Chapter 10

Two weeks later…

It was a nice day in Karin's Café. It was nice and slow and quiet. At least, it was quiet, until Karin screamed.

Ino, Sakura and Hinata rushed to her office.

"Not that I care if you're dying and in so much pain," Hinata stated, "Please try to die quietly."

Karin eyed her. "Whatever." She turned towards Ino and Sakura. "Guess what?" she squealed.

"They want you back as queen for planet Ugly-R-Us?" Ino guessed.

Karin rolled her eyes. "Immature. Guess again."

You love us so much, you've chosen to kill yourself and leave us the café?" Sakura asked.

"As if!" Karin scoffed. "I just received an e-mail from Naruto."

"And so? Who cares that you guys go all 'lovey-dovey' online. We've got better things to do." Hinata spoke up.

"Jealous much?" Karin asked her.

"As if!" was the reply she got.

"Whatever." Karin rolled her eyes and continued with her news. "I just got word from Naruto that the reception for the beginning of the Hokage spot elections is going to be held here. Here, at my café!" Karin squealed, like it was a big deal; which it was. "Can you believe it?"

Hinata nodded but her mind was far away. Elections, huh, she thought. Looking back, she never really considered the fact that someone might have contested with Naruto for the post of Hokage. Everyone expected him to win, unchallenged.

Well, Hinata thought with a wicked smile, everyone would just have to be disappointed.

"So, Karin," Ino began. "When is this reception?"

"Next tomorrow," was the reply from Karin.

"But we don't have much time!" Sakura complained. "I don't think we can pull this off!"

"We have to! I can't let a wonderful opportunity like this slip away!" Karin wailed.

"Relax," Ino told them. "We can do this. Or can't we, Hinata?"

Hinata smiled. "Yes, we can. Just relax."

"OK. Good." Karin sighed. "Now for decorations, I think we should go for Dora's Deco's for the ceiling…"

Hinata tuned her out. There were far more important things for her to do with her time. She had many things to do. Like make a certain phone call, to a certain someone.

"Could you guys excuse me for a sec?" she walked out, not waiting for their reply.

She went to the counter and brought out her phone from her purse and dialed his number.

"Uchiha." Was the first thing he said.

"Yes, Sasuke, I know who you are." She told him dryly.

"Hinata!" Sasuke said, swiveling his chair to face the window. "Miss me already?"

"You wish." She retorted.

"Hey, babes," he said. "I know I'm gorgeous and all, but I don't want you to find me too irresistible. When this all comes to an end, I don't want you to die of a broken heart."

"What you are, Sasuke is too arrogant for your own good. 'Sides, we both know that when all this is over, you won't give a damn if I die." Hinata told him.

Sasuke considered it. "True enough. Now, enough of all this. Why did you call?"

"I need you to come to Konoha, latest by next tomorrow." She said. "Some thing important has come up."

"Look, Hun, if you really miss me, all you needed to do was ask. There wasn't any need of making up an excuse." He smiled.

"Very funny." Hinata sighed. "When can you come?"

"I'll be there tomorrow." He checked his calendar and replied.

"Great. Thanks." Hinata smiled.

"Sure thing, sweetie." He gestured to his secretary, who was gaping at him, to wait. Later, the secretary would have her ears checked, just to make sure she wasn't hearing things.

"One thing, do we have to call each other names?" Hinata asked.

"Sure. How else would it work?" Sasuke asked, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Hinata rolled her eyes. "Whatever. If that's the case, try not to miss me too much, stud muffin."

She laughed as she heard him spluttering, and cut the line, turning, only to find her friends and Karin staring at her.

"What?" she asked them.

"Who is 'stud muffin'?" Karin asked.

"None of your business." Hinata answered.

"Who is he?" Sakura asked.

"No one, really," Hinata waved her hand about. "Just a guy I met in Wave."

Ino eyed her speculatively. "I see."

"Whatever." Karin said. "Back to the party."

Yes, the party, Hinata thought. Where some things shall be unveiled. She smiled. Perfect.

Day of the party…

"Ino!" Sakura yelled, banging on the door of the bathroom. "If you don't come out now, I swear, I'll kill you!"

"Chill!" Ino shouted back, applying finishing touches on her make up. "Don't you know that perfection can't be rushed?"

"Ino," Hinata called out calmly. "We know you're perfect. Just come out. Our ride will soon be here."

"Who is our ride?" Sakura asked. "We had better have one, or else I'm not going. I can barely stand in these heels." She was wearing a beautiful green silk gown, which the author is too lazy to describe.

"Do I look okay?" Sakura asked. "Is there too much make up? I knew it! Maybe I should just forget the whole thing!" she wailed.

Ino came out of the bathroom then. "Chill." She told her. "You look wonderful. We all do."

Sakura sighed. "Okay. What were you saying about our ride?" she asked Hinata.

"I think that Sai said something about renting a limo." Ino answered.

Hinata smiled, and at that moment, a knock was heard. "Our ride, girls." She told them and opened the door.

"Sakura, Ino, meet Sasuke Uchiha, my pretend boyfriend." She said.

They nodded, as if she had told them everything, while their eyes told her that she was going to explain later. "You could have done worse." Ino said.

"Ladies," Sasuke extended his arms for Sakura and Ino. "Come into my modest ride."

His modest ride was a sleek black limo.

"Typical." Hinata scoffed as she entered.

Sasuke just smiled as the car zoomed off, arriving to their destination in no time at all.

There were reporters packed in front of the café and they went wild when they spotted the limo.

The driver got out and opened the door for Sasuke, who stopped and held out a hand for Hinata. She climbed out from the car, sophisticatedly, as if she had done it a million times before. Sakura and Ino did the same thing, the latter flashing the cameras a smile before strolling inside with Sai at her arm.

"Smile, darling." Sasuke said before kissing her cheek. A million cameras clicked, each wanting the best angle of the picture.

"You could have given me some more time to compose myself!" Hinata seethed quietly.

Sasuke looked at her and smiled. "And where is the fun in that?" He asked her.

They moved to their group of friends, Hinata laughing and joking until Tenten asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

"Hinata," she asked. "Who is he? You've not introduced us."

"Sorry." Hinata said, smiling brightly. "Where are my manners? Everyone, meet Sasuke Uchiha, my new boyfriend."

Wait for it; wait for it, Hinata thought as her group fell silent. A glass cup fell to the floor and broke. There! She thought triumphantly.

"Sasuke, dear," she continued. "These are my friends. Or at least, some of them are my friends."

~ ~~ End of chapter 10 ~ ~~

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