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Gender swapped!

Chapter 3:

Please note: all characters whom of which have switched genders are referred to as their original genders

Example: Lucy, even if she is now a boy, is still referred to as a she or her in the text

Gajeel could not believe his ears. His mind went blank with shock as he just stood there, dropping the drink that he had in his hand and letting fall onto the pavement below. "GAJEEL!" the male Lucy screamed, as she continued to hop from one foot to the other; ready to blow. Luckily for her though, shortly after his initial shock, Gajeel quickly snapped out of his stunned state and took a deep, deep breath."Okay, i'm only going to say this one, and only once, you here me." he said pointing a finger at Lucy. She nodded, she needed to know, whether she wanted to or not.

"First off as you've probably guessed to pull you pants down, after that you grab it, point, and release. Understand? Grab, point, release. Grab, point, release. Grab, point, release." He repeated, his face red with embarrassment, not like Lucy didn't blame him. "Now get your ass going!" Gajeel screamed as he pointed to the nearest set of bathrooms. Lucy nodded once more, and then ran like there was no tomorrow, before yelling back towards the black haired dragon slayer, "THANK YOU!"

Gajeel dropped his face into his palms, 'i can't believe i just taught a girl how to do that.' He shook his head, 'Aww damn it! She's guy now, that doesn't matter!' And with that thought still lingering within his mind, Gajeel strode off, though slightly faster than usual.

'Okay, okay calm down Lucy. Just do what you were told and you'll be fine,' Lucy thought to herself. She was currently inside one of the stalls in the men's washroom back at the guild. She had attempted earlier to use the girl's but when she tried to enter, all that got her was slap in the face before she could even step in. Now here she was, struggling to even open the zipper of her pants, due to her hands shaking. But, eventually managed to complete the task, after many attempts.

Lucy gulped. Staring at the layer of cloth that separated her, and that thing, as she so puts it. She slowly pulled down on the layer of cloth as the thing flopped out. Lucy gave a visible flinch, as she then slowly reached out and wrapped her hands around the length of the shaft. 'I can't believe i'm touching this thing!' Lucy screamed in her head. Then tilting the thing downwards so that it pointed towards the center of the bowl, she took in a deep breath and then gave a sigh of relief as she released her waste.

"Okay you four," Mirajane began, "i believe it's about time we got you guys some new clothes." she announced, waiting for the reaction the members of team Natsu would give, from their seats at the table. The girls, well the guys now actually, quickly thought it was a good idea even giving the names of a few clothing stores that they happened to know. The others however had different opinions to the idea of shopping, "No." Gray and Natsu stated bluntly.

"Why do we have to go shopping?" Natsu asked, "can't i just wear what i normally wear?" The trio of Erza, Lucy and Mira stared at the pink haired dragon slayer. "What?" Natsu asked in confusion. "Natsu, you're a girl now you here me," Mirajane pointed, "so until we find away to change you guys back, you will have to start acting like one."

"Aww," Natsu whined, clearly showing his displeasure. "Don't 'aww' me," Mirajane snapped as she grabbed hold of Natsu's arm. Gray scratched his head, "geez, this is such a drag." "Hey! No complaints from you either!" Lucy said pointing a finger at Gray. "yeah, yeah whatever," he waved as he followed Mira out of the guild.

"God they are so annoying," Lucy said as she palmed the side of her face. Erza smiled, as she then placed an arm atop one of Lucy's now broad shoulders. "Now, now there's no point in complaining," she stated, "even is their genders have changed their still the same people remember." Lucy sighed, "yeah, i guess your right." "Well duh, of course I'm right, i'm Tatania." Erza said with confidence brimming in her voice, which instantly fell the next moment. "Well...at least i used to be," she muttered under her breath, before bursting into tears. "Why...WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN!" Erza screamed upward towards the heavens, before dropping to her knees. "Why..." she trailed off.

Lucy knelt at the side of her friend and patted her back, "There, there now," she said comfortingly. "It's alright, even if you aren't the Titantia anymore, you're part of our team and one of our very best friends. So please stop pouting. Besides if you work hard enough I'm sure you might even get a new title. Just Imagine, instead of Titania, Titanion, or how about Titanios. Heck you might even get a name even cooler than that if you put your mind to it. Now come on Erza, stop pouting will you."

Erza sniffled, "Really?" Lucy patted her back once more, "Really," she assured. And with that Lucy stood up, but before she could even think of what to do next she was tackled to the ground in a big bear hug. "LUCY!" Erza screamed, as she rubbed her face against Lucy's toned chest. "You're right, you're absolutely right. Oh thank you so much for hoping me in my time of need, you really are the greatest, best and most awesome friend a girl could have."

"N-no...p-problem," Lucy stuttered, gasping for air.

Natsu and Gray sighed in unison. They were currently outside the clothing store that the others had gone into, standing idly by as they waited for the rest of their team to come walking through the doors with Mira in hand. The wait wasn't long, as Mirajane suddenly burst through the doors, her face red bearing a grin that almost literally spread form ear to ear.

"Guys!" she screamed as she ran towards them, "You definitely have to see this! They look absolutely gorgeous!" And with that, she grabbed hold of both their arms before they could even open their mouths in protest and dragged them into the store, towards a pair of change rooms. "Hey will you quit it!" Gray said, "you're hurting my hand." Insanlty Mira let go, and then scratched her head. "Sorry," she told them, "Force of habit."

"Hey Mira can we come out now," Lucy's voice rang out from one of the change rooms. "We've been waiting for over ten minutes already." "Yeah, Lucy's right," Erza chimed in from the other change room. "We're both getting pretty anxious here you know." Mirajane sighed, "oh alright, you can come out now." "Finally!" Lucy and Erza shouted in unison as they immediately stepped out the change rooms.

Gray and Natsu blushed at the sight, even if though they didn't know why. But something about how their friends looked made their faces go red and their hearts beat like crazy! The two couldn't help but stare, and that did not go unnoticed. "Ooh how cute!" Mira said happily, "you guys are blushing!" Natsu and Gray could feel their ears go red, "N-no we a-are not!" Natsu snapped, his face now matching the color of Erza's hair.

"Aww come on, you guys down't have to lie. Just be honest." Mirajane told the two. But after a moment, neither Gray nor Natsu spoke. Both too busy within their own minds, as they tried to work out how and why they were feeling the way they were. It was just strange to the two of them, and the new clothes Mira had bought for their friends, were certainly not helping.

The two thought back. It all started the day before, when Lucy had given her speech to the girls, in an attempt to comfort them in their time of need. She failed several times at first, but after a while, something happened. It was as if she had become a whole other person, and Natsu and Gray couldn't help but see sparkles when she smiled. Her voice was so soothing, so peaceful; it made the two of them feel calm and safe when she spoke. Even though they both knew they were stronger than her.

Erza too also began acting strangely as well. For eversince this morning had come, the scarlet haired mage had suddenly ceased beating the two. Even insisting that she would be the one to take care of them, when they both got hurt during one of their usual fights. It was strange to say the least, and the expression she wore was nothing short of an enigma. Her face plain and devoid of emotion. They could see no anger in her eyes, though as she continued to help treat the two, they couldn't help but notice something else. The look of disappointment lingering upon her face, and instantly they felt guilt rushing over them. It was a strange feeling, and after a few moments of silence they each gave a sincere apology to their red headed comrade and even to each other. Then after her initial shock had passed, Erza smiled, thus causing the deep red blush to sweep over the two.

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