Out of my own stupidity, and childhood naivety I became the one thing that he wanted. Little did I realize he would do anything to get me. As I ran to the very place that started this all, I knew this had to be it. This had to stop everything.

He couldn't take her. He couldn't go through with it, not after everything.

Climbing the fence that surrounded the estate my heart quickened as lightning lit up the sky. The cold rain drenched me to the bones as I finally made it to the Lake. Wiping back some of my wet hair from my eyes, I took a few steps back and ran on the long wooden dock that stretched out into the lake.

Foolish I know. But what other way was there? I needed to get to her, to them, before it happens. But as my feet started to leave the dock, I was pulled back but something. Or someone.

"No Maxine!" I heard him say, as I slammed into the wet planks. I looked up through the rain to one of the people I didn't think I would be so happy to see. His mouth pulled into a frown as his eeire black eyes stared into mine.

"I need to go Alistair...you know that. You know that I am supposed to be it not her!" I pleaded, tugging on his sleeves.

"You sure you want to do this? You sure you want to take her place?"

"I need to. She doesn't deserve to be there. She will die Alistiar...Please..."

After a few moments, he nodded his head and picked me up. "Then fallow me...my Queen..."