coming guys." Unfortunately for them, the trio was too focused on the bathing babes in their telescopes. Naruto shrugged his shoulders and walked down the wall out of sight. He then pulled out some popcorn and waited for the show to begin. A big fox grin appeared on Naruto's face as he sat on the wall and listened as his pals got a beaten up by Anko who was subbing for the gym teacher this week.

Princess Donna of the Amazons rushed through the woods of Themiscyra towards one of the Amazons' armories. Donna was running towards the armory like the fate of the Amazons rested on her getting there as soon as possible and it was. None of her sisters were able to stop the magician Felix Faust as he attacked Themiscyra. His magic turned them to stone before they could lay a blade on the old man. Before she had been turned to stone, Philipus had charged Donna with retrieving the Amulet of Hecate from the mystical armory. The amulet would render whoever wore it immune from any curses like Faust was using. If she could get it, then she could kill Faust and free her sisters.

The young princess let out a sigh of relief when she came into view of the armory. Donna quickly ran to the door, opened it, and dashed into the armory. She then rushed about looking for the amulet. It wasn't hard to find the amulet since it was sitting on a pedestal slightly off center in the armory. The princess quickly walked up to the pedestal and grabbed the amulet.

"Well, well, well," a voice from behind Donna say causing the princess to whirl around in fear. Faust was standing in the doorway holding his medusa medallion. "It seems that one of you Amazons was able to escape. However, it was foolish of you to run indoors like this unless this is where you wanted your statue to be." He then activated the medallion sending two mystical beams of energy. The beams hit Donna, but didn't do anything.

The magician's eyes became wide in shock because Donna didn't turn into stone. His eyes then spotted the amulet in Donna's hand. Faust quickly regained his composure and said, "I see. That little amulet of yours grants you protection from some magical attacks."

Donna grinned and shot back, "Yes. Thanks to it I'll be able to defeat you and force you to undo the damage you've done!" Themiscyra's youngest princess grinned and then rushed at Faust assured of victory now that she had the amulet.

Her charge abruptly ended when the princess slammed into an invisible wall a foot away from Faust. The arcane practitioner shook his head like he was scolding a student. "Did you really think I hadn't prepared any personal defenses princess? After all, an arrow can still kill someone if it's made of stone instead of metal." He then frowned as Donna backed away a few feet so she could assess the situation. "That amulet is going to be a problem for me. I don't care what happens to you princess as long as you're not around when I summon your sister. However, I don't suppose you'll be willing to let go of the amulet and be turned into stone? Of course you won't let yourself be turned into stone; your foolish pride will not let you. I'll need to get rid of you."

Faust stretched out his hand causing the barrier to extend around Donna. The princess snarled as she saw she was completely trapped by Faust's magic. She then watched as the magician pulled out a large blue sapphire gem and began chanting:

"By the power of Odin's lost eye,

I call upon the strength to pierce the veil of time

And cast asunder the barriers of evermore

May this woman see her last sunrise

In this land that is by right of sword mine

To forever be cast upon a dream's lost shore!"

Bolts of lighting suddenly appeared in the barrier and started to swirl around Donna growing in strength. Donna then felt a strong gale forming and trying to lift her off the ground. Soon the wind picked her up causing the princess to panic. "Why isn't the amulet stopping this curse?"

Faust shouted out, "That's because this isn't a curse my dear. It's a transportation spell designed to send you to another reality! By having your destination be random I'm able to lower the power of the spell enough so that I can cast it and I can't retrieve you if your sister tries to for me to get you back." There was blinding flash of light as the princess was forced out of reality with her destination up to fate.

Danzo frowned as he looked at the ANBU commanders assembled before him. In the scarred elder's mind most of the ANBU were only acceptable and should be of superior quality than what he had to deal with thanks to Hiruzen's policies. It was times like this when he was going over the ANBU training records that he wished he could get rid of the emotions early on in shinobi training. Far too many Konoha shinobi were too soft! Sure, some people could use emotions to become stronger. However, far too many people let their emotions paralyze them when they should act.

It annoyed Danzo that Hiruzen forgot that he was one of those rare people who could productively utilize emotions. That and the Sandaime's public relations campaigns, while financially very profitable, weakened Konoha's forces in the grizzled war hawk's mind. Years ago, Danzo had thought about creating a sub branch of ANBU that would properly train shinobi from the ground up to protect Konoha. That idea had been so tempting to him; however, it was only a dangerous idea. Doing something like that would divert valuable resources from Konoha and could weaken the village's defenses. If it was found out a civil war could break out hurting the village. But most importantly, such a plan would break the unity of the village. There could only be one Hokage, and Danzo wasn't the Hokage even if he wished he was.

Turning his attention back to the ANBU Danzo gave out his final critiques. "Squad Shi is not up to proper standards. Captain Bear, you must double your squad's training routine. There can be no give in your men's abilities! Now, let's put this aside and focus on the hunt for Orochimaru."

Before Danzo could continue, an electrical whirlwind appeared in the middle of his office forcing everyone to duck for cover. When the storm abated, Danzo and the ANBU captains were greeted with the sight of a confused and slightly dazed Donna standing in the briefing room. Immediately, the old war hawk and leader of the ANBU assumed that the princess was an enemy agent sent to Konoha by some unknown jutsu to steal intelligence. "Seize her for questioning."

Donna whirled around at the sound of Danzo's voice slipping into a defensive stance. She wasn't about to be beaten even if she had no idea where she was. The first ANBU to approach Donna received a lighting fast punch that sent him flying through walls. Donna quickly kicked another ninja and then flew through three more like a wrecking ball in a china shop. She then smashed the wall on her right and lightly stepped onto the floor. Unlike Diana, Donna was just learning to fly and she trusted her feet in this situation.

If he didn't possess absolute control of his emotions, Danzo would have smacked his face in disgust at the ANBU's performance. Seriously, couldn't they take down one girl even if she did have strength to rival Tsunade? Danzo walked over to a microphone and turned it on. "Attention ANBU, command has been infiltrated by an unknown agent. Your orders are to capture the woman for questioning. Be warned as she has demonstrated extreme strength and arrived in the command by an unknown jutsu."

Donna raced through the hallway of ANBU Command and saw three ninjas standing in front of her in an intersection. Not wanting to waste time with another battle, Donna shoved through the right wall and continued to run. Unfortunately, she ended up breaking into the indoor throwing range and several ninjas were still there suiting up to go after her. The ninjas took one look at Donna and pulled out their kunai. Seeing the other group of ninjas closing in on her, Donna ran through the range and barely avoided getting hit.

When she reached the other side, the Amazonian princess smashed through the wall and slammed her foot into the ground. To her surprise, she broke the floor creating a gaping hole to the lower level instead of creating a wall of earth. Donna thought about going through the hole for a second before deciding to continue running down the hall. Hopefully, the hole would throw them off.

Turning yet another corner, Donna practically ran into an ANBU kunoichi. The princess quickly took a defensive stance and prepared herself for battle. However, the kunoichi made a handsign as cast a genjutsu on Donna. Most genjutsus were focused around causing pain, paralyzing fear, confusing a person's senses, or trapping a person's mind. This gennjutsu worked in a completely different way and blindsided Donna. One moment she was preparing for battle and the next her senses were burning with pleasure. Her brain flooded with endorphins causing her to pass out from pleasure.

Donna groggily woke up and quickly discovered that her limbs were bound in chains and she was feeling as weak as a newborn kitten. Trying not to panic, Donna looked around trying to get a sense of her location. She spotted five people off to the side and tried to listen into what they were saying. It was a good thing that the Amazons were taught every language spoken in Man's world or she wouldn't have understood a word. As it was, she could barely follow what was being said as it sounded like a dialect of Japanese.

One of the older people calmly asked, "Were you able to determine how she appeared in the middle of ANBU headquarters Inoichi?"

Donna watched as the man who she now knew was called Inoichi shook his head. "Not exactly Lord Hokage, her mind is unique. Something with her chakra is very different making it hard to enter her mind. The closest I can describe it is like when I enter Naruto's mind for his yearly check-up. I checked and she doesn't have a seal so she isn't a Jinchuuriki. From what little I could get is that she's from a kingdom I've never heard of and was very important there. She was apparently sent here by some attacker, but how I can't determine from the scant images I could glimpse."

One of the elders glanced over to Donna and frowned. He then said, "Hiruzen, the prisoner is awake. I think we should question her now."

Hiruzen glanced over at Donna and nodded his head. "You're right Homura. Hopefully we can get the answers we need." He then walked over to the Amazon princess with his advisors and Inoichi following him. In a firm voice the Hokage asked, "Who are you and from what land do you hail from?"

Donna looked up at Hiruzen and defiantly replied, "I am Donna of Themiscyra, second princess and daughter of Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons. Who are you to imprison me so?"

Very quickly Hiruzen said, "I am the Sandaime Hokage and ruler of this village. Lady Donna, you are being held for infiltrating a military facility via an unknown method and assaulting several of my shinobi who were attempting to detain you for questioning. I know of all the peoples and lands with two years of travel from the Land of Fire and have never heard of Themiscara or the Amazons. That means you're either lying to me, which I can plainly see you're not, or your people are from the other side of the world. In doesn't really matter at this point because you are effectively alone and it is up to me to determine what your punishment will be for your crimes. If you cooperate with us you'll be granted a lighter sentence for your crimes. However, if you refuse to cooperate with us we'll be force to use more unpleasant methods to get the information we need from you and your punishment will be far harsher. It's for the good of my village's security, I'm sure you understand my position."

As much as Donna hated it, she could understand Hiruzen's position. If somebody had suddenly appeared in the middle of the palace back home they would have been seized for questioning as well. With a sigh Donna said, "Alright I'll help you. What is it you want to know?"

Danzo quickly spoke up before Hiruzen. "How did you enter ANBU Command?"

Donna looked at Hiruzen for a second and then said, "I don't know. My people were under attack and I was tasked with retrieving an amulet that negated our attacker's magic. He found me after I recovered the amulet and used an artifact I've never heard of before to send me away so that he wouldn't have to worry about the amulet."

Hiruzen nodded his head accepting Donna's answer. The questioning continued for the next twenty minutes as Hiruzen and the other elders tried to assess what threat Donna, her people, and Faust might present to Konoha and the Land of Fire. Once the questioning session ended, Hiruzen and the elders walked away to discuss what should happen to Donna.

Danzo was the first to speak his opinion. "I say that we have the prisoner put to death. Her ability to resist Inoiochi's mind reading jutsus makes it unlikely we can mindwipe her to savage her as a blackops fighter. Her people are obviously out of range to do anything to us or help us and she'll only cause trouble staying here. Killing her now prevents us from losing shinobi if she escapes and allows us to deny ever seeing her. It's the safest option."

Homura shook his head. "I think we should have her kept locked away for now and search for Themiscyra. The Amazon queen would likely pay a large ransom for the return of her daughter. The price of exotic goods from lands beyond the local countries would fetch a considerable profit. We know that there is at least one way to get to Themiscyra quickly and we could perhaps create another way with Jiraiya and his Toad summons to help."

Koharu added her two cents. "We have no idea if her sudden transportation to Konoha can be duplicated and it would cost too much to fund an expedition of exploration to find Themiscyra. Also, simply killing Donna would be a waste of a perfectly good opportunity. I say we marry her to Naruto Uzumaki. We'll eventually need another Uzumaki to take Naruto's place in the future and no clan is going to allow one of their daughters to be the mother or grandmother of the next Jinchuuriki. Donna's strength will improve the Uzumaki Clan as a whole and we were contemplating giving Naruto a captured kunoichi or two in the future as a concubine if the situation regarding his status remained the same."

The Hokage carefully considered his friends' words. Their very different outlooks on matters helped him look at all angles. Koharu had a good point and presented a good way to handle the situation. Having Donna marry Naruto would allow Konoha to claim they were treating the princess well on the off chance her people ever came looking for her. The marriage would link the princess to the village and could be construed as a 'punishment' for a lady of her birth; especially given the Uzumakis' burden. It would also solve the very real problem of Naruto being the only living member of his clan. People appreciated what Naruto did for them, but no one wanted their descendents bound to the Uzumakis' fate.

Hiruzen nodded his head and said, "I've decided to go with Koharu's suggestion. We'll have Lady Donna move to the good behavior cell for tonight and inform her of her punishment tomorrow. Keep the chakra draining seal on her, but remove her chains and make sure that she gets her meals from the guard kitchen instead of the prisoner kitchen."

Asuma and Naruto were standing on wooding training poles having a spar in the Sarutobi Clan compound. Both of them were wielding wooden training kunai and trying to force the other to loose their footing. Asuma was taking a defensive approach while Naruto was hopping from pole to pole trying to attack a weak spot he thought he saw. The jonin spotted his father entering the compound out of the corner of his eye and decided to end the match. Asuma's leg lashed out quicker than Naruto could follow, hit the boy in the gut, and sent him flying out of bounds.

There was a noticeable thud as Naruto hit the sand around the training poles. "What was that for Uncle Asuma? I thought you said we weren't going to use our feet this session!"

Asuma shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Always expect the unexpected in battle Naruto. Besides, Father's home early today and I think we should see what's going on." Asuma then hopped off of the pole he was standing on and landed on the stone outline of the training ground. He then turned around and offered Naruto a hand up. Naruto accepted the offered hand and the duo walked back into the compound.

Unlike some established clans, the Sarutobi's followed a more relaxed domestic life and their compound was a large home for everyone to live in rather then a formal compound with greater and lesser domiciles for clan members. Hiruzen was quickly found by the duo sitting on one of the couches boiling some water for tea on a coffee table in the living room. The old Hokage smiled when he saw his son and ward walk in the room. "Hello Asuma, Naruto, it's good to see you both. Would either of you care for a cup of tea?"

"Sure Grandpa."

"I think that would be nice father." Naruto sat down next to Hiruzen while Asuma got two more cups. He then put the on the tray and asked, "So father, why are you home early?"

Hiruzen let a small frown appear on his face as he spoke. "We had an incident today at ANBU Command. A noblewoman from a warrior people I've never heard of before was accidently sent into Command by a jutsu used against her. She caused quite a ruckus before we were able to capture her for questioning. Now, I've got a princess cooling her heels in a prison cell with no ready way to return her to her people, but have to face the chance her people will come looking for her."

Asuma shuttered and replied, "That's not good news. If this causes the Fire Lord any trouble with the local nations or causes some previously unheard of nation to attack it will be your neck on the chopping block. What are you going to do about her?"

The Hokage took a moment to pour some water into his cup and put a tea bag in it. He then answered his son. "I'm doing the only thing I realistically can do: I'm providing for a young woman of her station while still punishing her for attacking Konoha's military forces. As such, she is to be married off to a clan heir whose wealth can provide for a high station, but not one as high as the typical princess would consider normal for one of her station. As for the heir in question, I've chosen Naruto to be her husband."

Naruto spat out his tea and screamed, "What? How can I be chosen as this woman's husband? I'm only 14 years old for Amaterasu's sake."

Hiruzen gave Naruto a hard look and said, "You were selected to be Donna's husband because I decided you were the best choice out of her potential husbands to be. The fact that you are 14 is immaterial. As your guardian I can give my permission to have you as a minor marry. Also, you're set to graduate from the academy in three months so you'll be legally an adult. Besides, Donna is apparently 15 years old so your ages won't be a major problem."

With a sigh Naruto replied, "You're right Grandfather. I just wish that I could pick my own wife in the future. You know, like how you got Uncle Asuma's mother or how my parents met. Is it really too much to ask for the chance to have the choice be my choice?"

A small tear rolled down Hiruzen's cheek. "I'm sorry Naruto. I really wish you could have the joy of meeting that someone special and falling in love like I did. However, I don't see that happening as much as it pains me to tell you this fact. I can't see any woman from the village agreeing to become your wife because of social pressure. Take a look at your situation in school. Your one of the top students of the year, you come from a respected wealthy clan, have the Yondaime for your father, are one of the more attractive boys in the school, and yet you don't have a single fan girl. Now I'll freely admit that fan girls are worse than locust, but any other boy in your situation would have at least a dozen of the vermin."

Asuma walked over and wrapped his arm around Naruto. "Cheer up Naruto, it's not so bad. There's nothing that says you can't fall in love with this Donna girl once you married her just because it's an arraigned marriage. I know several nobles who have grown to love their wives that they got from arraigned marriages. As long as you are a gentleman everything will work out in time."

"I guess," Naruto said as his spirits picked up a little. He than looked at Hiruzen and asked, "Grandpa, when do I meet Donna?"

Hiruzen quickly answered, "Tomorrow after school Naruto. I want you to head straight for the Hokage Tower and come to my office. Donna will be brought to my office to meet you after being informed of her future by one of the village elders. You two will meet there and can talk for a bit before the marriage papers are signed. Once the marriage is finalized you and your new bride will be free to do as you wish until supper time when I expect you both to be here."

He then turned to his son and said, "Asuma, I want you and your brother Sagara to prepare one of the larger rooms tomorrow for the new Uzumaki couple to move into. Just the basic things Naruto and Donna will need you understand. Is that alright with you?"

Asuma nodded his head and replied, "That's fine father."

Author's notes: Hi there, this muse moved in while I was having another argument with my muse for Blood of the Saiyans. This story is inspired by "Ties that Bind" by Fan of Fanfics and several different Justice League stories I've read recently. It's bugged me that Donna never appeared in the DCAU even though I've seen her included very well in several fanfics.

Naruto fans will quickly notice the AU nature of this Naruto setting. The revelations of the Uzumaki clan's connection to Konoha and the knowledge of the 9 biju scattered among the various villages struck me more as a retcon than a revelation given how the story was going in the earlier chapters of the manga. This is slightly expected given the manga's 10 year plus run and counting. However, it makes the Sandaime's actions with Naruto at the beginning look like they were made by a brain dead moron instead of the skilled 'God of Shinobi'.