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It was a weary, angry and frustrated Naruto that walked out of the current Hokage's office where he was training to be the Hokage. No, it wasn't Tsunade's nagging, beating or paper work that made him angry. Not at all. It was the visit of one red haired kunoichi's visit. He sighed as he unlocked the door of his official car. Karin was very devious, he noted as he put the key into the lock and turned. He remembered their meeting during lunch clearly.



"Ah, Karin, what do you want?" Naruto said from his position behind his desk in the Hokage's office as he was trying to deal with paper work and also eat as Tsunade had left with Shizune on a sake break. Those breaks were to frequent and to darn annoying, from his point of view.

"I just came to see you." She replied. She sat down and crossed her legs, smiling. "Is there anything wrong with that?" she asked.

"Well, no. So, how are Hinata and Sakura?" Naruto asked, trying to strike conversation. He had never really liked Karin as a friend. All his feelings for her were that of a naïve school boy. . She looked to dangerous for her own good. Was it just his imagination or did Karin's smile falter a bit when he mentioned Hinata's name. What did she have against Hinata? Naruto wondered.

"They are fine. Everything is just dandy" she said in a light tone. "Anyways, I actually came here to ask you for a favor." She said seriously now.

Naruto resisted the urge to shout "AHA!" He always knew that Karin never came to you without a reason. She was to damn proud. "So what is it?" he asked leisurely. Surely, it would be something like a loan or front seats to a movie or something like that. Karin was unpredictable.

"I want you to break up with Hinata and get with me." Naruto spat out the water in his mouth and turned to her shocked.

Shocked was an understatement. He was stunned. Surprised. Anything was possible with this woman seated before him, her legs crossed as if telling your best friends boyfriend to break up with her and get with you was the most normal thing in the world. Unpredictable, my ass. Naruto snorted innerly. The woman was worse than unpredictable. The dictionary lacked a word to describe her.

Naruto brought out his handkerchief and wiped his mouth, regaining some of the decorum that was expected from the Hokage-to be. "And why, if I may ask?" Naruto asked, wondering what she was going to say next.

She ignored his question and stood up. "You are probably wondering why this sprang out from no where so let me continue." She paused and looked at Naruto who was perplexed as to why he should break up with Hinata for this one who he had many a time asked for dates and got repeatedly turned down by her. He didn't understand at all. Truth be told, she was his first crush since the academy days. And to be honest, he really liked her. He nodded and she continued.

"Naruto-kun, I've liked you since the academy days. To be honest, you were my first crush." When she saw his eyebrows rise, she continued "I know you don't believe me but it's the truth. I-I didn't act on it because of my dad. He said that you were dangerous and that I should keep away from you. I didn't understand at first but then, these last few weeks, I've been doing some research."

Naruto's eyes widened. She couldn't have found out now could she? He had killed all the people that knew. No, it can't be. It must be something else.

Karin continued, noting the way his eyes widened. "I went to my dad's birth place- Whirl pool country and I found this old woman working at the library. She said that I reminded her of a woman called Kushina Uzumaki because of my hair. I asked her who that was and this was what she told me." Karin paused to take a breath. Naruto's shoulders slumped. It was final, she had discovered his secret.

Karin noticed his movement and smirked and she said, "Naruto-kun, since we both know your secret, should you say it or should I?" Naruto resigned his fate and whispered, "The Kyuubi no kitsune is sealed inside me." Karin's smirk grew and she continued, "It turned out that that woman was your mother. Sad, so sad. So, how does it feel to have the Kyuubi inside of you? Exciting?"

Naruto stood up, furious. He started walking towards her. He understood it all now. The elders would never allow the jailor of the demon fox to be their Hokage. She was planning to blackmail him.

If it weren't for the fact that the target was himself, Naruto would have smirked at the perfection of the plan. It was perfect. He would have no choice but to break up with Hinata because from then, he was bound by Karin. "You scheming sinister girl!" Naruto exclaimed wanting nothing more to do than to strangle her tiny neck.

"Tut, tut." She said, obviously pleased. "That isn't the way to speak to your new girlfriend now, is it?" she said gathering her stuff. Naruto was so angry he couldn't speak. "I'll see you tomorrow, boyfriend." Karin said, winking as she walked away. Naruto numbly sat down and put his head into his hands. Things were surely going to get interesting, he thought.


The Naruto driving home that night was very angry. If-, scratch that when he got out of this mess, Karin was going down. After thinking everything up, he thought about how he was gonna end stuff with Hinata. He sighed. Things weren't going good. Anyway, he'd have to make sure that she took things quietly. He really didn't want any drama, seriously.

When he reached his street, he saw light from his window and immediately knew that Hinata was around. "Thank God!" he thought. He really didn't want to deal with her roommate Sakura, who was the complete opposite of Hinata in everything.

Naruto cut the engine and stepped out, getting ready to face his demons. Karin was going to pay, he swore. He opened the door and entered inside. He dropped his bag and coat on the chair and went into the kitchen area. He saw that food was already prepared but Hinata was no where to be found. "Hinata! Hinata!" Naruto called snappily. When Hinata saw him, she smiled. "Hello, Naruto-kun. How was work today?" she came to kiss him but he shifted his head so that she kissed his cheek. "Is everything alright?" she asked him, concerned. Naruto debated telling her but after that stunt that Karin pulled, he wasn't sure if he could get around with trusting the female population just yet. So he couldn't stop the words that came out of his mouth.

"Hinata, its over" he said, trying to make less hard for her to accept by being cold and emotionless. Too bad, that wasn't working at all. She managed to get out a croaky "What?" "Yes, Hinata. I'm done with you. You are so boring, so simple, so shy, and so fragile. I need a better person for my girlfriend and that's not YOU!" he shouted, panting. It hurt him to think that those words were actually true. Naruto knew that their relationship had been somehow building up to this point. She wasn't working for him any more. He guessed that he needed Karin to push him in the right direction. Maybe things with Karin won't be so bad after all, he thought with a smile.

Hinata was crushed. She knew that it was going to get to this stage some day and she had been preparing for it. But it still hurt her to hear him say it. Suddenly, it was too hard for Hinata to control her tears. They started falling silently as she sank to the floor in a bone less heap.

Naruto looked at Hinata disgustedly. Who would have thought that the Hyuuga heiress was a cry baby? He expected her to take it in stride and all, but, no. what he got was a cry baby. He had to say the word on the tip of his tongue, "Hinata, you're pathetic."

Hinata was really sad when the word came out of his lips. "Is this how Naruto-kun saw me? Guess he never really loved me. But it still hurts too much" she thought. Naruto ran upstairs and collected all her things. He put them inside a plastic bag and flung them at it at her. "Hinata, in ten minutes, I want you away from my house or else I'll throw you out my self.

He left and went to the kitchen to throw away what Hinata cooked. It pained him to waste good food as Hinata's food was one of the best, but Naruto decided that he should remove every thing that belonged to Hinata from his house. So he started cleaning.

After some time alone, Hinata pulled herself together and carried her stuff outside. She gave one last long look at the house from inside then she went outside, sat on the stairs and continued crying. After what seemed like hours to her, she pulled out her phone, punched some numbers and dialed it, sniffing.

"Hello?" the voice of the person talking asked. "Sakura, it's me- Hinata." She started crying again as she remembered the insults she had just taken. "Hinata? What's wrong?" Sakura asked, worry lacing her voice. "Please can you come pick me up?" Hinata asked still crying. "Yeah, sure. Where are you now?" Sakura asked. "Naruto's house." Hinata replied. "Ok, Haku and I would be there right away." Sakura said and Hinata replied thank you and she cut the phone. She cradled the plastic bag to her chest as she continued to cry, waiting for Sakura to come.

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