Chapter 1: The Fifth Thing

FireflyCity: This is my very first fanfiction, on one of my favorite action movies of 2011, Sucker Punch. She will probably refuse it, but I must give A LOT of the story credit to my good friend Chaos of a Butterfly (Wolfie), who fed me many of the main ideas of this story, which I will not reveal only for the sake of the plot.

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(Continued from where Babydoll and SweetPea are discussing how to get past the High Roller)

Babydoll's POV

"Now what? There's no way of getting past without them seeing us," SweetPea stated grimly, looking out over the group standing between us and the exit.

They were all tall, well-dressed men, each of them wearing a sly smile as if they were already picturing the spectacles to be brought on by the upcoming performance. I scowled, unable to withhold my disgust for such ignominious creatures. Searching their faces, it wasn't long before I recognized the high roller positioned in the center of their circle, making easy conversation to pass the time. My scowl turned into a shudder as I watched him, so arrogant and confident in his stance, his brazen head held high.

Tearing my gaze from him, I scanned the driveway, desperately searching for a way to sneak past the men. However, there was almost no cover, for the hedges we now bowed beneath stopped several feet from the iron gates. And simply waiting for them to leave was also out of the question, we had little time before someone noticed our absence, and we couldn't afford to waste this small window of opportunity.

Quickly running out of options, I bit my lip, doubt beginning to worm its way into my mind. Was it possible that the old man had been wrong, that we were never truly meant to escape in the first place? It had been a small miracle that we'd managed this far, SweetPea had said herself that none of the other girls had even come close to freedom. But… that was why they had to escape. For everyone who no longer could.

It was in this moment that it hit me, the old man's words coming back to me in a rush. The first thing you need is a map, Then fire, Then a knife, and a key. The fifth is a mystery... Know that it will be a deep sacrifice, and a perfect victory. Suddenly, here, in the last leg of our escape, the fifth thing became clear. "The fifth thing…" I echoed, my hands trembling.

"What?" SweetPea stumbled, breathless with fear and confusion. "Fifth thing? I thought you said we only needed four."

I shook my head, trying to cope with the revelation that just hit me. "The wise man said that we needed five things in order to escape. He told me the first four, but he said the last was a mystery." I took a breath. "SweetPea, it's me. I'm the fifth thing."

"What? What do you mean?"

"I'm the last thing we need in order for you to escape. I'll distract the men, and then you can sneak away. It's your story. You were always the strongest of all of us, you're the one who must escape, "I insisted, fresh tears gathering in my eyes.

"What, Baby no! Without you I would have never made it this far, we would have never even come close. We have to do this together…. or not at all," SweetPea pleaded, holding me tightly in her arms as if she couldn't bear letting me go.

"There's no other way!" I wrestled out of her grasp, beginning to walk into sight. Before I could get more than a step she yanked back my wrist, pulling me into cover.

"Wait, please, I'm not going to let you give yourself up for me. Remember we still have the knife." SweetPea reached and pulled out the blade, where it glinted in the faint light.

"But what about the fifth item? We won't be able to escape without it."

For a moment, she hesitated, doubt clouding her eyes. Then suddenly, I watched a realization slowly dawned on her. "The fifth item isn't you…it's both of us. We can distract them together, and we can get out together."


"I have an idea…"SweetPea broke off, hesitating as if she was still considering the thought. "It's just like how we got the other objects; if you dance you can distract them long enough for me to get behind them, and when no one is looking I can stab the high roller. While he recovers we can escape." She explained, clutching the knife.

"But we can't-"

"It's the only way we can get out of here."

I stopped short. Rocket had said the same thing when they began to uncover our plan. Knowing what failure would cost us, she still insisted that we had to escape, no matter the consequences.

I swallowed my doubts, before nodding at SweetPea. We had to do this. If not for us... for Rocket, and Blondie and Amber, and everyone else who had gave their lives trying to escape.

Gathering all the courage I could muster I rose to my feet, stepping from our hiding place and into plain view. I was aware of SweetPea's eyes on me as I walked towards them, and I could almost feel her wince when the high roller spotted me. A curious smile spread across his face as he observed me, his eyes roaming casually over my petite body.

"Hey honey. You shouldn't be out here; you should be inside with all the other pretty little ladies." His words were meant to be soothing, rolling off his tongue seductively. But instead of relaxing, I only felt myself grow more tense.

The high roller himself was not someone you would see and think of as any sort of evil. He even looked...nice. His hair was dark brown and cut short, not a buzz cut but just thick enough to cover all of his head without leaving a single bald spot or gray hair. His somewhat muscular build was accented by an expensive-looking gray suit, again free of any noticeable imperfection. But what stood out the most about him was his smile, some sort of mix between a kind grin and a challenging smirk.

But beneath the smile I could see something darker, something...more. He was a smart man, you'd have to be if you were the head of a mental institute that was a secretly a brothel. He was a man who was used to getting what he wanted, one who knew exactly how to get it as well.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw SweetPea shift slightly, my hesitation clearly making her uncomfortable. Not wasting another moment, I locked my eyes with the high roller's. It was now or never.

In a moment I felt my mind departing, and I slowly started to sway side to side. My eyes fell closed.


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