This was supposed to be my dream. Traveling through the hillside of Europe with my friends as a last hurrah before we all went our separate ways this fall. The irony was, and is the fact that it was my idea. All of it. It was my idea for the trip, and my idea to visit the land of the "Hallows" or so it is called. My grandmother actually told me the fairy tales of the Hallows when I couldn't go asleep at night. Saying how the King of the Goblins would find the one girl that he would fall in love with, and save her from the dreadful life that she had to become his Queen. These tales of love, magic, and mystery followed me throughout my life. So much so that I use to dream of the King of the Goblins finding me and whisking away from my life to be his Queen.

So when we all finally made this trip, I couldn't help but want to go to the land of where my family came from. Of where my childhood dreams came from.

So I guess it all started there on that tour through the Hallow Hill estate.

"...Max...why are we all dressed like boys?"

I turned around to my two closest friends, Isabelle or Izzy for short, and Diana. Izzy was taller then I was, with long fiery light red hair. The freckles on her face only illuminated the light amber brown eyes. Between the three of us, she was the most feminine. Scarves, flowly skirts and shirts that helped show off her lean, model like build. So she of course resented the fact that I made her dress up in baggy jeans, and a large baggy ugly brown shirt that belonged to her boyfriend back at home. Instead of her hair curling around her shoulders, it was stuffed up into a hat. The only thing that she fought me on was the coral pink fingernail polish that she had on.

"Because it is in the rules..." I laughed as we waited in line to get into the grounds. "And because it is fun! Come you really want to be taken by the...duh duh duh...Goblin King?" I turned around making a funny face at her.

"I just don't understand why we have to come here in the first place! We could have just gone shopping in the town, and visit all the old structures there."

"Oh come on Izzy!" spoke up Diana as she bumped by Izzy in the line. "We did that yesterday and besides my wallet needs a break from all the shopping..."

I smiled at her, thanking her for her intervention as she stood by Izzy. Izzy and I were so different from each other, that Diana was more like our intermediate. Our peacekeeper. Her light blond hair, that was usually in braids, were also tucked under a cap like Izzy's. The light behind her blue green eyes showed the intelligence that I had admired and truth be told kinda of always envied. Around my height she was built like an avid athlete should be. Was the Captain for the swim team back at home, ran the 100 hurdle yard dash for track, and was in love with tennis. Strong, smart, and beautiful, she was one of the most sought after girls in school. But now, when she made a face at me, I couldn't help but smile. Not with her hair bound up in the hat, her baggy boy clothes, and the two different shades of eyeliner that I had put on her face to make it look like she had a beard and side-burns. She, as well as I knew, that the "rules" were nothing more then what the local tourist girls did when they visited this place. Back then it was more for "protection" from the King, and his goblins. But now it was just for fun, and to some, more of a tradition than anything else. Even in the little towns that surrounded the estate still didn't let their girls out at night unless they were married.

I knew too how funny I looked liked from all the weird faces I got from the people at the desk as we got our tickets for the tour. As we waited outside of the vast house, I smiled. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would actually be here. Standing in the very spot where all my childhood stories took place, along with all my childhood dreams. I don't think that neither Izzy, or Diana knew how important this was for me. This made me. All those years reading different stories, writing, and acting in all the school plays became of this. I wasn't a beauty like Izzy, and I didn't have brains like Diana. I was a little more...womanly, then Diana, or Izzy was.

I had the hips, and "birthing" thighs. My stomach had that little curve to it, but I didn't have the "girls" to completely pull off the curvy image. And while Izzy kept sighing that she wished she had my narrow waist, my "hour-glass" figure, I couldn't help but say, "go ahead and take it."

I never felt that my dark green forest eyes, or my thick dark black curly hair was considered...pretty. So as the others quickly stuffed their hats, I left mine the way it always was. In a ponytail. And by the time the tour started, some wisps started to fall out, curling around my ears, and framing my face.

The tour of the house was fun, entertaining, well probably to me anyways. Portraits of the people that used to live here lined the walls. I couldn't help but stare at a few, and sneak some pictures from my camera phone. A couple of times did I linger too long, only to be yanked back to the group by Izzy herself. Then when the tour stopped for a break of lunch, and walking around the estate, half of my hair was falling out. I scolded myself for letting Izzy talk me into getting my hair cut short right before we left on our trip.

Stopping by the lake, I took off the hat that I brought, and undid the ponytail. Shaking my head around, I let my curls fall around my face.

"MAX! Come on!"

I turned to look at both Izzy and Diana waving for me a little farther down the path that went around the huge lake. Quickly grabbing handfuls of hair to be put back into my hairtie, I ran to meet them. All the while, something clicked in the back of my mind that I wasn't alone. That we weren't alone. Shrugging off the feeling, we joined back up with the group who now was starting their tour/hike, through the woods. At this point Izzy was done. Scowling something about the little gift shop, she left taking off her hat as she went. Diana and I couldn't't help but laugh and mock her throughout the rest of the tour. The woods where something out of a dream, and as we met up to the huge cliffs that marked the end of the path, and property line I couldn't help feel a little heartbroken. I finally lived my dream, and now that it was over, I felt sad. Empty. When we finally made it back to the house, Izzy was more distraught than ever .

"I cannot believe this!" she cried as she quickly marched right up to us.

"What is it this time Izzy?" I mocked taking out my cell phone to see what time it was.

"The bus! It's broken down!"

For some reason, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on ends.

"What do you mean the bus is broken down?"

"I mean there is something wrong with the bus, and we are stuck here for the night!"

"The night?"

And that was when all my childhood dreams and fantasy's became my waking nightmares.