Victim in the castle

" I've heard that the king has taken Lord Von Bielefeld's feelings and they are planning a wedding". Lasagna said

holding a basket of laundry." oh I've heard Lord Von Voltaire has lost a few wrinkles because of it". Doria added

her face in her palms. "we should go check things out I've got work down that way". " oh I can't I've got to finish

this stew". Effie said stirring. " all do that for you but make sure you get the sheets inside it looks like it's going

to rain soon". Sangria said taking the spoon and stirring the stew. " I will thank you Sangria". "bye". " we'll see

you later than". "ok". They rushed out of the room leaving Sangria alone in the kitchen. She heard some thunder

and look outside seeing Effie hurrying to put the sheets in a basket so the rain wouldn't get to them. " hm". _

The next day the rain had stopped and Wolfram, Conrad, and Gwendal decide to go check the territory for

damages because along with the rain came a furious storm. Wolfram came upon a pool of red liquid on the

ground so he kneeled down. He stuck his hand into the liquid and brought it back up sniffing it. " blood".

Suddenly something dripped on Wolframs head so he took his clean hand and touched his head. The same red

liquid on both hand caused Wolfram to look up. He saw something hanging from the ended of the balcony got his

attentions. "BROTHERS BROTHERS COME QUICK". Gwendal and Conrad ran toward their screaming little brother.

When they came across the sight off the blood on Wolframs finger pointing toward the sky. " get Günter and

Gisela". They stared up at the object dangling and it took them all of 20 minutes to get Günter and Gisela and to

get up to the balcony. Yuri had followed to see what happened going against the warnings of it being to

dangerous saying if something has happened he should know. When they reach the scene they found the object

to be the body of a nude girl all cut up.

* description if u want you don't want to read this vivid part just skip it*.

The body had been slashed up everywhere not a trace of the body was unwounded. Her hands had been

cut off her eyes plucked out. Her face had been cut off her ear cut clean away. Her chest ripped open and her

heart missing and her teeth busted. Blood all over the girl and her hair was covered to see the color._

The body or what was left of it was mangled to no end unable to be identified. Yuri threw up from the scene

that was forever burned into his mind. " Who could do this". "Gisela find out who this body is". "yes Heika". They

had the

guards take the body to Gisela's room unnoticed. " the castle is on high priority look out I don't want Greta to

hear of this". " yes Heika". " Yuri Heika is it true they found a female women hanging from the balcony". Lasagna

ask looking a little scared. " well…ah… yes it's true what's wrong girls". " EH it's just that you haven't seen

Sangria have you". " no I haven't seen her since yesterday". " ah". " we haven't seen her at all she didn't come

back to our room". " EH". "girls are you saying that this is". " Heika please tell us it's not". " ah I'm sorry I can't

make that promise". After a few hours the body was identified as Sangria and everyone was mourning. " Who

could do such a thing to a nice girl like Sangris". Yuri said pounding the desk. " I want everyone interrogated". "

yes Heika". Conrad, Gwendal, and Günter gathered everyone in the castle and Yuri along with the brothers and

Günter started with the maids. " ok girls when was the last time you saw Sangris". " we were in the kitchen

together". " we were talking when I brought up a rumor I heard going around". " what was that". " EH well". "

girls please tell the truth it helps you want your friends killer to be brought to justice". " Murata Shinou". " it was

a rumor about His majesty and Lord Von Bielefeld were planning a wedding and how Lord Von Voltaire has lost a

few wrinkles". " we wanted to see if it was true so we went to finish the rest of the chores". " I was told that my

bed was to be made by Sangris but Effie came instead". Günter said. " I wanted to see if they were true as well

but I had to finish cooking the stew but Sangris volunteered to finish it for me". " hm and what did you do Effie".

" I took the sheets down hanging outside because it started to thunder and rain when I looked in the kitchen

window Sangris was there waving". " can anyone vouch for this". " Dorcas can he was on his way to feed the

horses". " when did you think something was wrong". " we all met in the hall after chores and walked back to

the kitchen". " the stew had bubbled over and the kitchen was empty". " around what time were you all gone". "

5:30 to 8:00". " Heika is this because we switch this happened to her". Effie said. " Gisela said it looked like

someone did this without mercy so it must have been a random killing or a mix up". " Heika I'm really scared what

if the killers still in the castle I don't want to lose another friend". Lasagna said shaking. " we'll have this taken

care off". " please Heika find this person and bring them to justice". " I will I promise". " thank you". The girls

started to cry as they left. " well". " we should keep people together at least a few guards with the maids and

the others". Yuri and them brought Dorcas in to vouch for Effie and his where abouts. " yes I saw Effie get the

sheets on my way to the horses". " and where were you". " I left about an hour later after feeding and taking

care of the horses it had already started raining so I went to the kitchen to dry off and Sangria was still there

she went to get me a towel and she didn't come back". " didn't you find that strange". " well I thought one of

you all saw her in the hall and ask for her assistance". " hm thank you Dorcas you may go". " yes Heika". After

Dorcas left Yuri started to make a chart. " so 5:30 to 6:30 Sangria was in the kitchen until she left". " I saw her

walking down the hall about 6:40 I helped her find some towels". Conrad said. " I offered to help carry them

back but she said she was fine carrying alone". " so between 6:40 to 8:00 she was unseen". " we'll interview

more people after we go to Gisela". They exited the room only to be stopped by a guard. " this was addressed to

you Heika". He held a small white box in his hands. " oh who's it from". "we don't know it was on the dining room

table when we found it". " thank you for bringing it". " hm". The guard bowed and left the gang. " this is

strange". " yes not even the maids were aloud in the dining area". "maybe it's one of Yuri's fans". " aw Wolf stop

talking like that". " just tell me how many time you've cheated on me". " this again god Wolf I've told you none".

Yuri sped up to pass them to avoid the conversation. As he turned the corner he started to open the box. " That

stupid wimp". " Heika come back it's dangerous". " Yuri I'm gonna". " AAAAAHHHHH". " oh YURI". They sped up

and rounded the corner to see Yuri against the wall. "YURI YURI WHAT'S WRONG". Wolfram shook Yuri. " the box

in the box". Conrad walked over and picked the box up opening the lid. " ah". Inside was a pair of brown eyes

starring up. " are those Sangria's". "they look like them". " there's a card". " she stared me in the eyes with

these before I ripped them out". " ah". " how'd this get in the castle". Conrad turned the card over. " once I've

returned all the parts I'll go for someone else my dear king". " ah". "does this me they're still in the castle".