Episode 1. - Advent of a New Age

The subway was dark, and empty. This particular line was down for maintenance due to the latest series of tremors shaking through it.

Silently, a large beast, a monster resembling some form of giant, shaggy black dog, lowered himself down, pressing one of his long, black ears, against the floor. He'd been keeping track of these tremors that had been plaguing the city above for over a week or so, now. Or rather, tracking the tremors themselves.

Faint sounds beneath him indicated that not all was as quiet as it seemed, in this dark and empty place. The rumbling was directly under him, somewhere, and getting steadily louder every minute.

He had to be very careful, for what was coming could easily cause the tunnel to collapse around him; and what was coming was another monster, though, one not as concerned with the wellbeing of others as he was. Turning, the black dog began to run back some, to give fair space, when the rumblings were close enough to be felt, and needing to listen was no longer a wise move.

Suddenly, the ground seemed to explode apart, throwing out rocks and debris, the train tracks completely smashed through and shattered. A loud screech pierced through the darkened subway, as several red glowing eyes shone through the gloom, the swirling clouds of dust slowly settling to reveal a giant mass of wriggling parasitic worm, an open maw lined with sharp teeth it had been eating through dirt and rock with. The black dog knew it wouldn't be long before the humans above sent for help, they would have surely felt the tremors by now, and hopefully, the trouble-maker causing them would be removed by that point.

The large worm-like figure ahead finished heaving the rest of its long, twisting segmented body out of the ground, turning its large head at the black dog, all of its red eyes fixing themselves on its adversary.

"I think you've run enough, Centimon." the black dog creature suddenly spoke, in a low voice, as his own red eyes began to glow, claws flexing slightly in readiness for battle. "It's time this ended."

The large worm's hiss almost made it seem like it too agreed that it had delayed their fighting long enough, and raised itself until it's head almost rubbed against the ceiling, getting itself into position- though, voices down the end of the tunnel indicated that the humans above had reacted much faster in calling in emergency forces.

"dammit..." the big black dog hissed, as this gave Centimon enough time to reconsider on its decision to fight, and hurriedly burst back down the tunnel it had made, sealing part of it behind it as it went.

"Over there, I saw something!" yelled a voice, as the light from a torch flashed brightly down the tunnel, slightly uncovering the dog's position in the darkness. Turning back, the black dog made a run for it, his large paws seeming to make no noise as he ran, gritting his teeth in frustration.

Once again, his target had escaped.

"I do hope you'll like it here, Amy."

Lugging in several suitcases, two figures entered into a light, airy apartment, the furnishings having not seen much use for several years, so everything was covered in layers of dust.

The young man of the pair set down some of the suitcases, then removed his glasses to polish them.

"If you have any issues, I live in the Blue Skies apartments, which are just opposite the courtyard from here. It's a shame this place isn't a bit nearer..."

"It's fine, Joey." said the girl, Amy, who had been putting her suitcase of belongings over by the sofa, before wandering over to the small balcony to look out at the cityscape view. "Dad bought this place years ago for when he was doing research here, going back a few years... though he did warn me that the apartment had received a few upgrades, as with all the others..."

"Ah, yes... I suppose I could show you that 'upgrade', then. Would you like that?" Joey asked, heading over to a strange panel on the wall.

"Sure..." Amy replied, heading over to look at it. It was some form of computer, built into the wall, with a small terminal, with various ports for devices to link-up, a keyboard, and a series of buttons with symbols. Joey booted it up, only to be met with an error message.

'ERROR: Digital Assistant not found.'

"Oops... I guess you and your dad haven't registered an assistant, yet." Joey sighed, "I won't be able to set this up unless we get you one."

"Is it really that important?" She asked, looking up at him carefully.

"Yeah. This runs your entire home, basically, your computer network, air conditioning and heating, gas, electric, water, home security... It does everything. Because this is the city that seems to never have time to rest, all the homes here are installed with these things, takes the stress off of running a home." A smile seemed to be forming across his face, as he added, "and more over, the assistants are awesome."

Reaching into his pocket, he produced a PDA-like device, with a small fold-away keyboard, touch screen and camera built into it. A white rabbit creature greeted him on the screen. The colours of the PDA seemed to correspond with the colours of the rabbit.

"Yo, Joey, what can I do for ya?"

"Manimon, why don't you say hello to Amy?" Joey said, holding the PDA up so she could get a better look.

"You've got yourself a cute friend there, Joey... is it really alright if I talk to her? I wouldn't want you to get jealous." the rabbit grinned, looking up at Joey from the screen, before turning his gaze back on to Amy. "Well, hey there, Amy! I'm Manimon, I hope I'll be seeing more of you soon! Joey never really lets me have much of a social life, y'know. He's a boring git, really"

Amy couldn't help but let out a few giggles there at Manimon's cheekiness.

"Did you program him to say that, Joey?" she asked, looking surprised at Manimon's reaction to this question.

"Program? Sister, I'm a free-thinking guy, if Joey programmed me, I'd be spewing out machine code or reciting random lines from his sci-fi shows!" Manimon huffed, folding his paws across his fluffy chest.

"Hahaha, alright Manimon, calm down." Joey laughed, rubbing his finger against the screen. Manimon rubbed his face affectionately against where Joey's finger was pressing. "Your assistant, when you get it, is very real, Amy. Manimon's emotions and intelligence, even if a little simple, are very real things."

"HEY! I am NOT simple! I am a complex and interesting guy! Infact, if you want my opinion, I'd say I'm-"

However, Joey didn't seem to want to know Manimon's opinion and simply hit the mute button, putting his device into his pocket.

"How much do these devices cost?" Amy asked, suddenly a little worried because she would be living on a budget with a weekly allowance coming through from her dad, and this would mean no crazy spending on expensive things, even if this whole assistant-thing did seem pretty important.

"Well, don't worry about that for now, let's just head off out and get you sorted" Joey suggested "before Manimon figures out how to override the mute settings..."

They'd had to catch a train there, but finally, they'd arrived at the right place.

Amy looked up at the shiny white building ahead, it was a fairly large computer store called "Guardian Supplies", and it seemed fairly packed inside, people of all ages wandering around.

All manner of gadgets and gizmos were inside, even a display robot that a lot of kids were cooing and fawning over.

Joey headed over to a store clerk and seemed to say something, pulling out some form of ID badge, though Amy couldn't really get a clear look. The clerk nodded and beckoned Amy to come over. Her curiosity continued to grow, giving Joey an inquisitive look as she approached.

"What did you say to him, I wonder?" she asked, as they began walking.

"Hahaha, did your father not tell you about my job? I work at Arch Angel, the company behind all this technology. I'm getting an employee discount on a new PDA for you, so it's at a very reduced price. Don't worry, you can thank me later."

The clerk lead them into a room with people of all ages sitting at various terminals with PDAs linked up to the machines. Amy looked at some of these as she passed; a little boy sitting at one received one of these "assistants", though it looked nothing like Manimon, Joey's personal one. Looking from one screen to another, all of the creatures on the screens were unique to their owners, each with a distinctive personality and various quirks, just like their human owners. Amy had at first doubted Joey's claim that these were 'real' beings, but this was certainly enough to make even her feel uncertain.

"take a seat here, ma'am, and follow the onscreen instructions." said the clerk, before leaving to serve another customer.

"Amy? I'll just be off to one side, you might like a little privacy for this. You're going to need to answer a few questions, the survey answers tailor your assistant to your needs and how you answer, alright?" he said, patting her shoulder gently. "Trust me, this will be worth it."

Amy watched as Joey backed off and headed over to sit in a seating area nearby, pulling out his own PDA again. She could faintly hear Manimon's voice over the faint chattering of the nearby people, as he yelled in frustration for getting muted earlier. Although she liked Manimon, inwardly, Amy did hope her assistant would be a little more agreeable, or at least, didn't use an outdoor voice.

Turning back to the terminal, she hit the enter key when prompted to begin, and put on the supplied headphones.

A short introduction played, that informed her what the survey was for. Her partner would be assigned based on her answers, and various forms of 'scans' the machine would make on her.

A computerized female voice filled the headphones in its monotonous way, and began to ask her to type out answers to various questions. Amy wasn't sure what to make of some of them, but she answered honestly.

"What do you look for in a friend?"

This question completely threw her off, but she answered honestly.

"I guess... someone I can rely on for support, when things get tough... someone honest, and reliable.."

It then went down a different route, asking her what the main duties she would be using her assistant for, and since she was pretty useless with computers, she decided it's main use would be system security for the computer, and home security for her apartment. The voice then proceeded to read out a long list of features and tasks her assistant would be able to perform.

After some time, she began to grow anxious. What would her assistant be like? She felt herself getting excited and nervous, all at once. However, she was quickly snapped out of these thoughts as the voice spoke again.

"Your egg has been received on the terminal. Please place your hand against the screen to leave a digital imprint on it, and hatch it."

Amy seemed a little surprised that they put in something that seemed a little out of place. Egg? Hatch? Why was this so important? Shaking her head, she looked up at the screen, as a pixellated egg began to form and render before her. It was white, with a blue zigzag bottom and a blue diamond mark on top.

"..." Amy opened her mouth to say something, but found no words would form. She caught Joey looking over from the side, why was this so nervewracking? Looking at the egg was making her heart beat quicken, and she couldn't explain it.

Slowly, she reached out and pressed her hand against the egg. Something jolted through her, and it at first felt like maybe she'd been given static shock from the screen, but it hadn't hurt- a warmth had seem to spread through her entire body and exit out through her hand, a white "pulse" spreading through the egg, which began to crack and hatch.

In a burst of light and glowing particles, something appeared on the screen, curled up asleep, a small white dog-like creature, with the patterns that had been on the egg seeming to correlate with the patterns and markings on it's face, tail and long, soft-looking ears.

"Now," the voice said, after a moment's silence. "Wake up your digital partner."


Something disturbed the silent white world, this bright dream-like haze in the mind of the newly born assistant. Some strange, new and pleasant sound, rather faint, but there, seeming to call her forward from the emptiness.

"Can... you hear me...?"

The white dog-like figure shifted slightly, responding to the voice, this wonderful voice that seemed to give her the nicest of feelings, just hearing it. Opening her eyes slowly, the little dog-creature took a look at the world for the first time from this strange digital chamber that had been her birthplace.

A girl, looking through some kind of window, was staring back at her, with concerned blue eyes, long blonde hair done up in a ponytail. Standing up for the first time, the white dog's tail began to wag... just looking at this girl made her feel very happy, very... safe.

"Hello..." she sighed sleepily to the girl, rubbing her eyes a little. "I heard a voice, calling to me... it was you, wasn't it?"

Amy nodded back, suddenly feeling shy, and feeling rather silly for feeling that way. "Yes... it was me." She couldn't seem to take her eyes off of her new partner, her chest feeling a little tighter all of a sudden.

"Mmh..." her assistant yawned, giving a stretch, "I'm so glad... I feel like I was dreaming of this day, for a long time..." Standing up and giving a little shake down, she suddenly felt very awake, very alive. She couldn't place her paw on it, but she felt as if, somewhere, she had been dreaming of the girl before her, for a long time now. And quite suddenly, all this information seemed to suddenly enter her head, who she is, what she was, where she was... everything.

"my name is Laelapmon," the creature suddenly said, as it introduced itself "Please, what's your name?"

"Laelapmon..." Amy repeated, getting use to the name the creature had seemingly assigned itself, "I'm Amy, Amy Hughes"

"Amy... I think... if it's really OK..." Laelapmon seemed to grow rather shy, herself, glancing away a little, "I'd love to come home now... home with you, that is..."

Amy suddenly remembered what she was supposed to do next, fumbling with her PDA and nearly dropping it multiple times in her nervousness and excitement.

"Oh, I nearly forgot!" An icon had flashed up on the PDA informing her that it was ready to 'receive assistant from terminal'. "Laelapmon, I'm just going to put you on my PDA, alright?" Pressing the button on her touchscreen, she initiated the download sequence, which showed the icon representing the terminal, with a red wire linking to the icon of the PDA, and a small sprite showing Laelapmon travelling down the wire and arriving onto the PDA with a little beep to signify she'd arrived safely.

Amy was suddenly aware of having someone standing over her, and nearly jumped off of her seat in fright, where she hadn't expected Joey to be standing right behind her.

"J-Joey!" she squeaked, steadying herself after almost falling off the chair.

"She's very cute, she looks like she's a good match for you, Amy." Joey grinned, helping her up properly. "She'll need a little rest to get used to, you know, suddenly existing and all, but she'll be a good addition to your life, I think."

Amy didn't really want to say anything, but speaking with Laelapmon had felt almost like she was speaking to an old friend, someone important to her life. She was a little confused, but it certainly hadn't felt bad... after the recent events that had lead to her coming to New Tokyo, this had felt rather nice. Amy turned to Joey, about to suggest they go home, when she noticed him giving her PDA a look that seemed to suggest he was hiding something.

"What? what's wrong?" she asked, holding the PDA a little tighter.

"Oh... nothing." smiling, he turned on his heel and looked over at the exit door. "It's been a long day for you, what with the plane and so on. I suppose I'd better get you back home." Without saying any more, he walked off, still smiling away to whatever it was he was thinking of. Amy followed, wondering what it was. She didn't have to wait too long.

"Amy..." he spoke up as they took a detour back towards the station from some alleys down the side of shops. "...if you had the chance, would you like it if Laelapmon was real?"

"Real?" she started, giving him a strange look. "Back at home, you said Manimon was very real, real emotions and intelligence... I feel Laelapmon is the same... is she not real?"

"Of course she's real, her existance is real, but what I mean is... do you wish that she was real-real, as in, right here and now, with you? Physically here before you, real."

Amy averted her gaze as she felt her cheeks suddenly grow very hot at this question. As a kid, she'd always believed in things like fairies and monsters and mythological creatures, she'd even had an invisible friend when she'd been -really- young, and she'd always wished they were real. Whilst she'd never quite grown out of loving fairies and creatures, she'd stopped wishing once she'd grown old enough to tell the difference between fantasy and day dreaming, and that no matter how hard she'd wished for these things to be real, they simply never would be... meeting Laelapmon had brought that back. Yes, she wished Laelapmon was physically here, real, and with her, but she wasn't sure how to tell this to Joey. He might just be teasing her, anyway, she thought.

But Laelapmon was giving her this deep-set feeling of longing, almost as if she had found something that had been missing for such a long time, and she'd come along at such a difficult point in Amy's life, too... speaking, even briefly, earlier, had taken the edge off of the sadness and worry in her heart that had been plaguing her for quite some time. If Laelapmon could be real... if a miracle happened and she was really real... Then it would be the happiest she'd ever been in a long time. It felt as if she and Laelapmon were being drawn together, like this meeting had been supposed to happen.

Joey didn't need to hear her voice to know that the answer was 'yes', he could see it in her face.

"My grandfather worked with Arch Angel for many years, enough to know the truth about these assistants... actually, they're not even that- they're called-"

"Digimon." interrupted Manimon suddenly from the inside of Joey's pocket. "Short for Digital Monsters."

"Yes. And they come from another place, too... the digital world." Joey's expression was a serious one, and he spoke straight-faced as he said this, even Manimon, when he produced the PDA from his pocket, was completely serious, all the sarcasm and jokeyness from his voice gone.

"I... this is a game, surely, you're having me on-" Amy said, the feeling of anticipation having come back with avengeance.

"This is no game, Amy..." Joey murmured, suddenly taking a few steps back. "...let me show you. They're real."

Holding his PDA out, he spoke out in a clear voice: "Digi-Realize!"

His PDA suddenly seemed to burst with light, the entire screen glowing, and the surroundings getting brighter and brighter, until Amy had to shield her eyes with her arm, rooted to the spot with shock and confusion. When the light faded, and her eyes recovered from the brightness, she looked back over at Joey... only, he wasn't alone.

Manimon was standing in what had previously been an empty space, every bit as real as they were, right there. Amy stumbled forward, too awestruck to be able to find her voice... she reached her shaking hand out, and placed it on top of Manimon's head, running it gently down his face and onto his chest. He was soft, furry and warm... truly real.

"That tickles!" Manimon laughed, squirming a little sensitively from her touch, his ears twitching. "Are you okay, Amy?" He asked, looking concerned.

the look Amy gave them both made it clear that she eagerly wanted to see Laelapmon in the flesh, too. Joey nodded, and took her hand, holding her PDA with her.

"It's a secret only Arch Angel employees are supposed to know about right now. But if you want to see her... all you have to do is activate the function by saying the code, Digi-Realize. It will only respond to your voice, Amy, because she's your partner. Do you understand?"

Amy nodded, and stood up, taking a few steps back. Her mouth had suddenly gone dry, and her legs like jelly. This was really going to happen...

"D-Digi... Digi-Realize!" she called out, holding the PDA out.

The device vibrated violently as light burst from it, filling the alleyway with it's brightness, and when it faded, sure enough, right there... Laelapmon was there, real as real could be. The PDA's colours had changed from the default silver into white and blue, matching Laelapmon's colours. Something very special had happened.

"Amy!" Laelapmon barked, her ears lifting a little in surprise, "what happened?"

"Laelapmon!" Amy cried, her eyes suddenly filling up with tears. The girl who never gave up believing, suddenly handed a 'miracle'. She knelt down, wrapping her arms around Laelapmon and holding onto her tight, tears spilling down her face, that she couldn't explain, but it felt like an emptyness she'd been feeling inside for the longest time was slowly being filled. She could feel Laelapmon's paws holding her shoulders, and her little face pressing into her shoulder.

Manimon placed his paws on his hips and looked up at Joey.

"It reminds me of the first time we met, you know, Joe." he murmured quietly, not wanting to disturb the other pair, "made me feel like I'd found my best friend, even if ya are a bit of a kook!"

Joey smiled and patted Manimon's head, "it eased a lot of worry I felt at the time. Digimon are really mysterious... it's like partners are drawn together. Kind of like destiny. I think we were supposed to meet."

Laelapmon peered over her shoulder at Joey, her tail wagging slightly in agreement.

"It felt like I was dreaming of Amy for as long as I can remember... like someday, she would come for me, and then she did..." Laelapmon looked from Joey to Manimon, "Did you dream of your partner, Manimon?"

"Who, muggins here? Yeah... it felt more like a nightmare, seein' his cheeky face haunt my dreams, but, in the end, he was the reason I was born so... I guess he ain't too bad." Manimon grinned, before having his ear tweaked by Joey "Ouch!"

"Hahaha, you're a cheeky little guy, Manimon. You cried too when you were born, I'll never forget it. I think a lot of people would, meeting their special friend like that." Joey grinned, watching all the white fur on Manimon's face steadily turn bright red.

"M-Men don't cry! Shut up! Y-You're embarrassing me infront of the girls!" Manimon spluttered, looking very embarrassed, before Laelapmon padded over and stood on her hind legs to see even with him.

"I don't see any shame in crying, Mr. Manimon." she said softly, patting her paw against his nose, "I think real men don't care if they're seen crying."

"She got you there, Manimon," said Joey, positively beaming at the little rabbit getting further embarrassed. "and you ARE a real man, aren't you?"

"y-yeah! of c-course I am! geez... you guys have to stop ganging up on me, this ain't fair!" he huffed, turning his nose up to one side with his arms folded in frustration.

"yes, let's leave poor Manimon alone," said Amy, who'd been wiping her eyes, "wouldn't want to make a grown man cry again."

Manimon's jaw almost dropped clean off of his face, "oh no, not you, too, Aimes!"

The other three laughed a little at Manimon, until Joey looked at his watch. "It's getting late, now. We should probably head home."

"Yeah..." Amy said, looking down at Laelapmon. She knew Joey had a job and so wouldn't be available all the time, and hadn't been looking forward to living alone... Laelapmon being there was a reassurance, boosting her confidence. She looked down at the PDA, which she'd not been too focused on since Laelapmon had been brought out into reality.

"Joey, our PDAs changed, why is that?" she asked. It now had several new menus on the screen, things like statistics, form data, encyclopedia, and tracker. "These menus weren't there before, either..."

"Your PDA has become a D-Drive. This isn't something Arch Angel programmed in, it goes beyond their technology right now... as does making the digimon real. A D-Drive is a digivice, or rather, a digital device. When a tamer and their digimon realize their bond, the d-drive becomes a very important tool." Joey said, coming over and inspecting Amy's D-Drive. Laelapmon and Manimon were peering up at it with curiosity, beside their human companions.

"The statistics screen will show you Laelapmon's stats and condition, what sort of health she's in, and has it's own seperate tracker, so you'll be able to find her if you get seperated."

Amy felt a knot suddenly forming in her stomach. Health, seperation... it dawned on her then that even if these beings came from a digital world, to talk like this, would mean they could be hurt or worse... she didn't want to think about this just now.

"Form data... I don't know what this menu is for. It won't even open, for me, it just keeps saying 'No Data Available'. I guess it's still locked out, or something... the encyclopedia is to store information on other digimon you and Laelapmon come across. Here, hold it up to Manimon, and press scan."

Amy did as Joey instructed, holding the D-Drive up and pressing on "scan". The screen suddenly showed a render of Manimon slowly rotating to let her see him in a 3d perspective, and his stats started to load up.


Level - Rookie

Attribute - Vaccine

Type - Personified Moon

Family - Nature Spirits

Attacks - Moon Fire, Dazzle

"It might be a little confusing I guess, but it'll make sense with time." Joey said, when a tremor suddenly started up beneath their feet.

"Damn! Those are still happening?" Manimon commented, after it passed.

"Tremors? How is that even possible? Isn't this city on a raised island platform?" Amy asked, holding onto Laelapmon, the tremors having startled the little white dog.

"Yes... and this is another reason why I wanted you to get yourself a partner, Amy." Joey said, his voice suddenly serious. "You can probably guess what I'm going to tell you... an earthquake up here would be impossible, so what do you think is causing the tremors?"

"...oh... you don't mean..." Amy began, giving Laelapmon a concerned squeeze

"yes... it's a Digimon. I don't have time to explain the whole thing right now, but I need to sort this out. " he replied, sliding his glasses back up his nose, before looking down at Manimon. "Are you ready for your field work, Manimon? This could be messy."

"I'm ready as I'll ever be, Joey. Let's not waste any more time lolly-gagging around here, we've got to see our little trouble-maker brought to justice!" said Manimon, flexing himself and giving a few stretches in readiness.

"Mr. Joey... Mr. Manimon..." Laelapmon piped up, walking forward towards them. "I want to come too... I want to help."

"No," Joey began, about to refuse, "It's too dangerous, you could get hurt-"

"Joey... as much as I'm worried about Laelapmon getting hurt... I don't think you should do this alone... at the least, let us come, incase things get bad... it's better than going in alone, right?"

Joey stared at Amy, whose expression made it very clear she wasn't going to have it any other way.

"I know... me and Laelapmon don't know what to expect, but if we're supposed to do this, we have to see for ourselves what the threat is... I don't like the idea of pushing all this pressure on Laelapmon to keep me safe... if I know what we're dealing with, I can make sure I never put us in a bad situation... please, we need to do this, Joey." there was a fire in her eyes Joey hadn't expected to see before.

All her life, Amy had been sheltered or discouraged from trying things others saw might be too dangerous or difficult for her, and now, with Laelapmon, she wanted to be bold, and reach forward.

For Laelapmon, she had a desire to protect Amy. She needed to know she was capable of doing so... Joey and Manimon would be there, so if she got put at a disadvantage on her first fight, she trusted in them to help, just as she hoped they would trust her to help if it was them in danger. And this is why the pair needed to go, too... what if this thing WAS too strong, even for Joey and Manimon? At least this way, they had extra numbers, and a good chance of bailing the other out if things got, as Joey said, 'messy'.

"...alright. But let me and Manimon start first, let you see how things are, and if you're still confident you can do this, you two, then, and only then, should you have a shot. Don't overshoot yourselves, this is something you've never done before, and Laelapmon hasn't adjusted very long, after all..." Joey commented, still concerned, though managing a smile. "This shouldn't be that bad, though, me and Manimon have done plenty of training at the HQ... things should be in our favour."

The little group began to run, following their trackers, which Joey explained picked up on other digimon, and like a radar, would lead them to their targets. Briefly, Joey noticed on his tracker, for a split second, a second dot flickered. He knew this was no blip or glitch... rather than worry the others, he decided to keep his theory to himself; that blip had to be a second Digimon, for sure, and it, too, just for that brief moment, had been tracking the digimon they were following.

Bounding from roof top to roof top, almost seeming to glide across each gap like he was soaring, the big black dog digimon continued to travel. There was another station coming up, this one being one that had been closed off due to track maintenance. He knew, where he had been tracking the worm for a long time now, that it would go from subway to subway in an attempt to find a good place to begin nesting itself, ideally any place where 'prey' would be plentiful... thankfully, the black dog had driven it away from all the active lines, before anything too dire could happen.

This would be good luck, if Centimon did appear as predicted at this station coming up, it meant he could go all out on it without fear of humans coming along and endangering themselves, and giving him more work to do.

Just as he reached the station, he stopped himself; in the empty street below, he caught site of them. Two humans, a young man, and girl, with... two digimon, in the rookie stage... heading right for the station. The black dog digimon narrowed his eyes, a look of concern showing in his face.

Did they not realize the danger of going down there? Jumping down from building to building, until he reached ground level, he padded in after them, in silence. He refused to let them become the first casualties to Centimon.