Epilogue: Sweet Dreams

A/N: A direct quote from The Five Flavors of Dumb by Anthony John; "…lips touched… It was the smallest, gentlest, most earth-shattering kiss in the long and glorious history of kisses, and it took [my] breath away."


It was an unnaturally warm and sunny day, the sun peering from behind small wisps of clouds on a baby blue sky. A slight breeze blew, rustling a few stray leaves and scattering them across the ground, dry from the much too long absence of rain. Side by side, a boy and a girl walked down a deserted sidewalk, holding hands; not for the first time, and certainly not for the last. They smiled as they strolled down the street, saying nothing but instead simply enjoying one another's company.

Suddenly, a petite black car sped by, causing the boy to flinch as it did so. "Some wounds never heal," he mumbled, squeezing the girl's hand tighter. A lifetime of hiding in the shadows had taken its toll on him, even now that he had nothing to hide from.

"It'll pass," the girl assured, though her voice betrayed her optimism.

"I know. It's just...It's hard to believe it's all over. Ever since he took my mother from me, all I've ever lived for was to make Blue pay for what he did, at any price," he turned towards the girl. "When I first met you and Baby and heard your story, all I wanted was to convince you to help me take down Blue. Even when I took the bullet for Baby, part of me thought that if I died at his hands, that you would take revenge on him yourselves." He explained, bitter regret tainting his voice. Then he smiled. "But as I got to know you better...I didn't want to hurt you. I knew the risk that I played by directing you back to the Institute, but I was so blinded by my rage that I lost sight of what's important. But sometime in the Institute, you snapped me out of it; you showed me what's important…" he faded off. "I love you SweetPea."

SweetPea blushed slightly, stopping and turning to look at Tyler. His chocolate brown eyes were as dark as ever, full of love and emotion. "I don't know when I truly started loving you. Maybe it was when you saved my life at the Institute, maybe it was when we first kissed, and maybe it was even when I first met you. But all that matters is that I love you right now, and I always will."

Then, their lips touched. It was the smallest, gentlest, most earth-shattering kiss in the long and glorious history of kisses, and it took their breath away. When they pulled back, it wasn't because they wanted to stop, rather, they knew that they would be spending many more years together, and have plenty of time to share their affections. They continued to walking down the street, making easy conversation to kill the time.

"So Baby went to Germany?" Tyler questioned simply.

SweetPea nodded. "After we were released from the Lennox House she got a call from her mother's lawyer. Before Baby was taken to the Lennox House she made a statement to the police about what happened; her mother's death, her step-father burning the will, him killing her little sister. Of course no one believed her, especially because Baby's fingerprints were on the gun and her mother never spoke of where she hid the will. Since everyone assumed her mother didn't make a will, Baby's step-father had run off with all of the money, and went north to New York. But he died in a bar fight turned sour, and after Baby's release from the Lennox House it all went to her."

"How much?" Tyler questioned, raising an eyebrow.


"Wow, I remember she told us she inherited a lot of money, but $80,000…"

"And you already know the rest. She wanted to start over, to live her life the way she wanted to live it. So she moved to Germany, and now she's attending a university there." SweetPea smiled at her friend's good fortune, though it was hollow.

Catching her reluctant smile, Tyler squeezed her hand tighter. "We'll see her again, don't worry." Suddenly, he stopped, looking up. "We're here."

Tyler and SweetPea stood just outside the entrance to the station, the noontime rush of crowds flowing around them like a river. The station was old, probably among the oldest buildings in the city, with a simple steel building painted all blue, the paint peeling off in places to reveal a brown underside. A large letter board hung from the high roof, displaying the arrival and departure times for trains. Digging into his pocket, Tyler drew out a good portion of the money Madame Gorski had left them with, walking over to the ticket station.

"Two for Augusta," he told the man, looking back at SweetPea.

The man behind the counter was young, with shaggy brown hair and a thin narrow face. He eyed the two suspiciously, raising a cigar to his mouth and puffing smoke rings. "Augusta's a long ways away from here. You sure you have the money to cover it?" he asked, though his eyes seems to ponder whether or not he should call the cops.

"It's all right Will, they're regulars," said a voice.

Turning around, SweetPea's eyes widened to see the old man, suited up in the same dull green outfit as the man's behind the counter. His voice was friendly, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

"Oh yeah, then how come I never seen 'em around before?" Will pried, his eyes narrowing.

"Because they never come on your shift day, which today isn't," the old man indicated to a calendar that hung sideways in the ticket office. Will studied it closely, before his eyes widened and he shamefully walked out of the stand, replaced in a heartbeat by the old man.

"Two for Augusta?" he asked, pulling up the tickets and exchanging them for Tyler's money.

"Thank you," Tyler said kindly, handing one ticket to SweetPea and keeping the other for himself.

The old man nodded, smiling as he watched as the pair walk over to the train tracks, where their train sat in waiting.

"All aboard!" yelled the conductor, motioning for Tyler and SweetPea to get on. Holding hands, they quickly boarded, disappearing behind the train's gray sliding door. The train's whistle puffed twice, the brakes releasing their grip on the wheels and allowed it to slowly begin chugging north. The wheels maintained a steady beat as they began to move faster, pulling the train out of the station and into the countryside beyond.

The End

A/N: The end! This has been an awesome 23 weeks writing this fanfiction, and I couldn't have done it without every single one of my readers. A special shout out to WolfieLovesSilently, my close friend and editor in writing this fanfiction, who has still been a very big help despite her denials. (She's responsible for creating the idea of Tyler, making him SweetPea's love interest, and what Blue wanted from them). I know I've said it every chapter, but thank you so much to all of my readers.