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"Get out!"

A very well aimed bottle crashed on the wall. Jerry ducked it just in time, else his face would be in a very bad state.

"Shut up! You get out if you don't want to see me!" the mouse shouted back.

"It's my house!"

"It is not! Do you think you can just live here, because you were once the cat of the owner?!"

"If not you, I would still be one!" Tom shouted throwing a glass, but Jerry once again avoided it.

Let's get back to yesterday.

After the trickster woke up, he immediately escaped, Nature said to let him go. Innocence was sorry for her actions and promised to help Jerry in trouble, not saying another word to Tom.

With the necklace, Jealousy, Justice and Nature took the rest home. Toodless hugged Tom, well, Butch was not so happy about that, but she quickly made that up kissing her partner passionately. Butch was dumbfounded. After asking where did she learn that, she said that it was 'in TV'.

First to go were Spike and Tyke. Their goodbyes were very quick and not in the least emotional.

Second was Nibbles. He held Jerry and showed his tongue to Tom.

The most hard parting was with the two cats. It was not very happy for the mouse either. Apparently, Toodless decided that a kiss was not something that anyone should get mad over. Her peck was short and although Jerry was boiling inside he let it go. The problem started when Butch decided that if his girlfriend could do that, why the hell couldn't he? So he kissed the unsuspecting cat too. Well, more like pushed Tom against a wall and ravaged his lips.

Jerry would be okay with that too, if Tom reacted. Pushed the other away, squirmed uncomfortably, whatever. Instead when they parted, Tom's pupils were dilated. Jerry knew that look well, he often got it.

Jealousy smirked. He was getting so much power from that kid.

Before Jerry could act on his anger cats were made into just cats again. Gods took the animals do their places and for a moment our main characters were alone.

Jerry stood before Tom, and put his hand near the others head on the wall.

"Do you like that feeling?" his words had a furious ring to it. "Being dominated? Fucked against a wall?"

Tom smirked. He put his hand on the mouse's chest and turned them around.

"I don't know" he said and leaned in to whisper in Jerry's ear "Do you?"

The brown haired man squeezed Tom's ass and brought their hips flush against each others.

That moment Nature and Peace appeared in the room and that encounter had to end.

"What did she mean by 'omega'?" was Tom's question.

"Omega is the last letter of the alphabet. It can mean 'the end' or in that case 'the one who ends it'."

"I don't understand."

"Look. There is a place when all gods reside. In that place there is so called council of the eldest which decide whether something is okay or not. I am the part of that council, but was not on their meeting recently. They think that what Peace did is wrong according to the rules, that she meddled too much with earthly things."

"Still what does that has to do with 'the end'?"

"Long, long ago when nor Peace, Jealousy, Justice or Innocence existed, when there were only few gods besides me there was a discussion about humans. I had a bit of a fight with Time and I killed him, but after his return a new god was created. Her name was Revenge. She said that there will be a human that will be the end of gods. Now there is a discussion, and some of them think you're the one. The war of gods is coming."

"Wait, in that case can't Peace just turn me back into a cat?"

"It's too late. The damage is already done. Revenge is turning gods against each other."

"But gods can't die!" shouted Jerry.

"Well, not in the full sense of that word. Only another god can kill them, and even if, they will be reborn. But they will not be the same. A new god will be created, with the same power, but not as the same person. I have no idea how gods can end."

The grim silence fell on the room.

"What will we do?" Jerry asked.

"I don't know kid. Gods are debating killing Peace and Omega. Or rather, were debating until I showed up and said what I think about this. They will not touch my soul mate."

"So are you like, together?" asked Tom.

"Gods choose their soul mates. It is a bond not even close to petty human interactions. That's why besides me and her, and Jealousy and Justice, there are only about five other pairs."

"Wait, you mean that twins are a pair!?"

"Twins? Gods can change their looks anytime. The fact that Justice looks like Jealousy is the highest compliment. And the bond is much more then being a pair. It's not the kind of love that humans can comprehend. Although Love did not exactly agree with that."

"That is not the issue." Said Peace irritated.

"Right. So what can be done about that?" asked Tom.

"We will do everything to avoid the war. There might be a problem, because Peace is not allowed to get near the land of gods and without her that place is boiling with anger. If the war breaks there is only a shadow of hope."

"That is?"

"There was once a god superior to us all, but she disappeared. Some say she will be back if someone says her name in the time of need."

"So, what's the name?"

"I cannot tell you. She represents something that is in all of us."

Peace and Nature bid them farewells for the night. The house was filled with uncomfortable silence.

"So the end is coming." Said Tom sullenly.

"Don't worry." Jerry said leaning into Tom's personal space. "No matter what happens, if we're together we can overcame this."

He kissed the cat, but Tom pushed him away.

"Your breath stinks."

Jerry stood there surprised and offended. Sure, he did not wash his teeth yet, but Tom was not exactly fresh and clean either.

"It's all your fault." Said the cat not looking at him.

"What did you say?" asked Jerry disbelievingly.

"I said that this whole situation, that I am human is your fault!" Tom's yellow eyes were full of rage.

"The fuck? You are forgetting something. Peace changed us into humans, because YOU tried to eat me!"

"But she left us that way because of your stupid idea!"

"Because I loved you!"

"I never thought of what is between us as something more then pleasure!" Tom said and his words were cutting the mouse deeply.

"Enough! You're just like a whore! You could do that with anyone!"

"Get out!"

And this is how we found them in this predicament.

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