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Note: This is the sequel to Lee's Fantastic Discovery. You can find it on my author page. While you will be able to understand this without reading the first story, I recommend reading both to receive the full experience.

Lee and Guy's Fantastic Conquest


"Well Lee, being that neither I nor you have worked out this morning and neither of us remembers how to do this technique than I propose a challenge to you!" Guy told him with a smile crossing his face.

Lee's eyes lit up as Guy told him he would issue a challenge. "YES GUY SENSEI ANY CHALLNEGE I WILL ACCEPT!" he shouted in his excitement. Guy laughed as he got carried away himself.

"WELL LEE THIS CHALLENGE WILL BE A SIMPLE ONE!" He spoke than realized he was shouting. "I propose at challenge between you and me! Whichever one can master this secret art of intercourse first and do it most will win this challenge and we have 24 hours to do so! Are you up for this challenge Lee?" Guy asked him.

Lee nodded "Yes Guy Sensei I am!" he exclaimed. Guy flashed a nice guy pose with a thumb up and a brilliant flash of his teeth before he spoke. "Then we will begin right now" and with that Guy rushed off in a flash of dust to find the first person he could see.

"Oh.. OH YES GUY SENSEI!" Lee said as he started to run but realized he was not in his normal clothing. Lee quickly changed into his spare green jump suit and orange leg warmers before he ran off the other direction. Lee was determined to beat his sensei in this contest of intercourse.

Guy raced down the street in search of someone to teach him this new jutsu. He couldn't let Lee beat him in this contest. Looking down the street, his eyes lit up. Surely, if anyone could teach him this jutsu, it would be his rival. "Kakashi, my rival!" Guy said as he approached him from behind.

Kakashi, dressed in the same thing he always is didn't even bother to look up from the Ichi Ichi story he was reading. Before he could even answer Guy, the large eye browed man spoke again. "Kakashi, you have been selected to teach me a new jutsu. I am sure you know as it is an ancient art but new to me!" Guy said with a laugh before he had begun.

Knowing how hard it was to teach Guy anything but also how determined he was to never let things go, Kakashi let out a groan and looked up from his book at Guy, closing the book as he did and slipping it back in his pocket. "What is it?" Kakashi asked.

Guy's eyes widened as he spoke. "Kakashi, do you know of intercourse?" He asked. Kakashi looked at guy and raised an eyebrow on his uncovered eye. "Are you actually asking me" but before he could finish his question, Guy interrupted him. "Kakashi I need you to show me intercourse! Will you teach me this art? I am ready to take in all that you have to offer!" Guy said looking directly into Kakashi eyes.

Failing to notice that they were right in front of the Hokage mansion or that Tsunade had walked out of the door they were directly in front of and could hear every word of the two men talking, Kakashi looked at Guy for a moment. He was really lost at what to say. Searching through his brain for an answer to this request, Kakashi could only think of one thing. "I'm sorry, I completely forget Guy but, I promised to help this little old lady walk her cat to the other side of the street. I am already late and it is way across town!" he told guy before turning and running as fast as he could away from Guy.

Guy called out to him. "Then maybe some other time" before turning and running into Shizune who was also in a hurry to meet Lady Tsunade. The two collided and Shizune fell to the ground dropping papers she needed to give to Tsunade. As she scurried to pick them up, Guy apologized for this, "I am sorry Shizune, I must be more careful" he said as he helped her up.

Shizune smiled and dusted herself off as Guy scratched his head for a second. "Shizune, do you happen to know intercourse? I am in need of someone that has experience in this art" Guy asked. She looked at him and her mouth opened from the question that he asked her. Her hand opened up and with a loud smack, she slapped Guy across his face. "Why do all the men in this village have to be perverts!" she said.

Guy who still had red marks on his cheek, didn't notice that Tsunade was now right behind him with her arms crossed. "I take that as you don't know intercourse" Guy said. Shizune scoffed and walked past him to Lady Tsunade.

With her out of the way, Guy rushed down the street in search of who could help him with this task. "Here are the papers I need you to look at Lady Tsunade" Shizune said to the Hokage. Tsunade looked at her after taking the papers. "Add a stop to the bar to our list of things to do today, after witnessing that I need a drink right away!" Tsunade said before turning and walking in the direction of the bar. Shizune followed closely behind.

Lee back at the home of his sensei had changed into his emergency clothes. He always keeps a clean fresh pair of back up clothing in case of an emergency and this situation called for an emergency. Lee felt much better out of that suit and was more like himself. After a quick shower, Lee was ready to take on this challenge. He raced out the door sure that Guy had probably had intercourse with half the village by now and he was way behind.

"I must master this art before my Guy Sensei" Lee called out in his charge down the street. As he rounded the corner of a nearby building, he could see Temari eating a stick of dumplings and Shikamaru leaning against the building watching her.

Lee ran up to them, neither of them even finding it odd that he had been running. "Oh Lee, how was your date?" Temari asked with a smile after finishing her last dumpling. Before Lee could answer she added "I hear it went very well", that was followed by a snicker from Shikamaru who didn't actually know what she was talking about but found it funny none the less. His efforts for comedy only found a foot to the shin by Temari.

Lee smiled as Temari asked about his date. Something told him that it went great but he really couldn't remember a thing about what had happened. "Yes Temari, it did so really well and that is why I have a question for you" the energetic youth said to her.

Shikamaru again laughed as Temari tilted her head looking at Lee. She didn't know what kind of question he would have for her and from speaking with Ino this morning there wasn't much he needed to learn as far as dating goes. "Ask away" she said waiting for him to say something.

"Temari do you know of Intercourse?" he asked her bluntly. Shikamaru about choked when said that. "Or how about you Shikamaru do you?" he asked again very blunt with his speech. Temari looked at him for a moment as she thought to herself, that date must have went better than I thought and impressed that he wants to know more for next time. She smiled at him before answering him. "Yes, yes I do" she told him.

Lee's eyes lit up as she said she knew intercourse. "And you Shikamaru?" He asked looking directly at him. Shikamaru face turned a shade of pink as he thought of an answer. "Well, yes I know of it" he told him. He wasn't sure why Lee had asked him so with a confused look he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oh this is fantastic!" Lee shouted as he clapped his hands together. "Will you teach me intercourse Shikamaru?" Lee asked hoping that his friend would show him how this jutsu would work. Shikamaru again choked on his own saliva. "What!" he exclaimed before taking a breath. "I haven't done that myself so you are not going to be my first" he told Lee.

Temari, who had been trying her best not to let out a laugh finally couldn't hold it any longer and burst into an almost tear like state of laughter. That was until Lee turned to her. "Temari?" he was about to ask her the same question but she stopped him.

"Look Lee, I like you and all but I ain't teaching that one so I sure as hell ain't teaching you" she told him. Shikamaru frowned with a "what a drag" comment coming out of his mouth. Lee looked at her for a moment but wasn't going to give up that easy. He wanted to show his sensei that he was good at intercourse if not a master of the art.

"But Temari, if you know than you should teach us both at the same time! I am sure learning would be much quicker if you showed us both" he told her. Shikamaru coughed but changed his expression to more of a puppy dog look as he figured it was as good a chance as any to get Temari in the sack and even if it was troublesome with Lee around, it was better than nothing. "Yeah Temari teach us both this fabled art" Shikamaru pleaded.

Temari glared at Shikamaru when he said that and answered Lee while shaking her head but never taking her eyes off Shikamaru. "Been there, done that once, wasn't a fan, not gonna happen, not with you or him! Not here! Not now! Not ever! Case closed!" she said as she placed her thumb in her mouth real quick and giving it a bite.

Lee nodded "than I shall find someone who will teach me this ancient art" he told her and started to walk down the road. Temari wasn't even paying attention to him as she summoned her fan before Shikamaru and took hold of it. Lee didn't notice the loud smashes, breaking of objects, swearing and groans of pain mixed with what a drag comments as he hurried down the road to find someone else to help him.