Hi guys.

I'm feeling a little morbid. Thinking about my grandpa. :/

This story is based off true events...mostly. Obviously, it's a romance, just because it's Danny and Sam, but the more serious side of it...it was my experience with my grandpa.

Don't worry, you'll understand soon enough.

I don't own Danny Phantom.

I really hope you guys enjoy this, but before you start reading, I URGE you to read my profile. There is very important information that is BOLDED AND CAPITALIZED in my bio that you should know before you read this. Yes, it applies here.

I really love you guys (:

Just Three Words


August 19, 2011

I never knew how life-changing three little words could actually be. Just three words. They can change a life, for the better or for the worse. They can alter the very fabric of time.

Now, usually, when someone says anything about "three words", you immediately think of those three words, am I right? "I love you" or whatever.

Yeah, those three words can definitely change your life...for the better, hopefully. When your best friend says those three words to you, in a way that's more than friendship, or even kinship, it definitely changes things. I learned that through experience, and it definitely changed me for the better.

What you don't think about are the words, "Sam has cancer." You don't think, "Sam's heart stopped." And you definitely don't think, "Sam is dead."

All of those words changed me. They took root in my soul. They altered my very core.

And it was definitely for the worse.

It all happened so fast...it's still a blur in my mind. When I try to think about what happened, all I feel is pain. Pain, misery, fear, and worry. All I see is darkness, hazy shapes moving in slow motion, blurred by tears and a complete and utter lack of sleep. So in an effort to understand exactly what happened, I'm trying to write it out. Sam says that writing down experiences help you later in life. It gives you an opportunity to be able to look back and learn from your mistakes. To avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Not sure how that's going to apply here.

I guess we're going to find out together, aren't we?

My name is Danny Fenton.

Exactly two months ago today, my best friend, the love of my life, Sam Manson, was diagnosed with breast cancer. 61 days exactly.

This is our story.

Not sure what possessed me to make me write this. But I've been reading a ton of new books lately. I credit the point of view idea to Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan, which I have somehow only just discovered. I know, I'm oober late. I got the tone of this from a book called The Enemy by Charlie Higson. If you've never read it before, I highly suggest it. It's extremely well written, but it is a horror novel, complete with graphic deaths. Plenty of blood and guts, but balanced nicely with friendship and romance. Tons of fun to read on a stormy day. (:

Anyways, I hope you guys like it so far. Let me know what you're thinking, I'd love some feedback. But if you're planning on flaming me on this, please know that I will not hesitate to bite your head off and then block you. This is an EXTREMELY touchy subject for me. I'm just now getting the courage to write about cancer and the crap it does to screw people's lives up. Flame me, and I will hurt you. They are NOT accepted here. Take 'em somewhere else.

Sorry. Very emotional day.

A friend who moved across the state for college suprised me today...he didn't call or anything, just popped up in my doorway. I cried my eyes out when I saw him. Mostly because he was the one to got me through my grandpa's death. On the off chance that you're reading this...thanks, Michael. I love you (:

Wow. K, I might post the first chapter later this evening.


I love you people. So much. (:

- Tori